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San francisco
I can't live without:
War and peace
I'm an expert at:
Who runs hollywood and there propaganda
My fantasy hobby is:
World domination
I go weak in the knees for:
The truth and about the NEW WORLD ORDER
My most prized possession is:
My soul
Lately I've been recommending:
Cannabis to my 232 local YouTube subscribers
I really need to cut back on:
Looking for the truth and how these people control the nation
Me described in one word:
The truth will hurt And we will fight for there filthy agenda
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Aug 2014
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  • Reviewed 2/18/15



Great strain candy

This is a very good strain, you can feel the effect right away with a couple of tokes, This bud works well and it's very sticky. I also notice the THC got stronger so this time why not try this strain out and it's very tasty Full of crystals and sticky, dense.

  • Reviewed 1/31/15

Granddaddy Purple


Very tasty and dense

Well this made me lazy ass hell. I was supposed to fix my flat tire on my bicycle and never got to it. This was my first medicated strain for the day. It creeped up on me later and then I took a 4hr nap did not see that coming. Worked very well maybe next time I'll fix my tire before medicating my self with Grand Daddy purple. Very worth it and dense. O ya make sure you have some junk food because I was craving it during my medicated time but ended up getting it after my nap.

  • Reviewed 11/17/14

Purple Alien OG

Crystals and red hairs

Well I only like to smoke indica or hybrid but has to be indica dominated. I wanted to try something different and never heard of this strain be for the buds are some what dense but when I brake open the bud wow you can see the brite red hair with crystals smothered around it. It works well for insomnia but not right away wicth is a good thing becuase I like to watch 1hr of TV be for I go to bed. It feels smooth and then you'll start to feel a little heavy on or head and that's when you know it's working and night night you go.

Girl Scout Cookies


My kind of GIRL

It all depends on your moods, when I feel tired and I smoke some of this dark dense black purple bud sprinkled with crystals, this would knock me out within 45min. When I work around the house in the afternoon while I smoke a joint, I feel more active and less stress but very relaxed calm and body light. Sometimes on the weekend 30min after I wake up, I'll smoke a bowel and this will just knocked me right back to sleep literally. So it depends on your moods but I my self like this for a sleeping aid. D

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