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Denver, CO
I can't live without:
diet coke, my herbal remedies, and the love of my life.
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photograph musicians at concerts
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a yummy dinner and wine with my love.
My most prized possession is:
a poster from my first Phish tour
Lately I've been recommending:
everyone to read the book "Wonderful Tonight" the story of Pattie Boyd
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Jul 2010
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 8/1/10

Pink Pez

The Herbal Cure

Great Sativa.

And yes the name says it all. The Pink Pez does taste like a pink pez candy from childhood. When looking at the herb it doesn't seem so special, but when you break it open there is an array of colors and crystals that burst into your eyes, its well, beautiful. It does send you into a fairy tale land of easy laid back vibes, while being productive. Just sets the mind at easy, and helps get through the day. I really enjoyed the pink pez, and think you will too!

  • Reviewed 7/30/10


The Herbal Cure

Recommended and confirmed.

I went into the store the other day in a wonderful mood, and was chatting with the Budtender. When the guy that checks ID's at the front yells, "The Chemdog is the BEST Sativa we've got! I promise you." He said all this while I was asking about wanting to try a new sativa that just sent you soaring. So i got the Chemdo, and let me tell you. Makes you very enthusastic and creative, great smoke for a social setting or just cooking out with friends. Highly recommened and I've confirmed it is the best.

  • Reviewed 7/27/10

Strawberry Suckers

Elevated Medical

Edibles: are they worth the money?

I had been told by friends about this dispensary and their variety of goodies offered at this particular spot. So, I went to the dispensary and got several types of candies and gonja treats. The candy really tasted like pot, not like strawberries. It almost tasted like cough syrup, and honestly you don't feel too much, except for a body buzz. Which, if that is what you are looking for then I highly recommend the suckers. Otherwise steer more towards their edible candy bars...... they bring nice results.

  • Reviewed 7/26/10

Dispensary Review:

Elevated Medical

Take a good friend's advice and try this place

Over a dozen of my friends with medical cards had been raving about this dispensary. "You must try it, they have the best edibles, drinks, and strands for the savvy looking medicinal patient. So, I took the trek to Elevated Medical, it's a bit far from my house in a different neighborhood across town. As I entered I told the guy behind the counter that so many of my friends had recommended this place, and he soon gave me two free grams to try. One indica, and one sativa. They were both incredible. I have also tried their lemonade THC drinks and they hit the spot, if you want a nice lazy Sunday afternoon. Highly recommended!

  • Reviewed 7/26/10

Dispensary Review:

Budding Health

This place Rocks!

This was the first dispensary I ever entered. In the heart of downtown Denver. The staff is so friendly, and helpful. At least for me since when I first started going there, I had so many questions and they have people there for those questions. They have fridge full of drinks if you would like one while you wait to personally see the pharmacist in his office. His office is secluded from the rest of the dispensary. They have a menu that changes every week, adds a little variety to your everyday smoke. They also tend to hook up cute girls with extra doobies!!!

  • Reviewed 7/26/10

Dispensary Review:

Broadway Wellness

Very personable staff

As you walk through the doors of this dispensary people are laughing, listening to music, and having an overall good time. Everyone says Hi when you enter. Then it is "How can we help you today Ms.?" If I had any questions they could answer them. This was one of the first dispensaries I had ever entered and felt quite welcome. They had a variety of strands, edibles, and lotion remedies. I really enjoyed going to this place. They weren't so pushy like some dispensaries. I have been to several dispensaries that just want you to allow them to be their caregiver and I did not feel this way here.

  • Reviewed 7/26/10

Dispensary Review:

Budding Health DTC

Many Things to Offer at this Dispensary

As you walk in you are greeted by the nicest old security guard. He checks your identification and your card to make sure you are legitimate then he proceeds to show you to the "chill room" Where there is a TV, Sofas, games, Dvd's, and magazines. One takes a number when they enter and wait to see the pharmacist, it's nice because you get one on one time with the pharmacist to ask about certain strands for certain problems. They also have private rooms with sofa's if you would like to try something, or even use their volcano. All around great experience.

  • Reviewed 7/26/10

Dispensary Review:

The Herbal Cure

Wonderful experiences in Neighborhood Dispensary

Everytime I enter the dispensary the owners are so welcoming, and a lot of fun. This place is in my neighborhood just a short walk down the road. It is owned by a lovely couple, that are always asking if I would like to try something new or suggest a new strand that they are quite proud of. Also they sell 4gram 1/8ths!!!!!! Which is a huge plus. Very comfortable enviornment, oh and you must try their ice cream! yum!

Maui Wowie

The Herbal Cure

Great Strands all around

This strand sends you into a high that makes you very productive then soars you into a relaxing state of mind. Helps with headaches, and female issues. The colors of this strand are white, purple, and greens that are crisp with crystals. When I've been having a bad day, this strand really turns my day around. It helps put me in a better mood; I would really recommend this strand as a great strand to keep around the house for those rainy days. I mean everybody has rainy days, and this particular type of Maui Wowie is a must for the household.

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