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  • Reviewed 5/27/12

Purple Bizarre


Wow wow Wowwy wow wow.

I'm a huge Sativa dude. I normally shy away from Indica's as they make me sleepy. I saw how beautiful this strain was and knew I HAD to try it. I'm so glad I did. The orange hairs on this are out of sight, they are like no other I have seen before. I'm in the process of moving which sucks. I definitely over did it and was feeling really sore. After a bowl of this I was ready for another trip. I was so relaxed and euphoric. All my aches and pains melted away. I'm not gonna lie I'm not too good at picking out subtle flavors in the smoke but this was very smooth and tasted very sweet. I would absolutely recommend this medicine for anyone with pain.

  • Reviewed 5/5/12

Shatter makes everything better

Shatters are the $h!t. I am such a fan. They are great by themselves or with some flowers. The taz shatter takes all the amazingness that is Tazmanian devil and puts it in a neat compact form. I put this on top of some mediocre flowers I got from some other dispensary and the taz made the flowers stellar. I would absolutely recommend the shatters to anyone and everyone. They are definitely amazing by themselves but they make everything better.

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Had me sayin Heeeeyyyyy like the Fonz

This medicine is no joke. It was strong as hell. I being the bad ass I think I am took more than I should have and was over the moon. The EHO did make it a little harsher but I was warned about that and was expecting it. I don't know what SBJ can't do. I am a fan of the caviar and will definitely be ordering more!

  • Reviewed 5/4/12

Dispensary Review:

SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

Best. Dispensary. Ever.

These guys are the best. They have exotic strains that are the best I've ever smoked. I live a decent amount away from them but it's always worth the trip. So much so I won't buy anything from where I live anymore. The workers are the best. I have nothing but extremely positive things to say about SBJ. Always curteous, always punctual, and always extremely knowledgable about the meds. I love Baby Jane I can't get it off my brain.

Tazmanian Devil

Funky Devil

Words can not describe how much I love the flower. It's got one of the best Sativa highs I've experienced. I had no come down just smooth sailin for a good three hours or so. I was fully functioning and in a fantastic mood thanks to this devil.

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