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  • Reviewed 11/20/10

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Strawberry Fields

Just Like Home

Strawberry Fields is located right between Central Colorado City and Manitou Springs. The area it lies within is a quaint neighborhood that is rich in culture and picturesque in beauty. One of the many endearing qualities about this neighborhood is that converts houses into businesses which radiates a charm unlike any other standard buildings you would find throughout Colorado Springs. The actual facility is very inviting from the outside and has ample parking on the property.

Upon entering the building I was greeted by a friendly and warm face. He kindly explained the process of checking my Medical Registry card and I.D to make sure it was compliant with Colorado State rules. I was then asked to fill out some standard paperwork before entering the back of the house. I was then escorted back by the same staff member and he gave me a tour of the facility. The place was absolutely wonderful and was the most comfortable dispensary I have ever been in. I first met the bud tender who was very sweet natured and knowledgeable. She was very concerned with finding me the correct strain for my needs and allowed me to smell the strains that interested me. She was able to tell me the entire effects each strain produced and what afflictions it was good for treating. The buds that Strawberry Fields carries are insanely gorgeous! Big, dense, full of crystals, pungent in smell and perfectly cured. I had to get myself out of the bud room otherwise I would of acted on the impulse to splurge.

Making my way into the main room I was greeted by the very charismatic and kindhearted owner. I learned how passionate, professional and patient oriented this dispensary really was. They really put the patient first and are genuine in providing them the best care possible for their medical needs. My attention was then diverted on their display cooler packed with gourmet edibles, drinks, in house cannabutter, jello shots and elixir shots. Honestly, I have never seen such skill and quality in dispensary edibles like this before. Each was clearly labeled with THC content and ingredients.

As my eyes wandered from the display case to the back of the counter I discovered even more goodies to spy. They had a wide selection of tinctures, oils, hash, keif, smoking pieces and their own line of clothes. But what really got me to stop dead in my tracks was the beautiful display of clones they had that lined the wall. I have never seen such healthy and vibrant looking clones in a shop before. Having been to a huge number of dispensaries in my lifetime I can say that statement with 100% confidence that other people will feel the same way.

I would definitely recommend making Strawberry Fields your caregiver or at least a place you frequent often. This place felt just like home and the staff were running the show the way I think dispensaries should. Strawberry Fields offers such a wide array of products that are of high quality and modestly priced. No one would ever leave this place unhappy as this is one of the few dispensaries that actually has got it right.


Sour Diesel Blueberry X

Strawberry Fields

Total Relaxation

Looking upon the Sour Diesel Blueberry X strain I felt compelled to hug it because it was so beautiful. Strawberry Fields really hit pure gold on this strain as both its beauty and effects are unparalleled. The bud is very dense, leafy and interwoven with thick pistils. The trichomes on this bud are to die for as you can see them with the naked eye. Rich with resin glands this strain means business when you partake in its rich crystalline buds. Not only is this strain aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also to the sense of smell. The scent of sweet yet tart blueberries rolled into a very light amount of diesel gas is exactly what describes this bud. A strange combination of smell you say? It actually is very well balanced, not overpowering and seductive as it leaves you wanting more.

Sour Diesel Blueberry X is tart in flavor with mild blueberry undertones. This strain is a bit strong and I found I had to take slow puffs otherwise I would end up coughing. The effects of the bud came on strong yet were very well balanced. I felt at peace as it put my mind at ease from the stress of the workweek. I also noticed that the muscle discomfort I was experiencing from my usual circuit training had completely disappeared. My body felt as though it was in a state of bliss and total relaxation. It relaxed me so much that I found myself going to bed earlier than expected which was something I really needed. This strain needs to be used for anyone looking for complete utter relaxation, pain management and getting into a good sleep cycle. This is a strain I would recommend for people to have on hand as this can be used on a daily basis right before bed.