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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 3/31/11

A cut above the rest.

The Super Lemon Haze has won the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup with a landslide of votes. Between the many reasons: its incredibly intense lemony flavour, with a strong haze background. It’s a sharp and intense taste, which reminds of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit, followed by a very earthy and musky haze aftertaste, with traces of incense and black pepper.
The effect is very balanced; it starts with a quick indica-hit feeling that softly moves to a very strong high, with a social and creative side.
The Super Lemon Haze is a very smooth compromise between the great qualities of its parents. It has 9-10 weeks flowering time, and a very typical Christmas tree shape. Plants tend to grow quite tall, but the internodes are not too far apart, and allow easy topping. The leaves are very sativa-like, while bud formation comes dense and has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio.
The Super Lemon Haze is very effective both indoors and outdoors, and responds very well to high-EC hydro systems as well as organic soil setups. When cultivated in soil, the spectrum of terpens is more developed and gives an extra lemony flavour.
The THC is high at over 22%, ensuring a very psychedelic experience to even the most experienced smokers.

  • Reviewed 12/31/10

purple kush

Type: Indica

Looks: Dark green, fluffy, spear-shaped buds.  Purple on most of the leaves.  Not as dense as the other purples I’ve tried.

Typical deep purple kush/coffee scent.  This particular batch isn’t overwhelming at all.  I’ve smelled MUCH better.

: Heavy full-body buzz.  Exactly what you want when you buy purple kush.  Not disappointed with this part.

  Great for insomnia.

  • Reviewed 12/31/10


The Releaf Center


Type: Sativa

Looks: Medium tight bud structure, buds are light green with bright orange hairs.  Smaller, completely frosted leaves.

Smell: Mix of guava and orange, plus slightly spicy, with a trace of cat piss.

Taste: Woody, slightly fruity. Very mellow smoke, not harsh at all.

Seemed to creep on at first, but after about 10 mins I could feel the euphoric energy hitting max power!  Kinda gives me that rush of a feeling when your about to jump off something tall.  Uplifting high, pretty clear headed, good silly feeling.  Perfect for beach, surfing, riding bike, pretty much anything active.

  • Reviewed 11/20/10

Durban Poison

Bijou Wellness Center

Durban Poison

Holly Smokes an A plus performance!!!! if I was stranded on a tropical island and could take one thing it would be the Durban. Light taste with a perfect after flow that mellows the pain away.. that I suffer from arthritis..
Oh Durban Poison you do the trick and and lessen the burden of chronic knee pain. Basketball and tennis are back to varsity levels. The Durban is not over the top and supplies a constant mellow release of relief.
Thank you makers of the Durban Poison. Or should it be called the Durban Relief Plan.
Also the Bijou is a top notch establishment.

Strawberry Cough

Bijou Wellness Center

a sweat strawberry cough

The name is kind of an oxymoron. A cough that has a strawberry taste. Yummy.. Oh what is that a cough don't threat it is a strawberry that I am coughing.

A true hybrid. The strawberry Cough is the Prius of Medications. It gets more Miles per gallon then other Hybrids that I have enjoyed.

Love you bijou,

Mini Shred

Jedi 41

Bijou Wellness Center


I have arthritis in my left knee. It is from snowboarding and had surgery a few years back.... Let me tell you that the jedi has taken away the pain....
Also the jedi is just relaxing period. I find that a little jedi before snowboarding lubes the knee back up so i can function at the level that i want.
The taste of the jedi is one of smoothness when coupled with a water pipe. A winning combo for sure. Don't abuse the powers of the jedi or you will become a sith lord... No one likes a cranky sith lord.
Just a little jedi here and a little jedi there is all that one needs to find their force and become stronger then matter and excellent with the light saber.
On a serious note the jedi is awesome and thank you for taking the time to make this gem possible. Love you Bijou. You have been kind enough to help me with my arthritis,
A thousand thanks you people rock,,,,,

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