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  • Reviewed 1/16/15

Sunset Sherbert Private Reserve


Best Sherbert Out

Ive teted sherbert at few other clubs and i have to say This Private Reserve Sherbert is the best out hands down. Very smooth smoke and tastes/smells like Creamy Sherbert in my opinion. Very Relaxing High and Better for after work or night time smoke.

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  • Reviewed 12/30/14

Gorilla Glue #4


Gorilla Dank

First time trying this strain and i really like it. The flavors taste like a mixture between kush,sour d, and Bubba Kush. Very smooth relaxing smoke perfect for after work joint pains and also i liked it for my insonmia. Just like the 90's Glue, this one is another hitter!

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  • Reviewed 12/22/14

Dispensary Review:


Best Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Ive been threw so many strains with medithrive its crazy and over years theyve improved on there flowers and concentrates. I literally call them almost 3-4 times a week as they are very nice,genorous and kind wen ordering. Topshelf meds forsure and i really like the price range on the flowers very consistant. GemStone and Big Kahuna Medithrive exclusives are my all time favorite! Bring them Back!


Durban Poison


Durban Poison Best Strain Out

Everybody talks about cookies and stuff thats cool and all but that last batch if Durban Poison had me so relaxed for hours. Strong head high n little body very smooth. Smells like pine and the buds are super dense! Best Strain on the Menu!

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Love this strain it smells like jolly ranchers. Very sweet and smooth smoke. The buds are med dense and med stickyness. Great for after work joint pains or insomnia if you need help sleeping. Medithrive got the good good exclusive shhhh!

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Super Duper

The combination of pune and lemons makes this strain one the best ive tryed from medi. Its very strong taste wise and smell. Super relaxing especially after an 8hr shift lol doesnt leave u sleepy, it had me energized.

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Black Widow


Beautiful Buds

First thing u notice is how purple and fluffy the buds are and that Black Berry Bubba Taste. Very potent and relaxing. This def will knock you out after 2joints/Blunts watever ur preference. Rare strain doesnt cone around that much sonif you see it grab it.

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Jupiter OG


Out Of Space

Wow first time trying jupiter og and it was great! The buds were really dense and the smell of kush over powerd my nose! I mean just look at the pic ☝

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Ive never tried this strain before Sage x Sour Kush= SSK was great. It smells like Jack Herer piney kinda of smell which is always dank! I really recomend this strain for anxiety,loss of appetite and insomnia. Its also good for after work muscle relaxation and joint pains wen its cold or for arthritis.

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