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  • Reviewed 9/15/16

Old school respect

After getting my card that I got from a dr. That was more interested in his tablet than listening to me. I was so glad to get my card, and get the hell out of there. I went down the street to VHHC. What a pleasant surprise, even down to the security people. Everyone appeared as if they enjoyed being there. When It was my turn, I was treated with the compassion a patient needs. Needless to say I will be coming back to get my edibles that I now enjoy more than bud. Excellent dispensary. Thank you !!!

Green Crack

Be gone pain

Gummy bears work for me. The free hard candy was so potent, I'm glad I split it with my wife. The gummy bears though are very effective, and we now know how to regulate the doses. Oops it said to enter a longer review, so here's how old school do. Good good good good good good good good good. Did I mention it was good good good good good.

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