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  • Reviewed 10/26/15

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Lifted Health & Wellness

Friendly and discreet

Ordering through lifted wellness is a pleasure from phone call to delivery. The phone operators are excellent in their customer service and the delivery people are discrete and kind. The high bud is dank and the low and mid grades are excellent for price. This is my go to place for marijuana delivery

White Star

Energy of the shooting star at your fingertips

I got this strain as my free 8th and looking at its price I was surprised at the potency for a mental buzz. Mostly saliva it aided my day to day activities with an indica side that allowed me to relax while focusing on the stresses of my week. Not my fav but definitely good nonetheless. I gave three stars because my tolerance is quite a high and it takes some pretty good stuff to get me jiving. This strain is good for someone looking for a stone that doesn't knock you on your ass but leaves you able to function clearly but still have fun

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Potent kushy goodness

This strain was definitely a crowd pleaser. Smoked it with some of my close friends and no one was left unstoned. Buds smelled like your classic kush but when smoked i noticed it to be a little sweeter than I'm familiar with in OG kush which to me was honestly a great surprise. Overall great flavor great smoke great high and I would order again.

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Sour Diesel Hash

Excellent excellent excellent

Perfect saliva high. Clear headed yet so dreamy this has made my day countless times. Edibles or smoked this potent pressed goodness never failed to satisfy. I'm normally and indica fan but this single handedly showed me what a good sativa should be. A+ from bowl to brain

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Blue Cheese Hash


With heavy indica genes this one will put you down for the count. Like with most hash I purchased made it into edibles and lets just say that sleep has never been easier. That being said this is by no means a day time strain blue cheese will have your brain feeling, for a lack of a better term, cheesy.

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Animal Cookies


Damn good

With the price I was expecting a mid grade cookies variant but with this I got a lot more than expected. This one definitely is a high-mid if not top shelf kicker for a great price. Nice even stone leaning a little more towards an indica feeling with a nice saliva buzz to kick. Buying it again today. Bud is dense decently frosty but above all definitely potent

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