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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/30/11

Dispensary Review:

Natural Herbal Pain Relief

Awesome spot well worth a visit

I came here a couple of weeks ago and left with a smile on my face. Great club, great people and great setup. I really enjoyed my meds as well as the time I spent here.

So, Ive been seeing their ads in Kush mag and I used to see them in the Metro as well, and finally decided to give them a shot and Im really glad I did. Their location is really simple to find if youre looking. lol. Its right in front of Costco. Second driveway AFTER Costco on the right. Big ol parking lot, no stairs and good size.

Intake was cake, however I spent another fifteen minutes or so chopping it up with the intake guy about our new HTC Thunderbolts. Lemme tell you, I am a giant asshole for the most part, but I really enjoy being a nerd. Haha. We bsed about our phones and what modifications I did to my OS as well as pointed him in the right direction for his. Good times. lol. Their paperwork is standard and less to actually fill out and more to initial which I prefer. Him and the young woman at the intake desk were great.

The budtender peeked his head in a couple of times to see if I was ready to go back. Not pushy like a salesman, he was more so making sure that I wasnt in a hurry and wasnt wanting to talk to the intake guy as much. XD So, the budtender led me to their back room. Wow. Anyone thats read my reviews in the past knows Im not about the full service places, however with the way this place is setup, I can see the appeal.

They had a second waiting room for those busy days. Air conditioned, plenty of chairs and a water cooler if youre thirsty. The chairs are sturdy enough to where even I wouldnt have an issue sitting in them. They have a doctors office in there as well as privacy screened rooms in the back for massages and acupuncture and the like. Full service for sure.

The main room is HUGE! In a lot of spots, when Im in the back room, I tend to get a little claustrophobic, but that wont happen here. Ample amount of space to display all of their wares as well as let anyone with space issues feel comfortable. They have three main sections. Clones, edibles/concentrates/smoking tools, and flowers. Nothings cramped together.

They have a decent range of edibles here as well as inexpensive but pretty potent oil, hash, kief and wax. They also sell things like chillums, bubblers, glass and metal pipes, lighters, papers, automatic rollers and screens. The pricing on them didnt seem to be very off for them either imo. Everything here seems to be priced REALISTICALLY. Their flower section is vast. Theyve got about 25 jars on the counter, which is low enough for anyone in a wheel chair but high enough for someone thats 5'10". Plenty of good meds at good prices.

I picked up a gram of Super Amnesia honey oil, a gram of Sage OG hash and an eighth of Grape Ape. All were potent and tasty as hell and priced RIGHT. When you go the first time you get a free jar with your first eighth, which is cool. Its a glass jar with a plastic stopper to try and keep it air tight. When you return they put your eighths at 4 grams. Its like at Safeway when you bring your own bags you get a discount. Works for me. :)

The budtender was very knowledgeable and chill as hell. Really seemed like the type of person that knows how to react to the difference in people and knows how to communicate with them. This is a plus because it brings to light that this place is for EVERYONE and not targeting any certain demographic within the cannabis community.

Overall, I had a great visit here. Two thumbs up for sure. Ill be back. Thanks guys and chick! lol. I hope you thrive.

  • Reviewed 5/30/11

Dispensary Review:

Purple Lotus Patient Center

Great people, great meds and great price.

HA! I had a TON of fun here yesterday. GREAT club and a great atmosphere. When you walk in, it looks like a straight up doctors office, and can be a bit tricky for most to find. Outside theres a security guard that will point you in the right direction.

Its a cool little setup here, although I wish they had windows. lol. I get a little claustrophobic, but theyve got decent air flow.:) The checkin and verification was cake and they let you fill it out while entertaining you with a bunch of good conversation. lol.

I came here with my cousin, and neither of us had been here before. We were told to check out their "Exotics". Generally when I hear this term, it makes me think of one word: EXPENSIVE. I was SURPRISED to find out that it just meant rare. Their top shelf exotics will run you a whopping 55 tax included. Normally it would be 60+tax anywhere else for this quality and rarity. Good call on keepin it realistic. They have VERY good donation points all across the board from their economy shelf at 20 an eighth to their high grade at 50 an eighth.

I picked up a gram of their Purple Erkle hash, and an eighth of their exotic strain Red Haired Mistress". DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN! Thats all Imma say right here. Imma give props where props are due and move on. Haha. The bud speaks for itself.

The budtender I dealt with was cool as shit, and I was able to have a good flower conversation with him, while my cousins budtender treated my cousin in the quiet manner that really is my cousin. haha. They have a person there that can help ANYONE and make sure they feel comfortable.

Overall this place gets two big thumbs up. Ill be back, at these prices for this quality, its hard not to. Thanks guys and gal! lol

OH and one more thing. GO SHARKS!

  • Reviewed 3/6/11

Great people tho...

So, I came in here a couple weeks back when I needed my meds refilled. I had seen their ad in the metro for a while and was always intrigued by them. Since I was out in the area, I decided to give them a try. Thatll teach me.

Their setup is really cool. They have a decent amount of parking and plenty of space inside. Well, once you get passed the metal detector that is. Ive only been to a few clubs with them, but these guys were very security conscious.

Im guessing its due to the area. It is right on the other side of 880 by Valley Fair. If I belonged in this area, I would probably be satisfied by this place... Very ritzy looking.

Their selection of flowers was alright, but sadly most of it was outdoor and greenhouse. Those that have read my reviews know that I love indoor soil. Its just the greatest imo. They only had a couple that smelled and looked like the quality that I get. Now I know bag appeal isnt everything, but Im more so talking about the amount of trichomes on each bud.

I ended up picking up one of their few indicas, Northern Lights. While it was a decent level of medicated, it was no where near what I expected. I guess I let the name sway me a little too far. It was VERY harsh, and at best a mid. Disappointed in this.

While checking out their place, I decided to check out their clones. These things look like theyve been sitting there for a long time. They had spiders on them. Not spider mites, straight up daddy long legs type spiders. Not good.

Now for some of the good. The people here are great. Very courteous and welcoming. The security here is tight, but youre treated from the time you walked in, to the time you walk out like youre a "Member of the family" as their website says. I cant argue it. Very good people.

Their waiting room is really comfy if you ever need to wait longer than just filling out your paperwork. They have a very fluid setup and a nice boutique feel. Its the area. lol.

So, overall, these guys are decent, and they have some cool special deals, but I dont know if Ill be back. Great people, but the flowers arent what I expect from a club. The clones are a skip as well. They are easy to get to though which is a plus, but theyre out of the way for me.

  • Reviewed 3/6/11

Dispensary Review:

Northstar Holistic Collective

Great people, Great meds!

So, I had to come out to Sac for some training for work, and since it was the time of the week where I refill my meds, I figured Id take in the cities sites with a cannabis club viewing so to speak. lol. After checking out some reviews and seeing the perks of each club, I chose these guys. It was a good choice too.

So, lets start with their location, which even though Im NOT from Sac was very easy to find. Theyre located on the corner of C and 12th, super easy to find. Plenty of parking on the street with easy access to the door.

Their security is up to par for sure. Relaxed looking but very conscious at all times. The paperwork was a breeze and nothing out of the ordinary. The waiting room was very relaxing, lots of earthy tones and cushy couches.

We were let into the back room after we were verified and the room got a little smaller but had enough airflow to where I didnt feel too closed in. When you walk in, the first thing I noticed was their large assortment of clones. They had a couple of racks with very nice lookin healthy clones. I didnt see any type of pests on them at all.

The guy that checked us in as well as all of the budtenders were great people. I had taken a friend with me that was a novice to cannabis clubs and was still in the "Guy that I know" mentality when it comes to getting your meds. She went with whatever they handed her. The budtenders here are very helpful in this regard because they try to find out whats ailing you and work from there. Great service with smile.

They had some edibles, seeds, books, pamphlets, books and other info about medical cannabis from growing to ingestion. Information is good and I like when its available to members at collectives. They also had a decent selection of strains at various price points that could fit almost any budget, and nothing that I saw on their shelves looked bad.

I ended up trying to decide if I wanted to try Kens GDP or if Iwanted to get some of their Purple Cream. I went with an 1/8th of the PC and was happy that I did. SOO TASTY! It tasted like a grape cream soda. Hella good. Nice chunky nugs with hardly any stems and a good amount of leaf cover on the bottom of the buds to lock those trichomes in.

I also chose one of their prerolled fatty cones. Alien Head or something like that. lol. He gave me the backstory on the strain and it was one that I had heard rumors about but never actually tried. I did now and let me tell you, it was tasty, but not as heavy as I was hoping it would be.

For your new member gift, they do something Ive not seen anywhere else, and to be honest this is where they step it up. Most clubs will give you a sample of some crappy house strain and call it a day. Some clubs give you a free gram and YOU get to choose. I like those the best, but these guys do it a bit better. They give you a full 1/8th of some popcorn buds, but thats the only negative thing you can say about it cause these popcorn buds came off some DANK trees. Today they were doing BK-47, which I THINK is Bubba Kush x AK-47, but I didnt ask so Im not 100%. Tasty and lasting high.

Their prices are a little higher than I pay in SJ, BUT they do take care of tax and they dont slouch on the quality. Overall though this place is filled with knowledgeable budtenders and is a clean, safe and friendly environment that almost anyone can be comfortable in. Two thumbs up and thank you for a good visit!

  • Reviewed 1/13/11

Rock my socks why dontcha!

So, Ive been debating coming here for the last couple of months, and decided that since I was in the area working, Id hit them up. See what they are all about. Now, this isnt a club for EVERYONE, but they all have their niches. This one caters to the people that speak up and tell the place they go to carry what they want. They listen to the people that come in. Thats a major bonus.

So, their location is easy to find and great amount of parking. This place is really convenient. There are busses about a 4 minute walk away. I dont know if this was planned, but their location is awesome.

So, check in was a breeze, and the folks at the desk were friendly and jovial. The lobby is PLUSH for those days where you might have to wait a bit to go in the budroom. Super comfy couches, and an overall professional and inviting setup.

I was verified, and let into the budroom. Now, while its not as large as I would have thought it would be, it was far from cramped. They have lots of display room, schwagg, flowers, concentrates, edibles and almost ANYTHING you can think of. Theyre like your favorite corner store...but smells better. Seriously, their variety is redic.

They have a TON of freaking edibles. Not only do they have stuff on their counters, but theyve also got a giant fridge to hold the items that need to be kept chilled. Normally when Ive seen these in places, theyre about half full. Not here. FULLY STOCKED. Amazing selection, but they could due to add a few more.

They have some schwagg with their logo on them, which would be cool if they were fat man friendly(4/5 X Please! lol). They have hats, shirts, screens, papers, lollipipes(Which I havent seen anywhere else) and random other things to help you medicate. Cool.

Now, when I got here, they had a couple people in there, but they had plenty of staff to be one on one with EVERY person that was in there. At one point it felt kinda packed, but there was still one on one interaction. Good job and great customer service.

Now, lets talk clones. This place has hands down the best clone room Ive seen ANYWHERE. Fully enclosed and sterile environment. The possibility of finding neglect or any type of infestation of molds/pests isnt gunna happen here. Theyve got awesome viewing windows so that you can see everything inside and then only one person has interaction with the whole group of clones. They also have seeds, which you dont see everywhere.

Their flower selection is clearly marked and labeled. Youll never be confused on what type of strains youre looking at here, but I would like to see a bit more knowledge on the strains that they carry. Especially the ones that you dont see everywhere. Theyve got a few. One of them was Pineapple Jack. They have a fair amount of indicas, hybrids and sativas. Balanced.

I ended up picking up some of their Super Skunk. It smelled and looked great. I couldnt wait to get home and have myself a taste, as Ive had some pretty good SS before. As usual with pre-weighed packaged buds, weighed it when I got home. This was a surprise. Now, Im not sure if I just picked a lucky one, but the numbers on my scale said 4.9 grams. Normally, Im not a big fan of preweighed stuff, but DAMN! When I saw the size, I got to wondering how good it was going to be. Let me tell you right now. F I R E. At a donation point of 50, and coming home with 4.9 grams of top shelf, I was very happy.

As this was my first visit here, I was given a 15% discount, and was given a preroll of my choice(I went with aforementioned Pineapple Jack). Now, they roll TIGHT here, but dont let that deter you from picking one up. Just freak it like a black(Roll it between your fingers and loosen it up a bit if you dont know what "Freaking a Black" means) and smoke. Youll be fine.

So, what do I think of this place? Awesome. The people are all friendly, inviting and funny as hell. No matter how your days going stopping in here would definitely be good for your day as well as your medication needs. Would I recommend this place to people? Definitely. Over all two big thumbs up. Keep it up and youll make my top 5. Thanks again folks. I will be back.

  • Reviewed 11/17/10

Dispensary Review:

Bay Pacific Care

Way to change my mind! Great place.

WOW. So, as promised I gave these guys another shot, and let me tell you right now. I was NOT disappointed. If youve tried these guys before, go try these guys out again. Im glad as hell that I did.

First of all, theyve got new management, and this is a good thing. Last time I was very unhappy with the lack of selection, but the new guys here...WOW. Theyve got their stuff together. Great people all around. Security is a cool guy, and so are the budtenders/owners.

Their selection has gone from mediocre to amazing, and it seems like the quality has also gone way up. I cant attest to that really, because I didnt get to taste anything last time, but nothing had any bag appeal. Now their full counter of strains ALL have awesome bag appeal, are cured very nicely, and trimmed so tight on the buds, you BARELY see any stems.

So, I normally dont go for the "Compassion Specials" because to be honest, its just normally a way for clubs to get rid of subpar medicine. Not here. I checked out their Mendo Purps, which was their special for 35 for 5 grams...yes...35 for FIVE grams. Does it taste, smell, look, or medicate like a 35 dollar 5 gram eighth? NO. This is top shelf medicine. I was very satisfied with my donation. It was WELL worth it.

I also picked up a 4 gram eighth of their normally priced Blackberry Kush, which has more crystals than most of the buds Ive seen around. Beautiful glinting trichomes will dance in the light. Have yet to taste it yet, but if its better than the Mendo, Ill be overjoyed. How can it not be? lol.

For my newbie gift, they hooked it up with a FAT preroll. Look, I was gunna pick up a preroll because I needed to medicate, and I had left my glass at home. I looked at them, and I saw these giant sausage links in their trays. Freshly HAND rolled too. I was looking for a smaller one...yeah, you wont find them here. lol. One preroll is set for 15 and you can get 2 for I think 25. Theyre two grams EACH. FATTIES to say the least...just theway I like em. lol.

The budtenders knowledge was also a major plus. I dont know everything about herb, and I dont like that. lol. I have lots of questions, some stupid, but I try to learn. These guys know what theyre talking about. Ask them about the genetics of these buds, and theyll tell you how theyre grown, and any other info you wanna know. How do they know? They grow them. These guys dont deal with outside vendors, and thats a MAJOR plus.

Growing the meds that your club dispenses, is something that helps them keep their prices as well as quality in check. They didnt seem like they would put anything on their counter that they wouldnt smoke themselves.

Their prices are REASONABLE. Nothing over 55, and from what I understand, dutch eighths. For those that dont know what that means, thats four grams of top shelf meds at a reasonable donation point.

Overall will I be back? Youre damn skippy I will. Ill also be spreading the word about these guys. Two BIG thumbs up. I hope your business thrives. Thank you again for a great visit, and one that turned my frown upside down!

  • Reviewed 11/17/10

Dispensary Review:

All Bay Cooperative

Kudos on a great setup!

Came here last week and havent really had a moment to review them so here it goes.

I had my first encounter with these guys at hempcon. I enjoyed the time I spent bsing with the owners, and decided to give them a try. yes, its been a while but hey...I get side tracked. lol

The staff here deserves any praise theyre given. Everyone here is cool people. From the security guard to the check in person, to the very knowledgeable bud tenders. I like being able to ask questions and either get the right answer or an honest "Im not sure, let me check for you".

The meds here are all very nicely cured, and I couldnt tell a difference of what they consider their bargain bud to their top shelf. Its all quality. They also have MANY clones at 10 bucks, and a deal where if you buy ten, you get one free. Many strains to choose from too.

I picked up some really kiefy Super Skunk. Out of this dutch eight, Ive gotten about a half gram of kief in the bottom of my grinder...thats a lot of trichomes. lol. Tastes amazing with a hint of spice to it. At 50 an eighth, its a sure fire winner.

Their setup does this building justice. its huge, but they make it feel relaxed. Although they have line formers up and they can be a bit awkward if its kinda empty. lol. I had been in the building before they moved in, and theyve done a VERY nice job here. Great location thats easily accessible no matter how you get around. Lightrail, bus and freeways are all close.

Two thumbs up guys! Thanks for a great visit. I WILL be back, and hopefully others will as well.

  • Reviewed 11/13/10

Not all its cracked up to be...

So,with the recommendation to check these guys out, I figured I would, and to be honest, while theyre VERY knowledgeable, I find their donation prices dont really meet their product quality.

This spot is a bit of a pain to find, but EASY to get to most days. I only say most days because of the hours that the bus that stops across the street is one of the slower ones.

So, their check in is quick and easy, and they make sure that you enjoy your visit. The lobby was cool, the stairs werent. lol. Very professional setting though.

I was shown a variety of flowers, and I REALLY liked how they had things displayed. They have little easy to read cards behind each bud display telling you ALL of the info on the strains they carry. They pride themselves on having almost all indoor soil products, and the knowledge about HOW each strain was grown. I was VERY impressed with the knowledge of the budtender on EACH strain that I had questions about. From genetics to the way they were grown.

I decided to go with an eighth of some Purple Diesel, which I havent had in a while. Ive seen it at other clubs, but none of them know what purple or diesel it came from.They did here. The buds were manicured and cured VERY well. Really clean tasting buds, but the potency wasnt what I expecting. At $55 bucks with a 10% first time discount, it was overpriced IMO.

Overall, its a cool spot, with many perks, but once again, one that is a middle of the pack club. If Im in the area, and feel like paying $60 for a top shelf eighth that smokes like mids, Ill be back, but other than that...meh.

  • Reviewed 11/3/10


So, after being told to come in by someone that works here, I decided that it was worth a shot. The location was great, and I had heard of them before and planned on checking them out some time. Looked like today was the day.

So, lets start with location and parking. To be honest, the parking sucks, but the location is pretty good. Its very easy to get to, and the chances of missing it are slim to none. Just look for the giant cross and burning bud leaf on the wall outside. Its right off little orchard and almaden expressway. Super simple.

When you are buzzed in, you will notice that its not one of the clubs thats all about appearance. It looks and feels very lived in and comfy. The paperwork is standard, and easy for a quick check in. After you fill out the paperwork, youre brought into the back room and given a tour of the place. Its a LOT bigger than you would think it would be upon first look.

When you get through the check in, youre show the vapor lounge that they have. Lounge is the KEY word here. Theyve got a couple couches, and its in a darker setting. Really cool and relaxing looking. I didnt have time to check out the vapes today, but seems like something I may have to do in the future.

When I walked up to the counter, I began checking out their selection. I kind of expected more, and thats the only reason they get four stars. They have some decent looking buds though. They had about maybe 14 strains, but only about 8 were high grade and top shelf.

I spent more time here talking to one of the people that runs this place, and this is where I had a hard time only giving them 4 stars. The guy was hella cool, and isnt the type of person that just wants your money and then for you to leave. It took me about MAYBE five mins to pick out my meds this week, but I spent another 20 or so talking with the staff here. Really great people here.

I ended up choosing some Purple Rain Forest. The genetics on this were unknown, I was told this is an Oaksterdam only strain, but Ive not been able to find any info on it. It tastes kinda like a Lavender cross, but Im not sure. Its pretty decent though. Mild, but effective. It feels like its about 70/30 indica dominant to ME, but Im no expert. lol.

I also picked up a brownie, and was given a gram of early girl and a popcorn ball. The brownie was very tasty, and was a good balance to give me the relief needed. Havent tried the EG or popcorn ball, but I was told that while the PB tastes good, its not all that potent.

Overall, this is a cool spot. Im kinda 50/50 if Ill go back. Ive been to better, but Ive also been to much worse. This is another middle of the pack spot for me. Great people, but the selection and parking lose them a star. If youre in the area, theyre worth a visit.

  • Reviewed 11/1/10

Dispensary Review:

Fortune Wellness Center

Let Fortune be your guide...

This is a great place that I have found myself VERY impressed with. Sorry my review is late, Ive had some things going on.

So, I came back as promised to Fortune. I came for my weekly refil for my meds. I had emailed ahead of time, and was saddened that they didnt have any of the Spicy Disco, but I ended up getting some Rhino Wreck, some Mango Kush and a preroll.

The thing that I want to stress about these folks is that they KNOW what theyre talking about. Not one of the people Ive talked to behind the counter was there just to be a pretty face like Ive seen at other clubs. They make sure that their budtenders CAN help people and answer questions. Thats always a MAJOR bonus.

Their house have changed which is also a bonus. Theyre now open 7 days a week. That was the ONLY negative thing that I could have said about this place besides their location. Both were manageable, and now they fixed the days that theyre open. Kudos.

So, I had referred a buddy there, and was rewarded with a 1/16 for it. BIG thumbs up there. I would recommend people here anyways, but a bonus like that is ALWAYS nice. Thank you.

For my 1/16 I got some FIRE Rhino Wreck. For a hybrid this leans more towards indica than sativa, but also has a really nice mental kick. I ended up with a strange couch locked energy rush. Great for relaxing and watching this weekends games, but also for going out and walking around. Like I said, strange mix, but oddly perfect. The buds were really dense and beautiful. Very good taste and pretty strong. Only took a few hits to get me medicated decently. :)

For my 1/8 I picked up some Mango Kush. Dont let the taste of this stuff, or lack of taste I should say, fool you. Its a POTENT Indica. Its got a bland kinda taste, but the potency is definitely there. It smells really good though, and the buds are super dense as well. You dont really see the size of them till you grind em up. Theyre amazingly cured too. Theyre got so many trichomes all over the buds, and hardly any stems, even in the bigger nugs.

Overall, Im still really impressed with these guys. They keep their 5 star rating from me, and deserve all the praise thrown their way. Thanks again for everything guys!

  • Reviewed 10/15/10

Dispensary Review:

South Bay CRC

I wanna talk to Sampson!

So, ive been sleeping on this place for WAY too long. Finally decided to swing through here and Im impressed by these guys. Great location thats easy to get to as well as find. The folks that run this place are awesome as well.

So, lets start with their location, which is a really convenient spot. Its in an area where theres not many clubs at all, but VERY close to anything you need from food to a gym. Their parking lot is one very few can rival, because of their location. Plenty of upfront parking. Now, their storefront is not wheelchair accessible, but dont let that dissuade you from using them because they also offer delivery for homebound patients and those that wont be able to get up the stairs.

Lets get into their waiting room. Its small compared to their bud room, and you will spend a few minutes out there filling out their paper work. Its lengthy, but you will be rewarded for your efforts. The folks that work here and run this place are GREAT to say the least. They make your visit personal to them. I had spent some time with the owner and one of the budtenders at Hempcon, and they were both awesome people.

Their customer service is top notch, and so is their setup. Very spacious with an really cool set of windows that let you look out. Removes a bit of claustrophobia for me. Their fish tank is HUGE filled with amazing looking fish. Just this alone was worth walking up the stairs. Theyve got San Jose Sharks bar stools at the bud counter. Big props there, but sadly they also have some 49ers stickers hanging

They have a decent selection through any price point low to high. All of it is reasonable, and the buds these guys have here range from pretty good to some FIRE. In total I think I saw 12 different strains. To be honest though, my mind was pretty made up before I got there due to their awesome online menu. Even at their lower price points they have some real quality. Even for 30 an eighth. Thats not something you get often. At that price the first thing that suffers is bag appeal. Not here though.

I decided to go with the Organic Kryptonite Kush, which to be honest is more than I normally pay for buds, but is well worth it. The buds are DENSE to say the least. Theyre like beautiful hairy, green crystallized rocks. They smell SUPER fresh, and the manicure job on them is one of the best Ive seen in a while. When tossed in a grinder you really start to see the weight of these nugs. My grinders kief catcher was a happy camper. I packed a bowl in my bubbler, something I do when I really want to taste the quality, and Im SATISFIED.

The only draw back of this spot though are their hours. Especially on the weekends. Theyre open six days a week, but they close at seven on week days and three on saturdays. Thats one of the reasons Ive slept on them so long, but it wont stop me from coming back here.

Overall this place is definitely worth checking out. Its close to 85 as well as 101 and Santa Teresa. They get two big time thumbs up from me. I thank you guys again for the hospitality as well as enjoyable visit to your dispensary.

So, I had to edit my review because I realized how much I forgot to say.

So, clones! They have them. Some really good looking ones at that, and plenty of them. They had some really good smelling and looking Strawberry Cough clones that I plan on picking up one or two on my next grow cycle. Im looking forward to it:) They also have some Mothers that they started from f1 seeds as I understand it, that look REALLY healthy.

Their selection of concentrates isnt that expansive, but from how it looks/feels/smells it looks like it would be some good stuff, but Im not too much into hash, I prefer kief. They make sure to keep every thing fresh which is a great thing.

They aslo have a short list of edibles, but one all of them seem very affordable if thats your thing. They also have lollipops which is something you dont see all that often. Like I said though, check their online menu BEFORE you go there if you wanna know whats in stock. They seem to keep it very much up to date.

  • Reviewed 10/12/10

Dispensary Review:

Garden House Remedies

Kudos for knowing how to handle issues.

So, I came in here on friday night after seeing their ad in the metro and decided to check em out. Their location is really easy to find as long as you kinda know the area. Plenty of parking though.

So, the first thing I noticed about this place is that it was kinda ghetto. Not really the best thing for a dispensary, but it is what it is. Their paperwork is standard, and theyre quick to get people verified. The waiting room has some very sturdy chairs that are decent if you have to wait.

So, when you enter their bud room, theyve got PLENTY of space, but they could utilize it MUCH better. Theyve got a bunch of random stuff in there with a small section ready for their setup. Im not a fan of their setup though, because all of the lables are turned so that the bud tender can see the strains, and depending on who you get, they may or may not be knowledgeable about them. Luck of the draw on that one, but all of the guys that work here are cool as hell.

So, I had an issue with some of the original buds I had picked up on friday, and I called up the next day. The first call was no good and left me irritated, but the second one is where these guys earned their rating. I talked to the manager and explained to him what my issues were and he was very nice and helpful VERY professional about the entire situation. IIl leave the issue between me and the manager, but thanks man for handling the issue the way you did.

Today I got the lavender and their signature Raspberry Kush. Both are really decent strains, and they both taste good. The Lavender has you wanting to go out and do something. Another great strain that Ive found thats great for my agoraphobia.

Their RK is really good as well. Better for pain relieve or insomnia, and not for a daily smoke. Very clean and organic taste, but with a hint of sweetness to it.

Overall, this place started off as a one star spot, but earned the four stars they got. If youre close to them, theyre worth a visit. Thanks again guys. Wish you all the best in the future.

  • Reviewed 10/10/10

Kinda dissapointed...

So, Ive been slacking on writing this review. Mostly because I ended up walking out of the door with four different strains, but also, I had a hard time with giving them as low of a rating as I have. Great people that work here though.

So, I checked this guys out at Hempcon a couple weeks ago, and I was told how good they were by a couple of friends. :( Imma stop listening to some people.

So, their intake was easy, and their waiting room is kinda cool. Theyve got KFOG on the radio. Their storefront is a really really cool and very legit setup. These are the things I liked.

Once I was verified, I was let into their huge backroom. When you first walk in, you notice their section for clones. They had some that looked really good, and they had some that the guy said were donated for the Hemp Expo. Sad lookin buggers. I couldnt say that I would buy a clone from them with what I saw.

Onto their selection. They have a decent amount of buds, concentrates and edibles, inside of a large backroom. Their meds dont have the "Bag appeal" that youll find at most places, and to be honest after tasting their meds, I dont think theyve got the quality and potency that Im used to.

So, I chose to go with a couple of grams instead of just getting an eighth. I picked up a gram of the Master Kush, the Matanuska Thunder Fuck and a gram of their Honey Bud. Thy also gave me about a gram and a half of some bottom shelf Greenhouse sour diesel.

The Master Kush, smells REALLY good, and interesting, but its not the potency that Im used to. This is supposed to be their high grade. Its mids at best.

When it came time to try the MTF, I guess I was just built up too much on the name. This was the FIRST strain that I EVER knew the name of back in high school. Its some decent tasting bud, but not near as potent as Ive always heard that it was.

The Honey bud was the most disappointing. I was told when I was in there that this stuff would be great for insomnia due to how "Strong" it was. :( Now, I expected to be couch locked after atleast half a bowl, but I ended up tossin and turning for about two hours, and ended up smoking some more.

Overall, I think that if they dropped their prices a bit to actually match the meds, that would be way better. They have well priced grams, but once you go over that, then I feel that youll be overpaying. The location is amazing, but they leave a lot to be desired.

  • Reviewed 10/10/10

Dispensary Review:

Meridian Herbal Patients Co-Op

Hmmmm I like it...

Ok, so after hearing all the hooplah I decided to check this place out, and Ive just gotta say wow. I warn you, DO NOT sit on their couches. Not because their dirty, or anything along those lines, but because I doubt youll get up.

Ok, lets start off with parking. As most of us that have ever been to Paramount can tell you, parking there is worse than anywhere else in San Jose. Small parking lot that runs along the side of paramount. God knows how my mom used to pull her old 63 Fairlane 500 in there back in the day, Ill have no clue.

Anyways, when you first walk through the door, youre more than likely gunna be greeted by a guy with no shoes on. lol. This place is setup more like a lounge than a waiting area. The guy at the door is HELLA chill and friendly. We bullshitted a bit about some of the reviews that had been posted, while I was fillingg out my paperwork. Do they have a lot for you to sign/initial? Yes. I wont argue with that. The thing about all that paperwork though, is that its not anything new. Meaning that this is the same type of paperwork that you get at anywhere else. You just have to initial in way more places than normal cause they make sure you understand what youre signing. Not a bad idea if you know how to read.

I mean, how bad could a place be if they offer you water while you wait? Not to mention are hella chill and friendly? To each their own though.

The bud room is by far the largest Ive seen to date. Theyve got a TV in there as well as a really comfy lookin leather couch. Again. DO NOT SIT DOWN. Dont say I didnt warn you if you get couchlock outta comfort. When I walked up to the counter, Im pretty sure I looked like a noob. My jaw had dropped and I was struggling to pick it back up. Their selection is awesome. Theyve got about 20+ strains ON HAND for your enjoyment.

As a new patient, when I walked in I was greeted with my New Patient gift, which if you ask me is the best packaging Ive seen yet. Its a metal Altoids like tin with a couple of prerolls, a mint(I got cinnamon yuck) a small box of really nice cigar matches, and some referral cards. They told me what was in the prerolls, but I forgot. lol.

Now, I wasnt quite as impressed with the budtenders as I was the buds themselves. While I understand that this IS a sales business, I kinda felt like I had walked on to a used car lot. These guys are salesmen through and through, but not the dickish type. It works for them. The two guys and a chick were cool, but you could tell they wanted to sell something. Im not sure if it was just me getting really anxious because of the lack of an open window, or if thats just how they are, but there wasnt a whole lot of talking done on their side.

So, I picked up an eight of the Hindu Kush. Their prices are a bit higher than normal, but their quality so far has not made me regret paying 55 for the 1/8 I got. They also have a really dope member retainment(is that even a real word?) program which I like. They give you points for coming back in, as well as referring new people there. Not to mention you get a free gram for referring people. The points system is something Ive not seen anywhere else. You basically accumulate points that you can either trade in for a glass piece that they have in a cool little display case, or gift certificates.

Overall, what you have here is the best headshop in the bay area being right next door to its dispensary counterpart. MHPCs enviroment and vibe remind me a lot of Paramount. Selection, quality, service, and a smile when you leave, knowing youll be back.

  • Reviewed 10/10/10

Dispensary Review:

SVCare Collective


So, with a recommendation from a buddy of mine, I decided to check this place out. While I cant say that I was impressed, I wasnt that disappointed either.

The parking here is kinda chill. Nice amount of parking, cause it used to be a doctors office. You can tell that when you go in. Its a small spot, but it fits. The intake was exceptionally easy. They have a little sign with the rules that they point you to, and they check your rec. Nothing for you to sign, which is cool but odd.

After youre verified, youre led through a door into the back room. Its not very deep of a room, but its very wide. Their display case was really cool, and they had a a decent variety of buds and concentrates to chose from.

I wasnt particularly impressed with the buds themself. A lot of them looked like they were harvested a bit early, but for the most part they smelled pretty good. I checked out a few different strains of hybrids before choosing something they called Super Silver Haze x Gods Gift. I wasnt all too impressed with it. Its a decent smoke, but it made me glad I only paid 45 for it.

I was also given a tiny nug of some of what they call LSD. Ive yet to try that, but it smells better than the 1/8 I got, but didnt look as good, plus he said that its a creeper, and sometimes I just dont have the time to allow meds that long to kick in. Ill be trying that later.

Overall, its a decent club with some decent customer service. If youre in the area and need to get your meds, its a decent place to stop. Their prices are reasonable, although Im not sure what their normal prices are. They have price tags on the 1/8s that say 40, but they have signs saying that its 60 an eighth...I only know I paid 45 out the door. lol.

Will I be back? Not sure. Honestly, I know of so many better clubs, that this place is left in the middle of the pack. Decent spot, but could be better.

  • Reviewed 10/10/10

Dispensary Review:

Bay Pacific Care

Kind of disapointed...

Came here today, on a recommendation. When I first got there, they had a sign on the door that said "Closed till 2:45pm" strike one. Since I had gotten there at 2:35, I was fine waiting 10 mins. I wasnt in a hurry.

So, when they finally got there at 2:50, I filled out my paperwork while talking to the intake guy. Really cool people, they earned a star for their customer service, as well as how well they treat people.

They receive their second star for their setup. Really nice chairs as well as waiting area. Their paperwork is really simple, and you get verified quickly and easily.

I waited another 10 mins to see the budtender. It seemed that when they did get there, so did about 6 other people. lol. When it was my turn at the counter, I went up and was very disappointed in their selection.

They had about 5 strains of flowers, and only one of them an indica. If youve read any of my reviews, I smoke mainly indicas. The only indica they had some was midgrade looking GDP.

They had a couple types of gooey lookin hash, but for 35 a HALF gram, it better make me dinner. I couldnt find myself paying that much for that little medicine.

In their defense, they are getting ready to close for a couple weeks for renovations. For now, I can only give them stars for the things they earned, and sadly thats only two. I do however plan on going back when theyre done and they have their selection up to par.

  • Reviewed 10/9/10

Been to much better...but also much worse.

So, I dropped by this place today, and I cant say that I was super impressed, but its a chill spot that is very deceiving in size. While its a bit like a corner shop, its also a really relaxed atmosphere. I wouldnt vote it best interior decorating, but thats not what Im here for.

This place was super easy to find, but you can easily go past it if youre not paying close enough attention. Just make sure to look to your left. Its the first set of office buildings you see. Decent sized private lot, but kinda morbid that theyre right next to a mortuary service.

The check in was quick and easy. I would have liked to see more variety of QUALITY buds, but what I got wasnt so bad. I was looking for a kush, but they had none, and they had no decent indicas, so I ended up getting some Blue Dream, which is a really energetic sativa.

For what I needed it for, it was perfect, but I dont think I could smoke it every day. I was super talkative, and Im normally a very...antisocial person. This destroyed all of my anxiety, and put me in a really good mood.

The bud quality overall was not impressive at all. Their selection was small, and almost all of it was outdoor or grown in a greenhouse. A lot of it looked really leafy. I selected the Blue Dream cause it looked the best, and smelled better than the rest.

The prices were decent for what I got, but I dont think I could recommend anything else. Its a cap of 45 an eighth, which is for what they consider their "High Grade", which is mids at best. They are open on sunday, so that definitely helps out when it comes to their convenience. Id say that if you were in the area, and needed your meds, I would check em out, but if you can go further, I would suggest doing so. Their selection and mid grade quality of their buds make me not sure if Ill be back or not.

  • Reviewed 10/2/10


orry for slacking on this review, but here it is. lol.

So, I came here the other night after seeing their ad in the metro. Figured Id give them a chance. Lets start with their location. Its a decent neighborhood, with street parking, and is easy to find for the most part. I had gotten turned around when I was looking at the map, but when I called in to get directions, and the person that answered didnt give very good directions there. After some time, I got him to direct me there.

The paperwork here is among the easier ones that Ive had to fill out, but their security is bonkers. haha. Ive been to a bunch of clubs, but this place has the most layers. Thats saying a lot. lol. Their security dude was cool though.

They lose half a star though for the amount of ants I saw at their check in window. They looked well lived in in their waiting room. Not a place Id personally want to spend much time in. Glad I didnt have to when I went in.

Their bud room though was a bit cleaner and was very spacious. They did have the walmart customer service ropes up though. The room was very relaxing though. I got no sense of claustrophobia even though no windows were open.

They have 4 stations for budtenders, two that had flowers, and two that showcased edibles and drinks. They had a decent selection of buds. They had mostly sativas and hybrids though, not many indica choices. Their buds smelled pretty good, and it was good to see some quality looking/smelling meds at the lower price points. I ended up choosing the Purple Barney. Smaller sized nugs, but smelled great. They lose another half star here for lack of selection.

The PB was a really good smoke. It has a deep and rich tasty, and the smoke seems to expand when you puff. It has the distinctive purple taste, but be warned, the smoke while is thick, will expand in your lungs. Good smoke, and nice amount of trichs on the buds. It also grinds up really well. Good amount of dry and cured.

I was given a tight thick jay as my first time gift. It was kinda hard to smoke, but once it got burning, it was nice to hit. The smoke was thick and the resin that was produced by smoking it was high.

The people here were VERY courteous and friendly. The bud tender was a great guy to talk to, and was very patient. He wasnt sure on the genetics on a couple of buds that I was looking at, but didnt try to bs his way through it. Id rather hear I dont know rather than some fake bs.

Overall I think theyre a decent club. Kinda out of the way for me, but since I was out that way, they were worth a stop in. They get a thumb and a half up from me, and I would definitely go back provided they had better selection of indicas for me to choose from. Good spot though. Thanks again guys!

  • Reviewed 9/24/10

Dispensary Review:

Mana Leaf Collective

Great people...

So, I had to go to the hospital the other night, and it gave me time to read the metro. Something I rarely, if ever, do. lol. I came across an ad for a new club in SJ called Mana Leaf. I decided to check them out. Figured it would be a break from the norm. lol

So, lets start with their location. To be honest, its a pretty damn good location. lol. Right on a MAJOR street. Monterrey Highway. Their parking however kinda sucks. From what I saw, they have about 4 spots, and one is the blue plaque special.

The building is way clean, cool and relaxing. Theyve got plenty of space here to work with. Their paperwork is quick and simple, and very straight forward. hey also provide you a booklet from Americans for Safe Access. Good info.

The people that work here are all really chill and inviting, although I would like to see a bit more knowledge from the budtenders. No complaints though on their customer service. Friendly people.

Their selection looked at first very promising. They have a very good selection of Indicas, which is something you dont see everywhere. I liked this since I mainly smoke indicas. They also have a really nice selection of edibles, drinks, prerolls, seeds, balms and they also had some clones, but they looked sad and were not for sale.

I was interested in a couple of their strains. They had some decent looking and smelling Grand Daddy, Purple Urkle, Crippler and something else that I forgot the name of, but they ended up being out of. lol.

I decided on an eighth of the Grand Daddy, and I had wanted to get a preroll of the Crippler, but they were out of them. I ended up getting a Purple Urkle preroll. I like my cones like a I like my women. SUPA THICK AND CHUNKY! Just sayin tho...

Their packaging however leaves a lot to be desired. I hate plastic bags. Theyre so wasteful. So many trichomes and hairs get stuck on the inside of the bag.

From what they had said, they were going to be fixing that. I guess this is their pregrand opening right now.. Id like to see them use glass jars, or have a program where you can buy one from them, and get hooked up for bringing your own.

Ive yet to try the Grand Daddy yet, but I did smoke some of the cone. It tastes good, but is a bit chokey, but tastes decent. I plan on tasting the GD later on tonight.

Overall, I think that Ill be back in a couple weeks when theyve got everything situated. This place seems to have a lot of potential. If youre in the area, its definitely a worthy place to visit. Thumb and a half up.

OH YEAH! One of their positives I forgot to mention was the fact that they do dutch 1/8s. Not sure if this will continue, but I like it. That means 4 grams per eighth, and their prices are no higher than 55 for quality buds. This PU has me pretty ripped. haha.

  • Reviewed 9/20/10

Dispensary Review:

Emerald Crossings Health Center

Last review on them for a

Came back in on Friday, and its taken me till now to update my review. haha. Once again, amazing customer service, selection, and quality. Not sure how much more I can really say about these guys. 4 reviews deep doesnt leave a lot of room for praise when youve already given it. lol.

So, I was going to check out their Purple Urkle, which had been on my mind since I got that GDP, but was shown their freshly picked up Blueberry Kush. HOLY CRAP. Its so sticky, fresh, resinous goodness. It tastes like blueberrys have just exploded in your mouth. The high is smooth and relaxing, but it puts you into an "I wanna go outside" mood. For someone thats agoraphobic, this is an amazing bud for you. From what they said, this ones limited supply, so make your move quickly to get some. Its worth it.

Im wowed after every visit here. Theyve show a constant level of quality buds, professionalism, customer service, knowledge as well as that thus far are unmatched by any other club Ive been to. Something tells me theyre going to stay my favorite for a while. Thanks again guys!

  • Reviewed 9/11/10

Dispensary Review:

Emerald Crossings Health Center


I was asked today what my favorite dispensary was, and why. I mentioned another club, and why. The more I thought about it though, I may have been mistaken. These guys are my favorite.

Things that come to mind on WHY are simple. The people are all as cool as it gets. Easy to talk to, great knowledge, their location is ideal no matter where in SJ you live. Unlike most places, they dont have different qualities. They have one, and thats top shelf.

Their prices are unbeaten, especially with the quality of the meds they have on hand with regularity is awesome. They always have between 8-14 different strains, and Ive yet to smell, see or taste one that is even as low as high grade. If they carried high grade, Im pretty sure it would be their bottom shelf buds.

That was the reason I started coming here, but the more and more I interact with these people, the more they become my favorite. This visit, I decided to go with something more on the indica side, and I barely was able to make my mind up. It was between some perfectly cured and manicured Urkalon, Purple Erkle and some Grand Daddy Purp. All three smelled delicious.

I ended up chosing the GDP after some debate, and Im sooooooo glad I did. This is the BEST GDP Ive ever had, and Ive gotten it from a few places. It tastes so fresh, and the buds are dense and really sticky. The smoke is really thick too. All signs of a great smoke. Most of the time, I wait to cough before I know Im good, but dont try that with this GDP, its just too smooth.

Overall, these folks have set themselves above the rest. Theyve got the quality, customer service, knowledge, prices, parking, ease of intake and overall positive and compassionate demeanor. You can NEVER go wrong stopping by this spot.

Oh! Forgot to mention that they will soon have clones of all the strains that they carry. If they ended up getting some Black Domina, I dont think Id ever have another reason to go to any other club.

  • Reviewed 9/4/10

Dispensary Review:

Emerald Crossings Health Center

You sure Im not at Cheers?

Now, Im FULLY convinced that these guys need to change their name to Cheers. From the moment you walk in, youre recognized if youve been here before. Even if it was about a month ago.

I came back in here today, and was really in the mood for some Strawberry Cough. These guys are the ONLY ones that have this strain consistently and with the quality that is top shelf.

It seems that in the month since Ive been here, their selection had babies. They now have about 14 different strains compared to their 8 or so last time. Sweet. All of their buds look and smell amazing. To be honest, I didnt really come here to browse their selection though, I was here for the SC.

I grabbed an eighth of the SC, which I would like to add smells like heaven while youre getting laid. Just sayin tho. Its some bombay and PERFECT for a daily smoker, thats strong enough to let you relax at night and get some good sleep. They also hooked it up with a fat cone in these really cool new Cone Tubes. Theyre like Doob Tubes, but specifically for cone joints. Thanks!

I was also given about a gram, I say about because it looks like more, of some really tasty Granddaddy Purps kief. Now, heres one of the things that they changed, and Im glad they did. They switched from the smaller cubed containers to package their kief in, to a larger paint type container. Good choice guys. It makes it WAY easier to handle and you end up losing less.

Like I mentioned at the begining, these guys should change their name to Cheers. Everyone greets you like they remember you, and the intake guy/budtender remembers you, and makes sure to call you by your name and shake your hand like a friend would.

Overall, this is one of my favorite collectives in SJ. I can only give them two thumbs up, but I only have two. They deserve more. Thanks again! I will be back.

  • Reviewed 8/23/10

Awesome people!

So, being a sunday, theres not many choices when it comes to collectives, even less at 6pm. lol. So, I had Clint deliver me some yesterday. Its really helpful to have a delivery service.

I had him bring me some of his Atomic Shiva, and he hooked me up with some of their Pandoras Box as well. 45 bucks for this stuff is nice. He took a little longer, again, than he had said, but since I knew how traffic was coming from where he was, I understood. I was just by there. lol.

So, I enjoy the face time that Clint gives. Really cool guy to spend some time with.

So, I tried some of the Pandoras box this morning. Im usually not really into sativas, but this stuff has a really fresh and clean taste, but its gunna make you cough a bit. Each hit you take makes you feel like your lungs expand. Has a lot of bag appeal.

The Atomic Shiva however was very tasty, and had a really smooth draw. Its a really clean and sweet tasting hybrid. It smells really nice too, and has a sticky feel to it. Nice and resiny keepin it fresh and tasty.

Overall, I will continue to visit Clint and the folks at NorCal Natural. Great folks with a great product for the price point.

  • Reviewed 8/21/10

Dispensary Review:

Fortune Wellness Center

Fortune of Smiles

Hmmmm, where to start with this place. So, I spent some time with some of the budtenders at Hempcon, and was impressed with them. I enjoyed the fact that they took time with people. They were one of the few that I remembered going to their booth, and enjoyed my time there.

I had tried going in the last day of hempcon, but that was a sunday, and theyre closed on sundays. No worries, I slated them for another day, which ended up being today. No, by the outside, you would NEVER expect them to have it so chill inside. Great art on the walls, good music playing, and really chill budtenders that make you feel like you walked into Cheers.

Paperwork is pretty standard, many pages, but its all the same stuff you see anywhere else. Quick and easy intake though overall, and a really cool waiting room.

Awesome. This must be their motto cause its a sign ontop of the door when you first walk in. Their bud room is really chill. Earthy colors. with some chalk boards with their strains and prices, as well as their edibles, clones, seeds and shirts.

Their prices are realistic, with a 55 cap. Theyve got an awesome selection of buds to chose from, and the budtenders are very knowledgeable about reasons why people smoke, and what strains will be better for certain reasons you became medical. I like a place like this.

I ended up choosing the recommended Spicy Disco. WOW. Look, they lable this as a "High Grade", but if you were anywhere else, this would be their top shelf super fire. The smell is interesting, and kinda reminds me of some roasted marshmallows with some Tabasco on top. It tastes just about the same...but in a good way. Haha. From that VERY first hit, you feel the effects. Its some super sticky icky.

For your first visit, they hook you up with a 5 gram eighth, and thats worth the trip out there. It IS out of the way, and a tad bit of a pain in the ass to get to, but so worth it if you can get here. I ended up being 5 bucks sort, and was going to take out the cash, but the budtender let me slide and telling me that its no sense spending 3 bucks to get out 5. Many thanks, and Ill be back to make that up.

Overall, this place deserves two major thumbs up. I didnt expect them to be this good, but I was very happy that they were. I was impressed. Thank you again for the time we spent not only today, but at hempcon as well. I will be back and I totally recommend them.

  • Reviewed 8/15/10

Dispensary Review:

Elemental Wellness


So, I teetered on giving them 4 stars or 5, but after I thought about things for a minute, I had to give them 5. It was only right. Malacai you get MAJOR props on this one, and gave them that extra star.

So, I came here today for my buddy Big Bud Bills growers meeting "Crop Circles", as well as picking up a clone. I had heard that they have some of the best in SJ. Figured I couldnt go wrong.

So, when I first got there, it was super easy to find, and theyve got a LARGE parking lot. Kinda far from any public transportation though, so thats kinda crappy, but manageable.

Walking in, they asked for my bag, just cause they dont want to search it, but they dont want random stuff being brought in. I didnt have to fill out any paperwork right away, but they did verify my rec before I was let into the meeting. Everyone here was very courteous and chill.

The meeting was really cool, and got a couple more questions answered from my last grow so that I dont make the same mistakes as last time. Since it was the first meeting, it was more of a hodgepodge group of experience levels. Very helpful because theyre doing grow classes at Elemental, and theyre trying to setup a syllabus. Smart way to do it.

After the meeting I had the chance to talk to a couple of the employees, as well as sign up as a new member. I was given a tour while they re verified my rec, and then had me finish up their paperwork.

Theyve got a really cool library of books on a ton of topics from health to law and cannibus. Lots of usefull free to use info. Their spot is really spread out, and roomy. I never once felt the least bit claustrophobic.

Now for my favorite part of my visit to clones. :-) The cool thing about their new member gift is that you dont have to make a minimum purchase. I liked that. For my new member gift, I got one of the two clones I had planned on purchasing.

I talked with Malacai for about 10 mins, and he guided me to a couple of strains that would be good to grow, and would come out with a good end result as long as I took care of my plants. I ended up with a clone of Purple Kush, and a clone of some Sweet and Sour Diesel. I was told that the genetics are Sweet Tooth and Sour Diesel.

The lines can get long here, but thats because they all take their time with each member. Person to Person relations with a mass amount of knowledge and the amounts of questions they answer leads to slower lines, but overall happier purchases.

Their prices on the other hand are a bit higher than I would personally be able to afford on a regular basis, but with strains like their "The True OG (I/S, 15.67% THC) - High Times Medical Cup Winner - 2nd Place, Indica" I can understand why their as high as they are. Their clones are of average price though. 12 bucks per.

Overall, I was impressed by Elemental. I was kinda put off by the "Big Box" style stores, but if this is the model they use, I can see why its appealing to some. Two thumbs up for this place though. Id recommend them if you need to go somewhere to get some clones, or if you have pretty much any question. These guys got it handled.

Thanks for hosting Crop Circles guys and gals. I had a geat time, and look forward to the grow classes as well as more CC meetings. Ill look forward to seeing yall again.

  • Reviewed 8/14/10

Dispensary Review:

Cinnabar Health Collective

Quite the Quandary...

To be perfectly honest, I dont really know what to write in this review. haha. If you read my two other ones, all the infos

So, I dropped in here yesterday, and as usual, I was offended by the amount of smiles I saw, and the people here, I swear if they were any nicer, I might have to repeatedly stab someone in the eyeball with stale marshmallows. Theres a reason that Cinnabar ranks number one on my favorite Dispensaries.

I was greeted by a couple new faces, but still the same "Happy to see you" smile. Theyre always helpful, nice, clean, friendly and willing to give EACH person the one on one time they deserve. Thats the BIGGEST thing I like about this place.

Having spent a little time with most of the people that work here, on a few different days, it really gave me a sense of how things are run, and trust me, its carried over to all of the people that work/volunteer here. Even the one time I had an issue, it was never an issue that involved me being disappointed with the demeanor or the attitude of anyone here. Thumbs up all the way around.

Now, like I said, they give a lot of personal one on one attention here, so yes, you will wait a little longer compared to the "Walmart" type dispensaries, but in the end, I always feel that its worth it. From what Ive heard through the grape vine though, theyre going to be adding another flower room, which would be awesome.

Now, I was going to give them 6 stars, but I had to deduct one for them not having Black Domina :-P.

I ended up picking up an eighth of some Tsunami, which was some SUPER tasty Indica. I was surprised how strong it hit me, honestly I think it may even be a little stronger than the BD, which is fine by me. It was a heavy creaper though, so be careful if you decide that it hasnt hit you yet. GIve it about 15 mins. I would recommend small amounts for those that smoke for Anxiety. Yes it will give you some relief, but if youre not careful, youll end up sleeping. Perfect for those with insomnia.

I was also given a gram for sending a friend to them, so I figured Id check out their hybrid section. I picked up some really good Ice. It was just the right amount of energy, without the over amped feeling. Great taste, and smooth high. Tasted amazing as well, but thats something that Ive come to expect from Cinnabar.

Overall, I can only give them two and a half thumbs up. :-P You guys always do right by me, and it just continues to solidify your place as my favorite collective....

PS - PATS = suck GO PHINS!

  • Reviewed 8/8/10

Dispensary Review:

La Vie MMX

Cool, but could be better.

Before I start this review, I have a hard time not giving five stars, but as you read my review, youll see why. Great spot though.

So, I came here after spending a little time with the owners wife at Hempcon, and she told me to come by and check em out. She also gave me a coupon for $10 off, and a free edible.

Their location is cool, and right out in front of the building, but you can still drive past it. Dont look for a big giant sign welcoming you, you wont find it. Its small and quiet. Theres plenty of parking though, which is always a good thing.

When you first walk up, you do have to knock to get them to open the door. Theyre very courteous from the moment you walk in. Their paperwork is a breeze though. Its all the usual stuff. Their couches are nice and plush, something even the biggest guys can sit in comfortably. Its a pretty bright setup though. Lots of purples and greens. Kinda stuffy though.

Once youre verified, youre led into the budroom. Now this is where they lose a star. They were in the middle of doing inventory, while they were open, and didnt have any samples out. When the Budtender did bring out some of the samples, I told her not to worry about pulling out the sativas, cause I know what helps me. Their selection leaves a lot to be desired.

I was shown, their entire selection of Indicas,some really tasty Purple Snow. Since Id never heard of this strain before, I naturally had questions. Sadly though, the budtender was not able to answer any questions about the particular strains genetics. Something that Im always curious about. I like learning about the genetics. I dont feel that I know enough about them, but in this case, I felt that I knew more.

The Budtender was very nice, and easy to talk to. We talked a little bit about Hempcon as well as tattoos. If you go, check out the chick with the Dragon tat. Its clean as hell. Would have liked to have had her with some more knowledge though.

The Purple Snow that I got, was definitely top shelf though. Tastes really clean and fresh. Really tasty strain, definitely Indica, and purple. My only problem with it is the $60 price tag. If I didnt have the $10 coupon, I probably would have gone elsewhere.

$60 mando on buds is a bit too much. Especially when you dont have the selection to back it. If they dropped their price a bit, this would definitely rank higher on my list.

For my edible, I got a candybar. Maaaaan, let me tell you. My fat ass hasnt had anything that tasty for a LOOOONG time, and Im not big on sweets. Their edibles are fairly inexpensive, and super fresh. Sealed in airtight plastic ziplock type sacks. Definitely did the job and worth the $10 was on the price tag.

Overal, this is a nice spot, with a couple things that could be fixed, but all things that are easily fixed. Ill look forward to coming back soon though. The quality of bud is tops, I just wish they had more variety. Thumb and a half up!

  • Reviewed 8/1/10

Dispensary Review:

Emerald Crossings Health Center

Hoooolllyyy Schnikes!

WOW! So, it seems as though Ive stumbled upon one of the hidden gems of SJ. This place was awesome. From the guy that has to run the metal wand over you, to the intake folks. Thumbs up all the way around.

So, I saw their ad in the Metro for a free gram of kief, and 20% off for new customers, and figured Id check em out. Theyre SUPER easy to find, but if youre not looking right as you turn off the freeway, you might miss em. They had a large parking lot, with plenty of parking.

Upon pulling up, the budtender greeted me kindly, and got me on my way to the intake paperwork. The paperwork was the average stuff, nothing crazy or new. They checked out to see if my rec was good, and that was done easily.

They have seating in the area, but if you weight more than like...250 lbs, I wouldnt sit in their chairs. lol. Theyre just not that sturdy.

The security guy was HELLA cool. We talked for a little bit before as well as after I picked up my meds. I enjoy feeling relaxed at a dispensary, and this place goes all out making sure that youre chill.

When I was let into the bud room, I was surprised by the size. The waiting room is kinda small, but the bud room was very large and spacious. Great vibe. Youre greeted with a smile and a handshake, as well as an introduction by your budteder.

I had come late in the day, and I was informed that what they had on display, is all they had at the moment. They had no edibles left, but thats fine. I prefer to smoke my meds. They had about 8 very beautiful strains in the display case.

One of the strains that caught my eye, was the Strawberry Cough. Something Ive not seen at ANY other club. The budtender showed me their line and let me smell em, and check em out under the magnifier. All of the buds looked beautiful. They also had some really nice Lavender, Green Crack, and Purple Urkle.

I ended up picking out the SC, because Ive been wanting to try it for so long, and let me tell you. At 45 an eighth for this stuff, you CANNOT go wrong. Honestly? Dont let the price tag fool you. These buds taste so fresh that youll be wondering how many hours ago these were picked. Theyre cured perfectly, smell wonderfull and taste even better.

I also was given a gram of Purple Urkle kief, which smells interesting, but very good. This is the first time Ive used kief to top a bowl with. The kief and the SC were like a match made in heaven. Neither are over powering, but they level off really nice. I could definitely smoke this throughout the day and never get couch locked.

Me and the couple of budtenders talked for a a while about different strains that Ive liked, and why I like Indicas over Sativas. It was like they actually CARED to get to know me, because they wanted me to come back. With these price points, how could I not. Everything they had was at a 45 cap, and it didnt look, or taste like theyve had to skimp on any quality.

When I was getting rung up for my purchase, the second budtender that I was talking to tossed in a free gram and a half of some of their purple urkle, and that stuff is some of the best PU that Ive smoked in a while. Just like their SC, this is so fresh tasting, and clean. Its the Yo-Yum!

Their packaging is also top rate. Glass jars for anything over an eighth, and theyre mason jar style lids, so you know like a ziplock bag, its lockin in the freshness.

Overall, this place gets a major two thumbs way up. Ill be back, and I would definitely recommend that if youre in the area, and need your meds, or even passing through that area, you stop by and check em out. Thanks again guys! Cant wait to see yall next weekend at Hempcon.

  • Reviewed 7/31/10

Dispensary Review:

408 Compassion Center

Still doin the damn thing.

You know, what Ive noticed about this place, is that theyre always trying to help you out, even if youre just there for one certain thing, and you know what it is. lol.

I came here yesterday to grab a preroll and a couple edibles. The lady behind the counter ended up telling me about this glycerin that they have, and it sounded really awesome, but not something that I would use.

I love their knowledge here, as well as the people. Theyre always super polite and super friendly. Their prices on their edibles probably cant be beat though. I picked up two chocolate covered marshmallows. Havent tried em yet, but they look delicious.

I also grabbed a preroll of some Purple Rain. I had asked for the Bubba Kush, but it was all gravy. The Purple rain was nice and tasty, and SUPER resiny. Haha. I ended up walking into Wing Stop with a resin puddle on my lower lip.

Overall, I was again satisfied with my visit, and will continue to drop by here whenever I need to. Thanks again!

  • Reviewed 7/25/10

Great folks here!

So, I just got off the phone with the proprietor of this collective, and so far Im impressed. We talked for a little about his delivery service, and I asked a few questions, and he was able to answer them.

I was recommended to try this place by another patient. I had seen their name mentioned a few times, but was a bit skeptical till someone I know is straight up said that they were legit.

The phone call and verification was done over the phone, and I placed my order. This is where COMPASSION is placed folks. This guys delivered peoples free gram for new people that sign up, without mandating a minimum purchase. Thats taking care of the people that need their meds for real.

I got off the phone with him at about 6:45, and he told me that it would be about 30/35 mins, and I asked for 10 more so that I could hit the bank. He was cool with it. This is my first experience with a delivery service.

I would have liked to know that they had more selection, but with a collective this small, quality will always come first, and from what Ive heard, their quality of meds is top notch.

So, I just finished my time with the proprietor, and besides him taking a little longer than he said, I was impressed.

So, this guy lives up to the hype of customer service and compassion to people that need their meds, and may not be able to travel to get them. He was very professional, shook my hand firmly when we first met, and his appearance was clean and casual.

We talked for a while about his collective, and I dont think I could say a bad thing about him. The meds that I got were an eighth of blackberry kush, which was super dark, dense chunky and beautifully cured. They tasted nice and fresh. Well worth the 45 I paid for it.

I also got a free sample of their sour diesel, and it smells exactly the way it should. Nice and fruity, with a hint of a woodsy sweet smel. Ill be trying that later.

Overall, Im pleased with my experience, as well as the quality of product. These guys get two thumbs up for sure. I would like to see a storefront, but I enjoy going into new places and checking out how they set things up.

I would definitely recommend this delivery service to anyone that needs to have their meds delivered. Ive heard hes willing to travel, and thats a big plus in my book. Thanks again Clint, and it was good meeting you. I hope your collective thrives.

  • Reviewed 7/24/10

Dispensary Review:


You spin me round right round...

So, this is my third review on this place. Can you tell I like em? lol.

When I first went to check in, the person that had checked me in the very first time had made a mistake on my paperwork and it was quickly and efficiently handled.

I was then led into the back room, where I indeed made a bee line for the bud selection. They had just ordered some pizza, and had asked if I wanted some, as well as offering me some thing to drink.

So, theyve dropped the price on their meds, except for their top shelf, which is 55, then they have the high grade for 45, and mid for 35. Prices are awesome for the product. My only complaint is that they didnt have a lot of choice when it came to indicas. They were all hybrids or Sativas.

Once again, I picked up some more Urkle. Third time Ive done so, and I usually dont like getting the same thing for that long, but it tastes so good, and the buds are so dense, and it smokes super nice.

Dealt with the same budtender, and he was as knowledgeable as usual. Super friendly and cool. Big ups to all of the staff here.

Compassion comes in many forms, and this place has it covered. Realistically priced meds, great service, great staff, awesome location that you can get to easily from the lightrail. The people here take the time to talk to you, and not just because the feel obligated. Thats compassion within a cannibus club. They dont mock you for being there.

This place stays as my number one favorite dispensary in SJ. If youre anywhere near here, go. You will not regret it.

  • Reviewed 7/18/10

Dispensary Review:


My heads still spinning

Came back in today. I HAD to take advantage of their grand opening sale. Once again, had the same great service, and was totally satisfied with my meds. Saw the same smokin female, and had a bit of a joke with her when I left.

I was surprised that they were as busy as they were right before closing time, but I was happy to see that while they were running low on buds, they still had the quality to keep everyone satisfied. Still super satisfied with this place.

The budtender made sure to ask me how I felt about the buds that I had got, and we talked a bit about them. If youre ANYWHERE near here, GO. You will NOT regret it.

  • Reviewed 7/17/10

Dispensary Review:


Compassion, Profesionlism and an awesome spot

WOW.....uhhh....let me repeat that...WOW. I have fallen in love with a place. This is the PINNACLE of cannibus clubs/dispensaries in San Jose. If you have your card, check them out. You will NOT be disapointed.

So...I was looking in the Metro today to find out if anyone was having any cool deals for my meds, and I came across Palliative's ad. Ive seen them a couple times, that they were opening a true kitchen for your edible needs. Their ad today mentioned that they were finally opening, and that they were having a grand opening special where you would buy one eighth and get a second for 5 bucks. I figured I couldnt go wrong.

So, the location kinda out of the way, but it fits them perfect. From the moment you walk through the glass doors, you can tell theres something different going on here. The musics not really low, and its not your typical Reggae or Stoner rock. It was some decent trance/house. They were pretty packed today when I went, but I got there about 3 on a saturday afternoon. On the first day of their grand opening.

The paperwork was quick and easy, and they made things super painless on the intake. The waiting/reception room was really cool. They had a couple vending machines in a little side room, and a bunch of comfy chairs around the wall. The walls were far from bare, and the way they had things setup really showed that they are here to stay.

I was told that the wait was going to be about 30 mins, so I went out to smoke a cig, and came back in and had a seat for about 5 mins and was lead into the back room. I was impressed from the moment I stepped through the threshold of the door. The first thing you see is the edibles in a refrigerated glass pastry or donut shop case, and then you look to your right to see a very impressive kitchen, that was probably bigger than the one in my home. They had all their ingredients cleanly on counters, but you could tell they were in the process of baking. It smelled really nice.

Youre given a little tour of the place when you come in, and told what services they offer for the many levels of education you can get from learning to grow, learning how to cook with cannabis and so on. Im not a fan of most of these full service places, but this place was full service with usefull things. Im not saying that massages and stuff arent, but Id rather take a class on how to grow my own, and possibly give back to them.

They had a another awesome glass display case for their THC infused drinks, BBQ sauces and other liquid edibles. The entire setup of this place is set to where you get a chilled flow through the room.

Getting up to the bud counter, I was hoping the chick in the green was going to help me, and was visually saddened by the very knowledgeable and funny guy that ended up helping me. What can I say? She was hot and had a dope smile. lol. The budtender was an awesome guy that answered any questions, made me feel comfortable to be there, and joked with me.

My first choice was some SUPER tasty, fresh, sticky, beautifully cured Mr Nice Guy. It smelled and looked like it was just finished curing. Its super sticky too. Super satisfied with this indica.

My second choice for they $5 eighth was some really super dense hairy Urkle. He was showing me some of the Purple Urkle, but was telling me about how the Urkle was a little chokier, but it was more potent. I just smoked a bowl, and its nice and exactly as advertised. Super fresh buds.

I also picked up a couple of edibles from their counter. One of the BIGGEST things that I like about this place, is that they put both the "Cooked on" date as well as the "Good until" date. That I really like. Most places dont have either.

I dont have a single complaint about this place, and is now my number one favorite spot in SJ. I was completely blown away by the level of professionalism, vibe, and overall demeanor of EVERYONE that worked here. Even the Model type receptionist as nice. Not fake nice, but truthfully nice. No one in here comes off as being fake or having a hint of a fake smile Theyre not polite cause they have to, theyre that way because they want to be.

Overall, I wish I could give this place 10 stars, but it only lets me give 5. For now that will have to do. Ive officially fallen in love with a dispensary, and thats Palliative health center. Thank you guys again for the wonderful experience.

OH! Parking! They have the BEST parking setup Ive encountered in a spot yet. Plenty of room even when theyre packed. Thats saying a lot. Not only on the street, but also a large lot.

  • Reviewed 7/14/10

Dispensary Review:

Cinnabar Health Collective

Way to step it up!

Now, I did a review on this place last week that ended up with an email from the Executive director. Was I surprised? lol. At first I thought it was someone just emailing me and fakin the funk, but was the real deal.

"Hi Josh - I'm the Executive Director here at Cinnabar Health and I want to apologize for the experience you had with one of our budtenders. We parted ways with that particular budtender today for a variety of reasons including things you mentioned in your review. At least I really hope that was the person! We'll make some other changes based on your feedback as well.

I hope you'll give us a chance to serve you better on your second visit. We'll load up that free pipe with a free gram of your choice. :)

Thanks - Jenny

PS - Appreciate the props on the meds"

So, the owners really do read our reviews if they care about their business. The email itself surprised me in a good way. It made me check em out again faster than I had planned.

Came in yesterday, and was immediately greeted by the aforementioned Jenny, and we had a little talk about the negative points in my previous review, as well as the positive ones as well as the history of the place. I thought it was cool that the director took the time to kinda hang out with their customers. Mad bonus points there. They had the airflow goin on in there, and it felt much better. They had some music on the TV this time instead of sports, which I kinda liked better.

So, my time to go into the budroom came, and I was greeted by the same Budtender that I had dealt with previously, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES. We had talked about my previous visit and chalked it up to an off day for both of us. He busted out his knowledge faster than a frat boy does a keg stand. It was like a whole other side of this guy. The side he needs to show more often imo. His knowledge was impressive, especially when it came to teaching a newbie how to smoke hash.

He took his time, and that along with the added air circulation they had going on, made me enjoy the hell out of my visit. I ended up getting a prerolled cone of some purple kush, a gram of some hash, an eighth of Urkulan and my new glass piece. I spent a bit more than I normally do, but I was VERY satisfied by my second visit.

THIS is the type of dispensary that we NEED in SJ. It would be hard pressed for me not to call them one of the top 3 in SJ, and the best that Ive gone to so far. They make sure that youre SATISFIED and WANT to come back. Customer Service is a dying art, and these guys have stepped up to the plate with the intention on making sure that the experience that I had last time DID NOT happen again. They far exceeded what I had expected following a semi negative review. I WILL be back for sure. This time its not only the quality of the product that demand it, but the respect that the people that work here show.

  • Reviewed 7/13/10

Dispensary Review:

Silicon Valley ARC

Cool place...

So, I checked out ARC yesterday after a few recommendations and reading a few reviews about them, and overall, I wasnt as impressed as I had expected to be, but I was not disappointed either.

Lets start off with the location, which unless youve seen pics of their spot, youll more than likely drive past it. Dont be fooled by the houses, this is still an industrial area. They have a small parking lot in the front, Im not sure if they have more in the back, but theres a driveway deal in between the two buildings. It looks like a regular small business.

When you first walk in, you notice a nice waiting area. Comfortable seating, and a really dope lamp hanging from the ceiling. The receptionist said that it was called Purple Kush. Really cool inside, dark earthy colors that make it really relaxing.

The checkin process was really easy, and their paperwork is simple to understand. One of the things that most impressed me though, was that you had a choice of four different charities that your contributions go to. It shows that this place is really a compassion center. Two thumbs up there.

I was then led into the main room. Its probably the largest so far that Ive been in. Really open, and although they had no windows open, I didnt feel claustrophobic at all. It smelled really good, and they had all kinds of things for people to do while there.

When I first walked up to the bud tender, who called me John for some odd reason, made sure to let me know that they didnt want you to only come for meds, but to hang out and relax too. Thats not something Ive seen at other dispensaries. I think that if they had a spot that you were able to medicate on site would be the only thing they could do to make it better.

Next he showed me their line of edibles, which although not my thing, was really impressive. They had everything from cookies and brownies to organic ice cream and sodas. They had all the topical items that you would expect, as well as a couple new ones that Ive not seen before.

Onto the bud selection. I do have to say that their buds are SUPER frosty. They have a "Display" bud that you can sit there and touch and look at at your leisure. Most places discourage you touching them, with good reason, but this place keeps out a nice sized bud and lets you touch them, feel em and check em out under the 30x magnifier.

The Bud tender was a cool guy, but he seemed a bit bored. Seemed to be really knowledgeable about hash and buds. We talked a little about the hash, and a couple random things, but I never really felt pushed to make a purchase.

I ended up getting an eighth of some GDP that they had just gotten in, supposedly an hour before I came in, and I am impressed. I paid 50 for it, and thats a fair price, its high grade quality. Very tasty, really nicely manicured and fresh tasting in my bubbler.

I was also given about a gram of some Hashberry, which my mom described as smelling like the old Purple Haze from the Its some really smooth buds, and has a super tasty back taste.

Overall, I was impressed by this place, but not as much as the hype had been built up on it. Their meds are top notch, and their service was really professional. I would recomend checking them out if youre in the area.

  • Reviewed 6/28/10

Dispensary Review:

Leaf Lab


So, let me start off by saying that giving them four stars is no indication of their service, their quality, or their establishment. I would have preferred to give them 4.5 stars. The only thing they lack is variety. Other than that, I love this place.

So, I found out about this place today, and decided that I would pay them a visit. I was due for my meds anyways. This place is a little hard to find, but once you do, youre greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. Very positive vibe going on here. Theyre setup more like an office store, if that makes any sense. Very clean and professional.

The quality of their product is very nice. As a first time donation, I received an extra gram with my purchase of a 4 gram eighth, as well as a tasty edible. Very happy with both of the strains that I got.

For my free gram, I got the budtender suggested Jack Herrer. It smells and tastes so good. It was a very good recommendation. I also got an eighth of the Grand Daddy Purp, which just happened to be their special of the day. Their prices are about average, but fair. All of their eighths weigh out to four grams instead of the usual 3.5/3.75.

The two budtenders were very nice. I would have liked to see a little bit more plant knowledge, but they didnt try to bullshit their way around questions and comments that I made. I like when people are honest. Especially when theres money involved. I would definitely recommend this dispensary to anyone, and I will be making repeat visits.

  • Reviewed 6/26/10

Dispensary Review:

Cinnabar Health Collective

Part 1..

I was recommended to come here by keak420, and he told me about how good their medicine was, and I cant say that I was disappointed with the quality, but the budtender could have been a bit more chill, talkative and knowledgeable.

Their location is in a residential area, with a few businesses around there. Kinda out of the way, and almost no parking. Was lucky that I found a spot on the street. Parking here sucks. lol.

The building is actually a house, and it really feels that way. Theyve got a tv on, they were watching ESPN, which is cool. The checkin process went quickly, and their forms were easy to understand. I felt kinda outta place here, which is the first time Ive felt this way in any club.

Their back room is really cool, and setup nicely. Theyve got this CRAZY ass 11 gram cone on the table, hash, kief, prerolled joints with and without filters. They have a side setup by the window with topical items like balms, sprays and those types of things. Their shelving for the buds are really cool. Its an old school looking bookshelf with lights on every individual shelf, and the buds are all in glass jars, and labeled. The top two shelfs are their top grade and the third is their mid grade.

I tried asking some questions, but it seemed that when I wanted to ask a question, thats when the budtender wanted to talk, and if I was quiet so was he. I would have liked to see a bit more person to person time. Make me feel less anxious. Being claustrophobic Im not a big fan of the setup. It was kinda hot and stuffy in there, and they had no moving air.

The buds though were as advertised. Beautiful looking, smelling, cured the whole 9 yards. I got some of the freshest buds Ive had in a LONG time. They were slightly crispy, but super sticky when broken up. Nice fluffy buds that ash up really nice, leaving almost no trace. I got an eighth of the Black Domina and a gram of the Flo for my new customer gift. Both beautiful purples, but they both reminded me of some really tasty PKD.

They give you 4 grams for an eighth and its 45-55 for their highest grade. The price gives you a discount on the quality, and the quality doesnt suffer. This is the reason that I came, and this is what will keep me coming back. Im looking forward to the second visit, and the free glass piece they give you. Am I a cheap bastard? Yes, but in this day and age do you blame me? haha.

Overall, I really like their quality of product, but I think everything around that could use some work. I think they just have to have someone in the backroom that understands how to verbally "Dance with the music" and talk to someone. Perhaps someone with some sales experience, but isnt a sales person. Someone with the ability to relate to people and carry on a conversation with anyone, as well as a bit more knowledge on genetics and recommendations. Not to mention possibly moving to a location much better suited to a compassion center.

Ill be back though, the quality demands it. Now Im off to taste some of this Flo in my bubbler...

  • Reviewed 6/20/10

Dispensary Review:

408 Compassion Center

The 408 way

So, I checked this place out the other day and for the most part I was really impressed. Their bud is nice, the people were awesome, the location is tricky to find, but a good spot. Quick and easy intake too.

This place is a little hard to find if you didnt look it up online first. They have a really small sign on the fence, so be sure to watch out for it. Its kinda tucked away in a little business park of a neighborhood thats iffy, but where they are, you wont have any issues. They have a decent amount of parking as well.

When you first walk in, youll be greeted by two people. One being the security guard, who I thought was just tryin to spit game to the intake lady, and well...the intake lady. lol. First of all, this guy MUST have done some undercover security before, cause I thought he was a customer. He was bullshittin with me while I was getting checked in, as was the intake lady. Both really cool easy to talk to people. They pretty much set the stage for the place, and they do it right. The intake was super quick, and then I was wanded and show through the door into the bud room.

When you walk into the room, you notice a smell that Ive not smelled at a lot of places. Most clubs smell clean, which is nice, but I wanna smell that sweet leaf. This place had that smell. Like walking into a room where a plant is growing. Smells have strange effects on the body, and this was one that put you at ease. Then theres the fact that its open up on top allowing for adequate air flow throughout the place. Great if youre claustrophobic.

The bud selection wasnt all that Id hoped for, its been a couple weeks since Ive had a really good indica. Ive had a couple of really good hybrids though. They let me smell the buds at my leisure, and check out the trics under the microscopes they had, and they also had a 60x/100x microscope so that I could check out the trics at the closest distance possible. They had a wide variety of edibles and concentrates though, which was cool.

Their knowledge was admirable. I didnt have many questions, but they offered some advice that I may have to take them up on. See, Ive never touched concentrates, so Im not really sure about them yet. The people that were on register were telling me that I could cut my consumption if I started using them. They also were telling me how to top my bowls, and that this will all help my buds last longer as well as get me to the medicated point I needed to be at.

Did I mention that these are the guys that organized the expo at the Cow Palace? WORD! They proceeded to tell me about the next one in sept, as well as give me a calendar with the dates marked on it, as well as 420. They told me about what they were trying to do for the next one. Instead of the Rome version of Sublime, I say you guys should have Mystic Roots or maybe Kymani Marley. :-P

The buds that I ended up picking out was some pretty fire Purple Nepal. The smell was nice, and it was another Hybrid. I was surprised by its potency. lol. Lemme tell you, do NOT think you can smoke a full bowl of this stuff and then take a HOT shower...DO NOT DO IT. lol. I fell asleep standing up in the shower. I did however just get home from a long day at work, but it wasnt what I was expecting. lol. My only gripe with it, was that it was a bit dry and that made it a bit harsh when I packed a bowl. Over all, Id give it 4.5 stars.

I also was given a prerolled half gram joint of some Grape Ape, because I was a first timer here. It was a fatty that left me feeling really good. It was a good mid afternoon smoke.

Overall, I really liked the place, but their prices I think could use some work. The eighth I got was 50+ tax, wich made it 55. Not really a fan of paying over 50 for my meds, since I could go get an eighth elsewhere for 45/50 including tax, but the quality was good. I would rank it top shelf, but I wouldnt pay 55+ tax for it. Thats just over the top. Especially with all the clubs that are out here.

If they dropped their prices a little bit I think this would be an AWESOME spot, but I understand that they do have expenses and bills that they have to pay. Their bud quality makes it worth it. Over all, two thumbs up for a great place.

OH YEAH! The Raffle. This I like. They told me that they were having a raffle and that, unlike some other places, I didnt have to purchase a raffle ticket, that they gave them away with certain donation sizes. 30 for the Fathers day raffle, and 40 for the gravity bong raffle. If you spend 40, you get a ticket for each one. I guess they do all kinds of promotions like this and that definitely keeps people interested.

  • Reviewed 6/8/10

Dispensary Review:

MediLeaf - San Jose

Leafin it

Well, I got my prescription today, and decided to head into my first dispensary. I chose this one because of the location, which was right down the street from Paramount Import. I ended up losing track of time in there. This place is great. The environment is great, the people are all nice(even the security guard!) and informative. The first time verification was quick and easy, and they explained all the general rules easily so there was no confusion ever. The security guard doesnt have much of a funny bone, but hes polite about letting you through. The behind the counter staff was freaking AWESOME. They not only explained to me what each of the strains was better suited for, but how they taste and let me smell them at my leisure and helped me pick out a couple of strains that I so far really like. They have a GREAT vibe going on in there. They made me feel really relaxed and not at all like someone that that had any "Stupid" questions. The quality of the herb is great. Super fresh and cured beautifully. I would recomend this dispensary to anyone just based off of my visit. Great place.

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