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  • Reviewed 2/13/17

Purple Pixie Stix

Lakeside Remedy

magical bowl topper

The wonderful color in the picture is exactly what you get. Mild nutty, cheesy aroma, VERY strong relaxing physical indica effects. Seems to be a full melt.

This stuff is such a smooth smoke. Compare this $40/gram hash made with NO SOLVENTS to more expensive bubble / CO2 concentrates from other dispensaries... Ugh, it's just not fair.

I have been looking for a good bowl topper hash for a while now and this is up there with hash by French Laundry & other top of the line concentrates.

  • Reviewed 2/5/17

Dispensary Review:

Lakeside Remedy

Great selection and prices, super fast service

I hate to let the secret out but Lakeside has a much better selection of vape cartridges than the bigger names in local dispensaries. Their prices are also WAY better, plus the staff is super nice, laid back and professional. I have only ordered once but this is already in my top three dispensaries in the Bay Area. Signing up was super super easy and 45 minutes later my driver arrived promptly with some of the highest grade medicine out there for the best price in town. Good stuff.

  • Reviewed 9/14/16

Sun Grown White Erkle

No consistency between batches

I managed to get the last two eighths of the LAST batch of White Erkle last week.

It was a great deal at $20/eighth - small buds and a lot of stem, but the taste and smell were great!

This batch is cured differently and it's basically garbage. Smell is barely there. The taste is awful and it produces a lot of stinky resin upon burning.

I wish I had checked it out before ordering online but I just assumed the same strain at the same price would be the same, three or four days later. WRONG.

This batch should be $10 or $15 an eighth at most.

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  • Reviewed 2/19/16

All Star Nova OG

Unexpectedly awesome

I am usually skeptical of anything that says "OG" -- I don't actually like that tobacco-y "earthy" kush taste that OGs have, nor do I care for the sativa aspect of their effect. I was trying to decide between this and the All Star Purple Urkle which i've had but it was a little boring.

I took a chance on this because
- it was grown by "conscious collective" ~ sounds promising
- it has stardawg in its genetics ~ i love stardawg, very calm and happy hybrid
- it's labeled as a straight I(ndica) instead of I+S like most OGs are.

Happy to say it was worth even the high All Star prices. A delicious flavor with no end-of-the-joint tobacco-y OG aftertaste, very smooth smoke, and IMMEDIATE effects. works extremely fast, even on a seasoned veteran with an exceptional tolerance (me).

The effects are euphoric but not racy, a pleasant body buzz, very relaxing - everything I look for in an indica.

thanks BPG, if this is in fact an "exclusive cut" it was a very good choice.

  • Reviewed 7/27/15

Pineapple Skunk

very heady sativa effect

A good deal at $25/eighth but be careful while medicating.

tastes pretty good, not amazing but definitely better than any medicine at this price i've gotten at BPG.

those who find sativas can cause anxiety and paranoia, go easy! imo this is more heady and anxious than either Pineapple or Skunk strains usually are.
hardly any sedative effects.

tastes good for the price, but mix with some indica if you are prone to anxiety.

  • Reviewed 5/11/15

Purple Kush


Usually good but this batch is Harsh

The Purple Kush at BPG is usually a reliably calming / sedative indica with a nice mild flavor...

But this particular batch (May 2015) is so harsh...!
Makes me cough. A lot. Every single time.
Everyone who I have passed this to has coughed. A lot.
I have a couple of strains on hand and I can always tell I've mixed some Purple Kush in a bowl because I start coughing uncontrollably. This is never a problem with the other strains...hasn't been a problem with PK before now. I would avoid this particular batch. I don't know if it's something about the cure or what.

All Star Gorilla Glue

Fantastic hybrid

Excellent positive, uplifting mood with a great body effect. For me the Gorilla Glue strain tends to be a little bit more indica leaning. I have had the Gorilla Glue oil from BPG and it is definitely a very uppy sativa type experience, maybe because of the super high THC level... the Gorilla Glue flowers though are a very well balanced hybrid, functional even (though not in large quantities :)

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  • Reviewed 4/29/15

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Super delivery

My driver Luke was prompt (early even!) and courteous... & the Chem Scout I got looks superb!

Love the 4 gram eighths and reliable organic, clean medicine.

Thanks for an awesome experience CRAFT :-)

  • Reviewed 12/27/14

All Star White OG


That White doe

Magnificent specimen of OG X White. Not your run-of-the-mill OG cross, this is actually worth the All Star price!
Taste, smell, and most importantly effect are spot-on.

A superb indica-leaning hybrid!

  • Reviewed 12/17/14

Bubba Con H2O

not worth it

as an Indica lover I was excited to see two of my favorite indica strains, Bubba Kush and LA Confidential, in hash form. as a person who just wasted $20 on a gram of boo-boo hash, I was less excited.

For $20 I could have gotten a gram of all star flowers instead of this stuff. Tasted like nothing, basically useless as medicine if you smoke it. I ended up cooking with it and eating it. Tasted gross but at least it had some effect that way.

I don't know why BPG stocks such crummy hash when the rest of their menu offers so many great options!!
BPG, I love you but please up your hash game.

  • Reviewed 11/6/14

Platinum Cookies H2O


stay away

a very harsh smoking hash, rough on the throat, with a lower THC content than many of the *flowers* for sale at BPG. also it doesn't taste good. so if you're into really low grade hash, go for it...otherwise stay away!!! you're much better off with platinum cookies flowers.

  • Reviewed 8/25/14


All day chiller

Truly superb, this modestly priced indica-dominant strain has quickly become one of my all-time favorites.

Triple threat gave me a sativa-like energizing & uplifting feeling at first, but even during the initial rush I found it to be a very calming medicine with mostly indica effects.

Smooth smoking, wonderful flavor, and most importantly, a very strong physical sensation of relaxation without couchlock or stupor.

Not the longest-lasting strain for me... I smoke it quickly, and I'm not sure if it's because it wears off faster than most, or just because I like it so much.

Highly recommended for anxiety, stomach ailments, or just for general well-being!

  • Reviewed 8/24/14

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Above & Beyond

Excellent medicine, great prices. Somehow, everything from CRAFT seems to smoke smoother (even the concentrates) than products from other local dispensaries. No coughing or sore throats here. The menu is limited, but in a good way. No stemmy shaky budget medicine and no overgrown, overpriced steroid-enhanced super-nugs. Just divine, beautifully cultivated flowers!

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Strong classic indica

If you like pure indica strains like Ingrid & G13 then you will love this strain. Cheesy fragrance, perfectly cured with a fast-acting, very potent physical effect.

Thanks to my delivery driver Carlos for the exceptional customer service as usual.