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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 9/5/11

Canna-Teaz Chamomile

I always consume tea during my sessions for many of the same advantages that have been known for years. I used a “tea ball" so I could taste more of the flavor and I tried it again in it’s own heat-sealed, cotton 3"x3" tea bag after. "Canna-Teaz" Chamomile came in an aroma-sealed outer package, no string or tag on actual tea bag, but for only $4 it's the cheapest among the only other 6 tea bags available in dispensaries in the Bay Area. In dissecting the bag I found very tiny leaf pieces of cannabis flowers. All other ingredients, if any, were not listed, but look to have been grounded up really well. I couldn't taste much of the medicine/herbs/flowers so overall Canna-Teaz Chamomile tea leaves you with a very smooth and light Chamomile taste, but dry mouth and unfortunately was also very weak as far as aroma-therapy. Two other tea bags I tried recently, but not listed in StickyGuide:
- "Harmony" brand tea bags are more expensive around $5. Made with cheaper outer packaging materials, the same paper-type tea bag and all listed ingredients. You can see and taste the cannabis, which also made for better heat vapors in aroma-therapy.
- "TnTea" brand tea bags are made of bio-degradable corn fibers, whole cannabis flowers and herbs, so you definitely taste it and it makes for superb aroma-therapy, but you pay more for the higher quality.
Looking forward to trying Vee's Herbal Tea, Bhang Infused Tea and Starla Teas.

  • Reviewed 6/4/11

Dispensary Review:

Elemental Wellness

Elemental Wellness

Elemental Wellness is one of my favorite dispensaries. One of only two I think about visiting here in the South Bay Area. Incredible choices of everything from flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, clones, seeds, computer, library and other services such as Crop Circles, Grow Lessons, Massages, etc. There's only one other dispensary to offer this wide array of services. Elemental Wellness also tests a lot of it's medicine for thc, cbd, etc. Much props for that. Great employees who definitely set a positive precedent. Always a positive experience when visiting Elemental Wellness.

  • Reviewed 6/4/11

Harborside Health Center - San Jose

This is one of the only two dispensaries I think about visiting. Much more choices all around vs other dispensaries in South Bay Area. There's almost always at least one or two top clones, pack of seeds, edibles, concentrates, a computer, library, almost anything you can think of when it comes to medicating with cannabis, its politics and other services. Definitely worth visiting. Plus big props on having thc and cbd percentages on some of the strains you guys test. Great start! (Would love more background information on clones and seeds from the industry in general). Was a little disappointed that they only had 4 Top Shelf Flower choices this morning. Usually that's the minimum they have such as they did today, but also that is usually the maximum at most other dispensaries I have visited. Must admit you get used to 8 - 9 choices in each of top shelf, high grade, mid, and low shelf. Was specifically looking for a quarter of top shelf this morning, but only some random shops will offer a deal on that amount. Nonetheless they recommended "The Pure" and my review is in here at Sticky Guide as well as come good ol' Chem Dawg and U2 Full Melt. Staff has always been exemplary from what I have experienced in the past 13 months visiting. Always a safe and pleasing experience going to Harborside Health Center.

The Pure


The Pure

This flower has got solid crystal formations throughout and obvious strong scents with beautiful light brown to orange hairs. *Smooth taste throughout, very little throat or lung expansion, nice thick cloud on exit (w/glass bowl) and really got into my sinus and nasal areas where I felt a slight flush and clearing. Nice. Also left a very nice taste in the mouth. Great taste with Vaporizer as well! It tastes and smells a lot more intensely when dry vs the after effects. *You may be intimidated after the initial eyeballing, but after medicating the experiences have been very manageable.
*Felt that "Headband" type feel, but a little lower on the head. *Definitely around my upper eye lids. Clear head sensation. From a scale of 1 to 3. 3 being the best/strongest/etc. This is a 2.
The 1 - 5 Start rating I would have given it 3.5 Stars. Not quite 4 though.
*(These statements above are based on my own medicating, which can be totally different in certain persons depending on their chemical status, appetite, tolerances, disposition, etc.)

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Elemental Wellness
985 Timothy Drive San Jose,
Harborside Health Center - San Jose
1365 N. 10th St. San Jose,