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November 29 ,1973
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  • Reviewed 9/9/11

Venom OG


...with a hint of lemon. I know shut up right?! I really love the effect of this flower! This relieves pain without leaving you on the couch and/or passed out so you can get things done (essential for me). For muscle cramping/spasms it does the job of relaxing your bod and keeping it that way. Sprinkle with a little gold dust (also fdub) and enjoy feeling a wonderful warm comfortable heaviness over your body followed by a very still night's sleep. Good shit. Get some Venom flower.

  • Reviewed 8/20/11

LA Con

Medicate, eat, sleep, repeat!

FWC flowers are consistently on point with smell, taste and beauty so I will skip all that. The description for this med is dead on. The desire to stuff ones face hits almost immediately coupled with pain relief. Eat quickly though for standing behind the food fairie is the sand man waiting to knock you out like Craig did D-Bo!!!! Although I have been partaking for years, most herbs still hit my lungs hard but LA is kind; no burn but HIGHLY effective. Best part about this flower is that it doesn't leave you feeling like you partied like a rockstar the next day even though you've only taken your normal dosage for relief. Add this to your list of go to sleep aids fa sho!!!

  • Reviewed 8/18/11

Kryptonite OG


True to its name... and the only thing that could stop super man so be prepared for a couple minutes of couch lock almost immediately followed by good, deep, pain free sleep. The taste is fresh and clean; if green had a taste this would be it. This my go to sleep aid because it works and a little goes a long way. Get some and enjoy a good night's sleep. Peace!

  • Reviewed 8/11/11

Humboldt OG


Woody, earthy with alil sumpin' sweet up front-mmmmm tastee! The second thing that comes to mind is how much I LMAO after my first ever bowl of Humboldt OG. I was wacthing nothing but re-run TV (which I don't normally watch so I FULLY blame Humboldt) but those were the funniest damn re-runs ever all TIMES!! Whooo! Anywho, it's yummy, you can medicate anytime of day with it, it smells tah-die, it's effective and the nugs really do smoke noticeably well all of which make it...wait for it....wait for it....a good buy! SUPAH-STAH!!! (Mary Katherine Gallagher)

  • Reviewed 8/7/11

Dispensary Review:

Florin Wellness Center

<3 <3 <3 FWC...

New-ish patient and FWC was my first. Tried 2 other dispensaries, just because and FWC reigns supreme. Knowledgeable and friendly budtenders (in my experience each budtender has been able to give accurate descriptions on all strains except for one or two max.) The flowers are always top quality; delightful looking, smelling and tasting as well as effective. The daily menu is HUGE and I like that you can mix and match to build your 1/8ths. (I like to keep a variety on hand so not a fan of "only pre-packaged 1/8ths".) As for the complaints about the receptionist and multiple credit card charges....different receptionist these days and my card has never been charged more than once per transaction so clearly FWC values its patients enough to consider our feedback. Thanks FWC! 1LOVE

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Florin Wellness Center
7047 S. Land Park Dr. Sacramento,