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October 2 ,1985
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  • Reviewed 4/9/17

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Coastal Grown at it's finest

Caliva is the I had such an amazing experience. When I pulled up to their big facility I was greeted by their security outside the door. He was friendly and verified my rec and ID. I like the build structure and their big sign, their location is not hard to find at all. Once I walked into Caliva, I was greeted by the front desk associate. She was sweet and the check-in process was super quick and smooth. As I was filling out my paperwork (first time patient) I was looking around and checking out their amazing decor. The facility was very clean and has a very coastal, modern and organic vibe to it. Very cute place and most important, clean.

The product rooms is very spacious and well designed. I was greeted by an awesome Budtender named Harrison, who I highly recommend. He has excellent customer service and is very knowledgable about his products, I ended up purchasing some RG Slymer GH. I have to say it is very smooth, I'm a Sativa lover so I lean more towards those strains. But very Euphoric,earthy with a citrus taste.

Caliva also offers some nice edible choices, The cheddar popcorn seemed like something I will try. I plan to pick up some on my next visit. Overall I highly recommend this place and their products, I believe everything was fairly priced. I highly recommend Harrison if you need further information about products and need some guidance on finding the best products for your needs. I like the vision Caliva has and I think they executed it properly. I really love what they stand for as well. This will be my go-to place for all my needs. Thanks Caliva for the great experience. I will see you guys soon.