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  • Reviewed 9/22/17

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Airfield Supply Company

Great Place!

I am a big fan of Airfield! They have some awesome bud and concentrates. On my last visit, one of the guys was really helpful. I had a faulty cartridge and they switched it out, no problem. They really care at Airfield and I am always welcomed with a smile. I have some favorite strains here and it's nice that they grow the same stuff so it's usually available when I want it.

Jack Herer

Motivating Strain

I use this for daytime to manage pain and to get myself motivated. I highly recommend this strain for anyone looking for a strain to get them off the couch. It is a smooth smoke and has great sweet and spicy flavor. I noticed a very uplifting euphoric effect. I felt very happy and it inspired me to be creative.

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Perfect Headband

This is one of my favorite strains and I appreciate that Airfield has this strain available. This strain is very focused and happy. It helped with my pain while keeping me energized. I felt less stressed out and content. I would say this Headband is heavily Sativa dominant with a touch of Indica.

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Pure Kush

Good night sleep strain

Pure Kush helped me have a great night of sleep. I felt extremely happy and relaxed. I fell asleep to a movie and didn't wake up once during the night. Job well done Pure Kush! On top of the awesome experience, Airfield is donating all proceeds of this strain to a hurricane relief program supporting victims in Florida and Texas. All the more reason to get this strain.

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GSC Blue Cut

Great Strain!

I have been using this strain for pain management and stress management. This batch of GSC was especially heavy and really took the pain away. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from pain or stress.

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Airfield Supply Company
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