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  • Reviewed 11/2/21

Dispensary Review:

Charm City Medicus

Very good shop!

Very good shop! I have been there a lot of times and quality of goods is really great. Now it is pretty simple to order necessary cannabis products online, but of course you should know what exactly do you need. If you only interested in marijuana and want to try, I can recommend to read Destination Smoke site firstly. There are a lot of useful guides and interesting blogs!

  • Reviewed 10/1/21

Dispensary Review:


Cool shop!

I usually prefer to order cannabis products via internet, but here you can always find something interesting! I like different strains and not always it is simple to choose the most suitable variant. But there you can get help. I think it is quite difficult to recommend some strain for people which you don't know. There can be different effects and some strains will be good for some people and some can be disgusting. I think you should try some popular variants and also search for reviews on special sites. For example I read a review on about Ace Killer OG Strain and decided to try it. Result was very cool, it was exactly what I wanted. So maybe you should also research this resource.

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  • Reviewed 8/6/21

Dispensary Review:

Potomac Holistics

Good store!

Good store. I often take cbd, because I have insomnia and it is really bad mental health disease. Usually I prefer to order my favorite products via internet, but sometimes also visit offline shops. I use cbd oil and tinctures. My favorite brand is Joy Organics, here on you can check their stores!

  • Reviewed 4/23/21

Dispensary Review:

Posh Green Collective

Great place!

Great place. I found it via internet and now I visit this shop every month. I recommend you to create a page in Instagram and start advertising. This social network can be something like a powerful marketing tool! Just start posting your products and get likes from site. All is very simple, you will have a lot of new clients!

  • Reviewed 3/30/21

Dispensary Review:

Mary & Main

Very good place!

Very good place! I often visit it;) Last time I was depressed due to hard work, it lasted almost a year, until the psychologist advised me that I tried Kratom seeds, and very soon I saw the result. I am gradually getting better, and I found a job that is not so nervous. Overall, emotional health has improved.