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  • Reviewed 6/29/17


Herbal Alternatives

Fireworks in my head

The smoke from this was very smooth yet I took big pulls and coughed a lot in the beginning. Easy does it is the rule. Good strain. Gets me where I need to be; stoned, focused and completing errands. Can't go wrong with this legendary strain. Be careful of dosage as one can get slightly paranoid around large groups. You have been warned!

Last edited by Leslie_GirlSTLtoDC on 6/29/17 at 8:00 AM Pacific

Fruity Pebbles OG Small Buds

Great Taste Minimial Effect Great For Novice Smoker

Wasn't very impressed with this strain. The high lasted maybe an hour and a half then it was forgettable. Maybe because I have such a high tolerance but this didn't deliver a heady and stoney high I normally enjoy. Not knocking the strain but I need something stronger..

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Herbal Alternatives
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