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  • Reviewed 6/8/17

500 MG THC Cartridge: BLUEBERRY

Great taste and effect

This tasted deliciously of blueberries and while I saw no listing of it's thc, or other cannabinoids amounts it was definitely a super potent cartridge. This is the best value I've found in cartridges to date. Thanks!

  • Reviewed 12/24/13

Dispensary Review:

Magnolia Wellness

Great Dispensary both in medicine price/quality and services

I joined the membership and was very happy with my experience with the good folks at Magnolia. I greatly appreciate that they offer my personal preference of organically grown and sun grown (if not all at least much of it) at a lower price than cannabis not designated as such, but which is also reasonably priced with $50 8th's. They test virtually all their flowers and concentrates so you know what to expect from the strains you purchase. While I have yet to take advantage of the classes and services offered, but I plan on doing so and was happy with what is offered. And finally, the people all seemed very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable and willingly to spend time helping you choose amongst their offerings.

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Magnolia Wellness
161 Adeline St. Oakland,