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  • Reviewed 7/12/14

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Berkeley Patients Group

solid variety, crappy service

I'm not arguing with any of the good reviews BPG has gotten in regards to what they carry, but my experience with the staff was awful. My first visit was yesterday. The woman that assisted me was short with me, on the rude side, and after leaving, I found out that she hadn't told me anything about how the dispensary works with rewards points. The following day I actually placed an order online for an express pick up. I placed the order, and got a confirmation email that said I would get a phone call when the order was ready, but I never received a call. Upon calling the dispensary, the receptionist was really quick with me, interrupting and saying I would have to hang up and call back the same number and select an option on the menu--BUT NOBODY PICKS UP THAT LINE, which I told her. This also happened when I originally tried to place an express order over the phone earlier. Here's the thing, why can't this place transfer calls? Why do they have a menu option that doesn't allow you to talk to a person? Makes no sense. I thought this was supposed to be a dispensary, instead I feel like I'm calling a corporation and can't get through to anyone. She asked, with an attitude, if this was my first order, which it was. I was granted the opportunity to talk to someone who then informed me that the order I placed was only able to be partially filled. Ummmm.....isn't that a situation where you should call the patient?! When I got to BPG to wait on their not so express express line, not even 10 minutes after calling, I inquired about the situation when called to the counter. Apparently the item had been restocked at some point, but if I hadn't asked, they would not have corrected for the situation. While standing in line, I also saw everyone behind the counter (6 or 7 employees) ignore an older gentleman that was supposed to be next in line, instead they kept calling other customers up. It is unfortunate that this place gets away with this kind of behavior, I'm really surprised that so many people put up with it on a regular basis. The place is stocked well, but they come off as only caring about the money.