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  • Reviewed 12/20/15

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Herbal Alternatives

Very patient with a NEW patient.

There's only 1 downside to this place...... parking. But everything else outweighs the parking. My first visit, I was assisted by Jen and David. Jen was so super patient with me as I did not know a single thing about MMJ, just simple things, like what an eighth was, indica vs sativa etc.... My 2nd visit, David assisted me and he immediately remembered who I was from a month ago. Asked me how MMJ was working out with my travel schedule and if it has helped any. That is really cool when the people at the dispensary assigned to you, actually take an interest in you and remember stuff about you even only having met me once. I've had doctors for years who still don't know who I am. Can't comment much on product because I'm so new, but people wise, customer server and knowledge..... A ++++ See you guys soon!!!!

A tip for all, this is a cash only place. Bring enough. :)

Dear KyEnch,

Thank you immensely for this wonderful review! We're sorry that you haven't had any luck with parking. On the other hand, we're extremely happy that your experience at Herbal Alternatives has been satisfactory. One of the things that we really care about is to know each patient on a personal level. We want to know what product has worked best for you, so the next time you come we can recommend something that might work even better.

Thank you for your wonderful words and welcome to your new house!

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