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  • Reviewed 7/24/19

Dispensary to the rescue.

For the pass few day I have been dealing with my cannabis vape pen battery not being able to heat up properly. Because of the rosin in them is super thick. But thanks to the amazing and helpful associates at "National Holistic Healing". The Best dispensary in DC that is very convenient to get to of the subway. They hooked a patient up with this new Eleaf (Mini iStick). All I can say is this lil battery is tuff, discreet, easy to use and powerful. Now I am get all my cannabis hit the proper way

  • Reviewed 10/16/17

Dispensary Review:

Kinfolk Dispensary

New lifetime patient

I'm a new patient at MWC and i just had my first visit a few weeks ago. I was kinda scared at first but it turned out to be pretty amazing experience. I was greated by a wonderful receptionist that clamed me down. Then when i was called in the back. I received a well and formative orientation about the dispensary and what they offer. The guy went over flowers, oil, edibles, and other smoke equipment that they offer. He thoroughly explained the different ways cannabis can help me. He also explain what strains will be good for me and which ones that wont work for me. Everybody at the dispensary was very friendly. And it helps that is so conveniently close to the metro and to my house. I recommend this place to anybody that has a medicinal card and what to receive a homie/ friendly experience

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Kinfolk Dispensary
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