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Santa Cruz, California
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/29/13

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Cruz

This is how it's done

Dude. Bro. All dispensaries take note. This is how it's done ...

Easy parking and a clean modern waiting room made arrival and check-in at Herbal Cruz easy peasy. But this was nothing compared to the trade room which is flanked with sparkling glass cases holding flowers, concentrates, and an impressive selection of all sorts of accessories. They even have a display humidor with their pre rolls. The Herbal Cruz showroom is done right.

All their flowers are in glass jars on glass cases grouped by sativa, indica, and hybrid. You can freely pick up any jar and inspect the strain. Every strain is priced the same. I love this and shows you're really committed to top shelf buds.

I did ask for some suggestions, but it was pretty overwhelming to be honest. I think because everything has the same price that it's harder to narrow down a selection. At least for me it was with so many strains that I wanted to try.

Gotta give these guys 5-stars for having top shelf meds, running a professional and convenient operation, and offering flat rate pricing. Yup, yup. I recommend Herbal Cruz.

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