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  • Reviewed 8/16/14

Blissful Bliss

This Bliss bar is delicious. The flavor alone was uplifting. I have an average tolerance and I am familiar with the other Bliss products: Bliss edibles deliver lots of relief so enjoy carefully! The package contained 2 bars and each bar was 2 inches long. I sliced off a half inch from a refrigerated bar.

My muscles tend to be tight and sore. About 20 minutes later I began to feel the medicine. I felt relaxed and uplifted and my body felt pain free for several hours. A little taste of Bliss ironed my muscle kinks right out. and I had energy to be socially engaged.

  • Reviewed 3/22/14

Fast acting and lasting pain relief

I had chest surgery less than three weeks ago. Fortunately I have not been in constant pain. But when the pain kicks in my chest muscles feel like a pincushion of burning, itching pins and needles. On one of those particularly painful afternoons I picked up some ginger CBD-OOS.

Before the lozenge was totally dissolved, I noticed that the pain was decreasing and my positive mood was increasing. That was about 2:00pm. The pain was eventually 90% gone about an hour later. And I felt good for the rest of the afternoon and evening with just one lozenge.

I have an average tolerance for THC and I felt a tiny buzz start to happen early on but it was over fast.

  • Reviewed 11/11/13

Cherry AK Hash

Effective meds with good flavor.

This Cherry was on sale, so I gave it a try and made a tasty honey. I found this med to be very sneaky and I did not feel it coming on. In about an hour (I think :D ) I was in a pleasant mood and mentally clear. The med peaked in about 2-3 hours with a nice nap at th end. There was also a nice amount of muscle relaxation. A good combination of mmj effects overall. At the regular price this hash is priced too high to make my list of regular meds. I reccomend this hash if price is no object.

A hemisphere of relief!

My gf and I tried the orange and the raspberry, and the orange is the winning flavor for us. This truffle is solid chocolate (no creamy soft center) so it's easy to slice it into small doses. A 1/4 of a truffle is a great dose for my average tolerance. (My gf has a high tolerance and she needs atleast 2/3 of a truffle.) I did not have to wait an hour to feel the mmj, it makes itself known pretty soon unlike some other edibles. The truffle is double wrapped so you can remove the outer wrapper with the product label, enjoy the truffle discretely in public situations, and still have a wrapper if you need it. The price is okay, too,

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  • Reviewed 10/30/13

Trokie Confections Canna Crisp


a high quality edible

I recommend this edible. I hardly detected any green taste and the peanut butter flavor was not as strong as I expected. I ate 3/4 of the crisp and felt its effect in about an hour. I reached a physically relaxing and mentally enjoyable state. It was easy to socialize. The effects lasted for over 5 hours. The cookie tastes so good that I wanted to finish the whole thing. But I was out and I did not want to push that envelope yet.

  • Reviewed 10/6/13

The Truth Hash


Muscular pain relief

I asked the budtender for the hash with the most CBD. He said none of his hash is high CBD but The Truth would have the highest of the lot. I gave it a shot and voila!, The Truth gave me the pain relief I needed. I consumed this med as an edible, melted into honey. I ate about 1/2 tsp of honey for a muscle spasm. The spasm began to dissipate in less than an hour. The med peaked in 2 - 3 hours and it was effective for about 5 hours. My muscles felt very relaxed. I was glad to be at my destination when The Truth reached its peak. Like the bud it's made from, this hash gives pain relief with mental clarity. The price is not bad either.

  • Reviewed 10/2/13

Lamb's Bread Hash


a happy time

I was not a regular hash guy. But I am a regular edibles guy. I tried hash once before with a friend. I bought this particular hash because the Lamb's Bread mmj made my time stop. I wanted to get the most out of the hash so I cooked it into honey. I'm a regular tea drinker and sometimes I will add honey.

My hash melting recipe said 1 gram per cup of honey. The hash scent and flavor combine easily with honey. I used dark honey. After cooking, the honey aroma and flavor are more pronounced than the hash. The recipe said a STRONG dose is 1 tablespoon. My physical symptoms are mild so I took 1/2. In 20 minutes I started feeling the medicine. The effects grew for over 2 hours and then leveled out. I felt very medicated for about 5 hours, and I was very glad that I was at home. I napped for a couple hours. For me, this hash is a very cerebral, body melting (but active) and ticklish sativa experience. The hash is pricey but if you make it into an edible, you get more bang for your buck. I'm a happy hash guy now.

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  • Reviewed 6/9/13

Stroop Waffle


Make mine regular

I tried the regular strength cookie. It tastes so good I wanted to eat the whole thing at once. The cookie wrapper says 2 doses, so I just ate half because I have an average tolerance. I felt the medicine start after 45 minutes. At the 2 hour mark I felt medicated but still willing (and able) to perform regular tasks. But wait there was more! At 3-5 hours and beyond, I felt like I was getting hugged tightly from inside my body. Thankfully I was at home because I had to lay down. A couple days later I ate just a 1/4 of the cookie and had hours of medicated productive time without the need to lay down.

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  • Reviewed 5/28/13


I am a big fan of edibles and this caramel corn is so tasty I always want to eat more than I need. It is crispy and has a nice sweet/salty flavor balance.. According to the package, a serving size is one cup. I have an average tolerance, so I started with 9 pieces. With that amount I experienced a nice mental uplift in about an hour. This was followed by an energizing body sensation that allowed me to get busy with housework. The effects last for over 6 hours easily. If I'm going to be in public, I eat fewer pieces. Once I ate 17 pieces and I had to surrender to the couch monster. The next morning I still felt slightly medicated.

It's all good!

These bars are made with good chocolate and a little square goes a long way. I prefer dark chocolate but I have purchased the milk chocolate, too. This medicine is very kind to my back muscles (where I need it the most). The effect from half a square lasts several hours and you can still be active if you want.

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  • Reviewed 5/24/13

Great candy!

I bought the ginger flavored QU-OOBs. There are 4 light yellow candy squares and they break apart easily. When first unwrapped, the candy is like any other hard candy fresh out the wrapper. The aroma and taste is ginger with a nice bouquet of sativa. If you like ginger candy you are going to enjoy the ginger QU-OOB. It has the sweetness of ginger without the heat. I felt relaxation kick-in 70 minutes after I put the candy in my mouth. 4 hours after that I was still enjoying the sativa effects. For me the effect was comparable to 2 good hits of sativa lasting for over 4 hours. Your Mileage Will Vary. I had moderate muscle pain that was 99% suppressed for the first 2 hours of the 4. During the 5th hour I went to sleep like a happy baby.

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