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September 11 ,1976
Walnut Creek
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My RooR
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Coffee, Tea, Cannibas, Boats and much more!
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Game of Thrones
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Kaiser my Doberman and my son!
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Lemon hybrids and moderation in medication make it a reward not a need!
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Anger and pessimism
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Interestingly unique
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May 2013
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/9/13

Wizard's Smoke.....

Gandalph usually has exclusives on this but every once in awhile a certain Hobbit will sneak in to Harborside and drop off some of this sensational Herrrrrrbbbb.....mmmmm. Heavy but very psychedelic. I love it at night. Does not put me to sleep but a lucid dream rather.:)

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Best THC Beverage period.

I worked as tasting trainer for Pete's Coffee and I can't get enough of these. Taste incredible potent enough to do the job. caffeinated enough to get rid of headaches and break the fog. A must have in my fridge.:)

  • Reviewed 5/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Canna Culture Collective

Almost there:)

I was there when doors opened first time patient. Friendly staff and clean safe location. Well organized reception area. Lots of free info and bus networking. Upon entering the goody room I noticed again. Clean, we'll organized. Only one purchase area and not large but the staff manages flow of traffic well so you don't feel rushed. My bud tender Anthony was very likable and energetic young man. I immediately requested a ounce of their best flowers mixed to suit a full days needs. Anthony again really took his time to show me the product and make the best decision. My only criticism to him would be slow down and relax. They only gave me 10% off and I was new patient which is advertised.
My veterans discount is 10% but they would not combine them. In addition supposedly it was "Medible Wenesday " but since the gave me 10% off they said they couldn't give me the 25% discount they advertised. Which I didn't make a big deal but is against business law. Wrap it up with double taxation which equalled 50$ I ended up not saving really anything in my eyes. Good flower good location but seriously??? You should be trying to get people like me coming back for sure not be stingy and risk loosing a guy who walks in and spends almost 500 cash on flower? Just saying. Good place but I think I should have asked them to honor their advertised discounts regardless if they had a way to do it on the computer. I have to be able to justify the 100 more it is than HS....
Great flowers though I am impressed!

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Hi Kaiserdog76,
Thank you for the review and we apologize for overlooking your Medible Wednesday Discount. Unfortunately our discount's do not stack on the same items and all taxes are included in our prices, however, let us make it up to you by extending our 25% Edible discount and a free edible/preroll pack on your next visit. Hospitality is our biggest priority here at Canna Culture and we want to ensure that every patient has been treated with the up most care and respect. Let us make it right =)

Thank you again
The Canna Culture Team

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