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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 3/7/16

Calyx Ex. GG#4

Best priced shatter in town!

I absolutely have to thank North Star for keeping an affordable but potent shatter in stock most of the times I have been there I must say it's so hard to find quality and affordable wax these days especially when most of the clubs out there are selling it at extremely high prices. That's why North Star is one of the best clubs in northern Cali period and trust me I have visited a lot of clubs in California and let me tell you I have seen them sell the same exact strain of shatter at one of those so called top notch clubs for 40 a gram and I shit you not got to North Star and see the same wax dab for 20 a gram I mean come on you can't always win an argument with "see you get what you pay for" when they're selling the same exact product 100 percent identical for different prices that to me is a mind fuck and a half oh wait it's called your so called patient's club is just a mere Cash cow trying to suck you out of your last dollar and not care if you really are in serious pain that's what separates North Star from the rest of these lame ass clubs with the exception of a few here locally; they really care if you are in pain that's why the shatter is so low they want you to feel well and not be broke you feel me. Now back to this beautiful wax I got from North Star it was hella good it had me coughing and it was so smooth as I ripped a fat bowl from my g bong I had put a dime sized piece on top of my cherry pie flower loaded it in my g bong stem , put the flame to it and pulled my bong up to fill the bottle with a massive cloud of smoke cuz I'm a ultra Heavyweight smoker like 15 years+ smoking everyday the last 10 years has been mainly if not all Cannibis club THC tested buds and a gang of homegrown so I know my shit son and let me tell you junior this shit is deep I mean I held in a fat hit that would have knocked any regular smoker to the floor after I exhaled my eyes waterd up it felt good as I coughed up all that bullshit you get from cold weather after that extremely tasteful hit of wax I was in the zone floating. I was able to smoke on this gram all day and still got more for tomorrow I recommend this wax to anyone trying to save money and get high as fuck this is all you get that shit homie!

  • Reviewed 2/8/15

Jack Pot **SPECIAL**

Purchased: $18 Gram

It may be best, no lie

Omg let me start off by saying that I am not a sativa guy but man this strain was worth trying even for an indica guy like myself. When I first seen the high THC count I had to cross examine this unique flower upon doing so my eyes were treated to beautiful clusters of crystals that looked like mini diamonds sprinkled all over. The smell was a phenomenal aroma of a gasy citrusy somewhat sweet odor that just begs you to smoke it now. Once I got home i could not wait to inhale those precious flowers inside my lungs. I broke my whole gram down in my titanium metal grinder thus this unique flower was far to sticky and dense for these fingers to do the job. Now here comes the exciting part as for I am a gravity/ glass bong smoker (more gravity than anything) and in my G Bong (gravity bong) I can consume mass amounts of cannabis with shatter piled on top OMG when I took a fat gravity the smoked burned forever and produced big thick beautiful cluds of smoke that had me choking! all I can say is this bud is absolutely worth 18 a gram I never write reviews & this flower was so good I had to write one on it.

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