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  • Reviewed 5/20/19

Strawberry Diesel

Herbal Alternatives

Perfect hybrid mix

I struggle with anxiety but this strand allows me to not overthink when using it. Its a strand i can use during the day without feeling too intense. Highly recommend for newbies. It is strong enough to relieve pain, but wont make you sleepy.

  • Reviewed 5/17/19


Herbal Alternatives


The smell of this strand isn’t so pleasant but i would compare this strand to gorilla glue. It helps with back pain and soreness. Doesn’t knock you out so it can be something you can use through out the day, but also pretty powerful so i wouldn’t use too much of it.

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GG #4

Herbal Alternatives


If you’re looking for an instant psychoactive effect, this is your go-to. I tried this strand to help relieve soreness from my back at the end of a long day and it was instant relieve. I do advise to only use this at night because it will leave you couch ridden. I had a stiff neck and this helped me out a lot.

  • Reviewed 5/8/19

Blue Cheese

Herbal Alternatives

Perfect for night time treatment

This strain has a very high THC % so please be aware. I recommend it for an evening does. This helped me sleep the entire night without waking up once! It helps with my back pain. Instant effect after furst hit.

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Green Love Potion

Herbal Alternatives

Subtle, but gets job done.

I’m extremely satisfied with this strain. It is perfect for daytime remedy without feeling fatigue or groggyness. I picked this strain because I get anxiety and needed something that wouldn’t make me too tired or add to my anxiety. Definitely recommend for new smokers who aren’t used to stronger psychoactive effects.