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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 4/7/18

Dispensary Review:


Beautiful dispensary, great staff, fantastic products!

I was really stunned when I entered the dispensary....beautiful and warm...and the staff were incredibly warm, friendly and helpful. Great products, and I was helped in my choicea by the knowledgeable staff. Definitely will be my go-to dispensary.

Blue Dream


Excellent daytime medicine

Great sativa leaning hybrid....uplifting feelings with good bursts of energy and creativity. Helpful for my back pain, headaches, as well as anxiety. Relieved to find it didn't trigger the munchies for me. One of my favorite hybrids of all time. Good taste and aroma (combo of pine/blueberry-ish)...altogether enjoyable. Liked the onset which was fairly mellow...overall, excellent strain.

Cannatonic CBD Oil 30ml Bottle


My daily supplement

I've learned that taking CBD oil every day has a profound effect on my well-being. Knowing that this is CBD oil is from whole plant, CBD dominant cannabis, and NOT HEMP makes all the difference. You have to introduce this slowly into your body...gradually using a drop or two more each day until you start to feel better. The improvement is subtle....but you notice it in a reduction in anxiety, and in overall aches and pains (I have scoliosis, arthritis, and carpal tunnel). And you notice it particularly when you stop taking it...several days later I notice aches and pains that I had forgotten about...because when I take the CBD oil...they're greatly reduced or gone. This should be used as a daily supplement-rather than just used whenever needed. Also...using it with small (or larger) amounts of THC helps it work even better.

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Grand Daddy Purple


A great night's rest

GDP is a wonderful flower for a restful night's sleep. Helpful with pain, headaches, anxiety.....and perfect for insomnia. A few hits and I'm mellow and relaxed...........a few more, and I'm asleep for the night.

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Discreet, easy to use for a great night's sleep

The lavender/vanilla smell and the flavoring really helps with the alcohol taste. I use it under my tongue so it works quickly and a few drops are great to relieve anxiety....and a few more are great for my insomnia. I keep it on my night table-if I wake up in the middle of the night, I just use a few drops and I'm back to sleep soon...and without a hangover in the morning. It's discreet, easy to use without any hassle of lighting up.

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  • Reviewed 8/9/17

Oil Cartridge: CBD Therapy

CBD at its best

Easy and excellent method of ingestion for CBD...relaxing but without psychoactivity; relief from nerve pain. I needed just a few inhalations to feel much better. Will definitely be adding this to my daily routine.

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  • Reviewed 5/19/17

Tincture: Kushzilla


My new favorite-great combination!

The combination of old favorites Shackzilla and Knock Out Kush is a wonderful one. Great balanced hybrid....relaxes but doesn't sedate. Helps with anxiety and arthritis pain at the same time. Helps get me through the day!

  • Reviewed 7/1/16

Liberty Mud


I really enjoy using the Liberty Mud. It's a light mud and not messy at all. I followed the directions and rinsed it off after 10 minutes. My skin felt and looked wonderful-refreshed and less irritated. My rosacea seemed less bright. I've been trying many of the items in this line and enjoy them all!

Liberty Cream

Very effective!

I've been using the cream almost daily for relief of arthritis in my hands and feet. The pain relief is quick and lasts for quite a while. The cream is moisturizing and pleasant to use. The fragrance is mild. I highly recommend it.

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Liberty Shampoo & Body Wash

Love it!

I don't use this on my hair as it is processed, but I really like using it on my body. It has a great fragrance, helps with eczema and other skin irritations and is invigorating. I definitely recommend it!

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The very best!

Jackson's Courage has truly made a difference in my life. Whenever I run out, I notice increased aches and pains within a day or two. It helps reduce my anxiety, and helps significantly with my osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I use about 1/2 dropper every day. I now make sure I never run out!

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Tincture: Merry 'n Berry

Love the name...and the effect!

I love tinctures, but particularly this one. It's particularly effective for anxiety and insomnia. Just a few drops under my tongue and that panicky feeling is gone. It's also great to use before I go to sleep or if I wake up in the middle of the night and my anxiety flares. I can take a few drops and fall asleep quickly...with no hangover in the morning. The very best!

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