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Juan Gonzalez

San Jose
San Jose
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climbing mount everest
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fun loving
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Sep 2017
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  • Reviewed 9/15/17

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Airfield Supply Company

BEST collective in Bay Area!

This collective is better than all the other collectives in the area for many reasons. They have been around almost 10 years and have suppliers that are consistent in quality. The genetics and quality of their flowers and concentrates exceeds any other dispensary in San Jose and at the best prices. Many of the other dispensaries advertise discounts, but at the end of the day their prices are already higher so you aren't really saving. Airfield has lower prices than the majority of permitted places. They also have an enormous selection of products. If I'm looking for something heavy, they have it, if I'm looking for something light, they have it. Whatever I am looking for THEY HAVE IT! They are consistently providing a great product for almost a decade. I also find them less obnoxious than some other collectives who try real hard to get customers through the door and then their products don't meet the standards.

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Airfield Supply Company
1190 Coleman Ave. San Jose,