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  • Reviewed 3/3/17

Fruity Pebbles OG Small Buds

OG City

I'm surrounded by OG in my City, and Fruity Pebbles OG is 10 out 10

Great OG flavor Nice and heavy hybrid
Im more in love with the flavor than the high but the high is very sedative
I'm really appreciate living in OG city

Thank Y'all the best in da City

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  • Reviewed 4/16/16


Herbal Alternatives

$$Haze 4 Daze ;]

If i don't talk about why this by far the best haze strain i've ever had in my life!!!
the "money is flows like the flower is grows"

the perfect balance of the level of this sativa is amazing

great for anytime believe me!!!

please do add to your get to do list

trust me !!!

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  • Reviewed 4/6/16

Berry White

My All-Time Favorite New Strain!!!

Berry White
I can't get enough of your love Baby !!!

the smell, look, and taste made this flower my all-time favorite strain.
Day/night I will use this strain.
I would mix this strain, but its to good of a strain a one hit or bong is fine.

I'm in love with berry with so much

  • Reviewed 4/3/16

Original Cheese

great strain

i love this strain....
i only think of blue cheese when I'm dealing with flower, but it is a great strain.
it kinda made me hungry
i became little sleepy so i will probably save the rest of this strain right before dinner.
blue cheese is a much stronger taste, but original cheese is the same in feeling but that is just my opinion....

  • Reviewed 4/1/16

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Alternatives

My Extended Family

we need more families that are in need... and what better place to go to besides Herbal Alternatives.
I'm welcoming u to join our family

A+++ on the flowers!!!
A++ for the staff!!!

I happy with my dispensary
So Join the Family



Thank you for the love and for joining your new family, Herbal Alternatives. We hope to keep providing you with the best quality medicine available and the best service possible!

Thanks again and Stay Well!

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