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  • Reviewed 8/29/11

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Great Place :D

This is my first year as a patient, and Medithrive was the first dispensary I ever went to. The minute you walk in someone opens the door for you with a smile and gets you ready to sign in. Everyone is really really friendly, and they have a lot of benefits!

It's a little expensive but all there eighths are 4 g not 3.5 g so you get .5 g more than you would if you went to any other club. Also, they have this amazing stamp card so that when you have 10 stamps (spend $15 or more to get a stamp I believe) than you get a free gram! Also, if you are a smart phone user, download the medithrive app and get discounts and free stuff daily!

All in all I will say Medithrive is a great place to get your moneys worth for quality medication. I highly recommend it!