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Denver, CO
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vital organs
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19th-century German Philosophy... no, I'm great at parties, really!
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Sasha Grey, good White Widow
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Country Music... it makes me want to wear boots (with spurs)
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Mar 2011
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 3/18/11

Dispensary Review:

The Health Center

Going Back Some Day...

Current number of strains: 9 (with a handful of new ones on the way). I will admit that I have a pretty high tolerance given the amount of medicine testing I do, but when you ingest an entire bottle of tincture over the course of a single day and NOTHING substantial HAPPENS, you will probably be as pissed as I was after my last visit. In their defense, I have never brought this to their attention, and they are friendly Coloradans, so I'm sure they would have hooked me up somehow for the bunk bottle if I was SO angry. They work with Full Spectrum to test their meds; their clone room and their clones were among the nicest I've seen. For a sativa, the last batch of Durban Poison from THC was straight fire; if it's in stock and it smells good, cop some (dating myself there...). For an indica, their UK Cheese has recently tested well. Last year, one of my top 3 buds in Denver was from this shop: Afghani Diesel... this shop is more like a 3.75 stars, as opposed to 3. Lastly, they are breeding their own strains, more specifically, their own crosses, so this is a place to get unique strains that you will not find in other shops - that alone is enough to make me agreeable to revisit to see what kind of little green monsters they've created.

  • Reviewed 3/18/11

Dispensary Review:

Cannabis 4 Health

Cash Only / Bad Location / Low-Quality Bud.. but nice people

Number of strains at the moment: don't know, as they don't have an online menu or presence at all; I haven't been there in about 4 months, but they had 30 or so strains to choose from; maybe all the things wrong with this place have been fixed and I'm just crazy for thinking that my Maple Leaf Indica had more seeds than my most recent ejaculate. In no particular order, I give you: 1) horrible-looking buds that look like they are older than dirt; 2) they don't take credit cards (point of information: in college, my enterprising roommate used to accept personal checks as payment for eighths); 3) their location is not cool if you're driving a motor vehicle, so get your biker shorts out and pedal your silly ass down there... all that being said, the woman I dealt with was friendly. Going back: never. Too many pro's in the MMJ Game to be messing with this spot... prices are real low, and while this is always nice, it should raise a red-flag in your head. I'm a fan of quality over quantity.

  • Reviewed 3/18/11

One of the first places I went once my card came...

... and it's one of the last places that will be standing when it's all said and done. Current number of strains: 17. A neat and clean atmosphere coupled with a diverse selection of classic strains and newer hybrids. All of their strains are soil-grown, 100% organic. Some nice looking clones for sale; and since they're connected by their address with an edibles company, the smell around the shop is often mouth-watering... and if you're lucky, on occasion, you might be able to sample some new treats the chefs next door have cooked up. If you're looking for a good indica, I suggest their Bubblegum; for a sativa, go with the Chocolope. Have only had one bad experience in somewhere between 20-30 visits over the last two years. Dave and his staff will treat you with class. If I could change one thing about the shop, it would be the price of edibles - other than that, it is worth a visit to this shop.

  • Reviewed 3/18/11

Dispensary Review:

Verde Wellness Center

Verde on Colfax

Number of strains currently: 10 / price breaks on eighths and quarters; the decor in the bud lounge reminds me of a place I visited while in Holland a few years back... turns out the owner is a multiple-time Cannabis Cup winner - the proof's in their Jack Herer. I have a huge nug of it encased in glass - don't think I can ever smoke it due to it's sheer beauty. Chuck rocks the house like DJ Jazzy Jeff. Subscribed to their newsletter and now I get info about upcoming stuff at the shop; their menu of edibles has grown substantially since my last visit. There are only 2 spots on the 'Fax worth checking out IMO, and the other one isn't listed in StickyGuide for some reason. Have yet to find a seed in any of my purchases here. Top 10% of Denver MMC's for sure... and maybe it's not a matter of them not having enough strains (as they are all very nice) as much as I've just been overwhelmed by shops with 50+ strains (not all so very nice).

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