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  • Reviewed 12/1/12

The Wall-Mart of Medicine

I was standing in line to get medicine when they said it would be about 30 minutes. I took out my phone to yelp and they told me to put it away. Nowhere near top quality bud for expensive prices. How can they charge so much for low grade when most places have high grade due to harvest for cheap? They seriously need to rethink their waiting strategy and the policy about no phones needs to be revisited. If someone is yelping or playing a video game that isn't bothering anyone, how does that cause problems? If you're forcing patients to wait, you need to give them something to do.

There are far better, less crowded, and higher quality shops around. In this economy, they can't afford to be this lame - or maybe they can with all the sheeple standing in line there. In the 30 minutes I would have waited had I stayed there, I drove to a better shop with nicer people and got myself my medicine.

Also, if you are looking for the highest quality bud in the bay, try Buddy's, in San Jose. They only stock "epic" grade and nothing else. After getting spoiled by the quality, appearance and smell of the medicine at Buddy's, Harborside was nothing but a letdown. You could hardly smell their 'best' stuff and it was dry and crumbly looking, not the kind of thing I'd want for that much money.

This was my first time and I walked out without buying anything. I will seriously need to be convinced to come back here. Maybe it was a bad day and they'll have better bud next time, but I can't be so sure there will be a next time with better bud and better customer service elsewhere.

Oh, I wrote this at Buddy's, where they don't care if you take out their phone and write a review of the place.