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  • Reviewed 8/15/17

Mr Nice Guy

H St. Cheddar

This was a nice surprise! I went into H St. Cheddar expecting the usual Cheese body high only to discover some nice psychotropic effects. Good for deep body/joint pain. Sweet but cheesy taste.

Good for day or evening use.

  • Reviewed 8/10/17

Sunflower Blue

Anti-inflammation Medicine

SB is a nice, high CBD strain that is useful for dealing with inflammation. This strain is very similar to Blue Dream but lacks the body buzz and euphoria. This was useful for dealing with the effects of optical neuresis. Good for daytime use.

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Valley Girl

Sativa Dominant

Though there’s "blueberry" in its name, BH is more strongly a sativa than the indica-leaning anti-inflammatory medicine that you might have been hoping for.

Blueberry Haze is a dependable sativa, good for daytime use as its psychoactivity is low. BH is useful for pain but don’t expect the full-on anesthetic effects of a Master Kush or Sour Diesel as you consume it.

Also, don’t expect the easygoing euphoria you’d expect from Blue Dream. BH is more like a generic OG strain without many frills. This alleviated some body ache and pain but Pineapple Skunk or a cheese variety (Original Cheese, Blue Cheese, etc.) would have been a better choice.

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  • Reviewed 7/18/17

Berry White

Berry White

BW is a strong indica-leaning hybrid – a easy smoking cross between White Widow and Classic Blueberry. It’s good for day and evening use and offers a mild psychoactive effect.The WW genetics are helpful if you are trying to manage neuropathy.

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Pincher's Creek

AKA “Space Queen”

Pincher's Creek is good medicine – its Romulan (indica) and Cinderella 99 (sativa) genetics make for a fast-hitting pain reliever. It’s a fruity smoke that just about tilts Leafly’s index of happy, uplifting and euphoric strains. Good for daytime use.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 7/18/17 at 9:08 AM Pacific

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel. I was looking for an indica and Norelco recommended this. I’m a big fan of Sour Diesel’s aromatic pain-killing properties and it smelled great, so I gave it a shot.

YMMV, but GDP has never had the heavy indica effects that I was after. I prefer Master Kush, Blue Cheese and Bubba Kush for pain. OTOH, GDP is a good medicine if you’re having problems with neuropathy (lack of sensation) in your arms and legs.

  • Reviewed 2/28/17

Bubba Kush


Bubba Kush is always good.

BK is one of the best indices available. It hits hard and strong as an immediate stress reliever.

Good for pain, anxiety and stress.

Good by itself or mixed with a heady sativa like Black River or Goji. BK is stronger than Girl Scout Cookies yet lighter than Master Kush. Mildly psychotropic.

  • Reviewed 2/11/17

Fruity Thai

Fruity Thai

Fruity Thai is a great indica that typically smokes the same way that it smells.

A good medicinal strain, it's useful for dealing with a variety of neurological symptoms from fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, migraines and loss of appetite.

Good for day or evening use. Not too psychoactive but it does give you a mild euphoria.

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Ed Rosenthal Super Bud

Thank You, Mr. Rosenthal!

Ed Rosenthal, like Sour Diesel #4 is one of those “aroma-therapy” sativas that give you a substantial body high.

This easy-smoking strain works its way into those corners of your body that are tightly-wound and irons-out your anxieties. You can tell that Mr. Rosenthal cultivated this plant for medicinal use.

The euphoria is mild but not too psychoactive.

  • Reviewed 2/4/17

Lemon Skunk

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Lemon Skunk is a relaxing, anti-inflammatory strain with a 60/40 THC-CBD combination that will soothe your nerves and leave you relaxed, relatively clear-headed and upbeat.

MWDC rarely has it in stock, so if you see it on the board, do yourself a favor and buy an eighth.

You can thank me later.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 7/18/17 at 8:22 AM Pacific

Black River

“A Quintessential Sativa”

Black River is in the dictionary. It is the very definition of a strong sativa.

If you are down, it will pick you up, grease your skids and get you working. 

It’s a very clean smoke with vague, lemony citrus notes.

Good for morning or evening use.

Good in combination with Grandpa Abe.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 2/4/17 at 6:13 AM Pacific

Grandpa Abe

Named after Abe Setrakian*?

Despite the fact that Grandpa Abe is a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Knock-Out Kush, it delivers a powerful headband-like somatic effect on the first puff.

Similar to the Headbands, smoking GA produces a sensation of slight pressure, but with GA, the pressure extends from your head down to your ankles.

The body high that GA produces is thoroughly anesthetic. I’d recommend it for anyone suffering from general aches and pains and mild neuropathy.

Given that it's a heavyweight indica, it is better for evening use.

*I suspect that the name of this strain may be tied to the Guillermo Del Toro vampire series, "The Strain" on FX. One of the protagonists on the show is named Prof. Abraham Setrakian. He is old and the show is trippy.

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Skywalker Kush

An interesting Inversion

Instead of a fast-hitting euphoria, of Skywalker O.G., Skywalker Kush delivers an intense body high.

Unlike the fast-hitting Skywalker OG takes a few minutes to accumulate in your system, but when it rolls out it produces a therapeutic body-high. 

Good for evening use.

Good for 4-6 hours.

Sour Diesel #4

It'll Fix What Ails You

Despite being a sativa, Sour Diesel #4 has some deeply-satisfying indica-like effectThe very scent of Sour Diesel penetrates all the dusty corners of your nervous system delivering its subtle comfort.

Mildly psychotropic, it offers up a gentle euphoria but not enough to result in total couch-lock.

Good for evening use.

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Shake: L.A. Chocolat

LA Chocolat Trim/Shake

Depending on the crop you get, this Trim/Shake is going to lean in a Fruity Thai direction or a Chocolate direction. In either case, you can look forward to a profound, anesthetic body-high.

Better for evening use, combined with some potent indica flower (eg. Master Kush, Fruity Thai, Grandpa Abe, etc.).

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 2/4/17 at 8:31 AM Pacific

Midnight Skunk

Midnight Skunk

Is a cross between Pineapple Skunk and the Original Cheese, which should make for a thorough indica.

I found it just a little fruity but it is an effective indica, suitably for managing all-over body ache and neuropathy.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 2/4/17 at 8:59 AM Pacific

Goji O.G.

“It’s still better than coffee”

That’s right, there's neither caffeine nor nicotine in it but Goji O.G. is more stimulating than any coffee and cigarette routines you might have once honored! After tasting its clean citrus notes, you’ll be uplifted, alert and ready for whatever challenges come your way. Goji has the odd dichotomy of leaving you clear-headed, energetic and free of anxiety.

Recommended to patients dealing with depression and inflammation.

Recommended for both day and evening use.

  • Reviewed 1/28/17

Rosin: Goji O.G.

Goji is the best

Goji O.G. has a nice honeydew aroma with bergamot notes. Goji OG leaves you both clear-headed and uplifted.. Goji lists your spirits and smells great.

Good for body-ache and inflammation, too! Good as a mixer with just about any other strain, though I'd recommend an indica.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 1/28/17 at 1:27 PM Pacific

Blue Dream Flowers & Kief

The Other O.G.

I've always regarded Blue Dream as one of the best strains Metropolitan wellness has to offer. It's soothing indica relaxes what aches you and reduces inflammation.

Highly recommended if you are having vision problems of any kind.

  • Reviewed 1/27/17

L.A. Chocolat #9

Smells Like a Fruitier Fruity Thai

Though the name of this strain sounds like an expensive Starbucks beverage, LA Chocolat reminds me of Fruity Thai with its tropical aroma and slight chocolate notes.

 Where it differs is its powerful indica effects which will make you forget about that chronic backache that you've been enduring.

Good for general pain and body-ache.

  • Reviewed 1/20/17

Blue O.G.

Blue O.G.

Imagine a strain with the anesthetic qualities of Blueberry Headband and the soothing qualities of Blue Dream: there you have the gist of Blue O.G.

 ike Blue Dream though, it is good for battling iflammation.

Unlike other OGs (Skywalker and Goji) it’s not a euphoric strain, rather a straight-ahead strain that leaves you mellow but relatively clear-headed and functional.

  • Reviewed 11/8/16

Noshaq Kush

Herbal Alternatives

NoShaq Kush

NK is a powerful indica if you are looking for a medicine that will help you get to sleep an help manage body aches. It's genetics make it a sibling to Hindu Kush. It smokes nicely with slight Bergamot (Earl Grey tea) notes. Better for evening use.

  • Reviewed 11/8/16

Limonene Dream

Limonene Dream

LD is good by itself but better mixed with a substantive indica like Grapefruit Krush.

As you might expect by the name, this strain is full of citrus notes and can be counted on to deliver uplifting psychoactive results.

  • Reviewed 11/5/16

Grapefruit Kush #4


GK is my new got-to at MW.

GK is sweet with lots of nice citrus notes. Good for body aches, with uplifting psychotropic effects. It is similar to Star51 but with a stronger indica effect.

Especially good if you are on a budget!

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Royal Medic

Royal Medic

RM was recommended to me for its high THC and CDB quotients. While it was good for some body-ache, I really missed the psychotropic effects that I depend upon to distract me from physical discomfort.

I’d recommend this as a minimally psychotropic strain but the bodily effects aren’t as strong as what you’d get with a strong sativa like Goji OG or Trainwreck.

YMMV, but i’d reach for a potent sativa, indica or hybrid before I’d buy another gram of RM.

  • Reviewed 8/23/16

Critical Kush

Apparently this strain is big in Spain

If that’s so, it has nothing to do with the flavor – there's nothing Occidental about it. Rather, it's got a whiff of Bergamot, like a cup of Earl Grey tea. Good for a body high and pain relief but it the effects lean toward couch-lock. Good with Blue Cheese trim. Not too psychoactive.

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Trim/Shake: Blue Cheese

Very Nice

MW's Blue Cheese trim is sometimes all you need. It does't carry the full head that the flowers do, but it frequently comes close. Good for mixing with sativas or citrus-flavored strains.

Good with Goji OG, Orange Sunshine and Lemon Drizzle.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 8/23/16 at 12:57 PM Pacific

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier is always a good destination if you're looking for an indica-leaning hybrid. Like all other members of the Blueberry strain family, it is a fast-acting strain reliever, good for both day and evening use.

Recommended by itself or mixed with one of MW's inexpensive skunks.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 8/23/16 at 1:12 PM Pacific

Pineapple Skunk

Pineapple Skunk - A dependable flower

The other inexpensive skunk that MW has to offer doesn’t give you the body-high you’d get with Grapefruit or any relative in the OG Kush family, but it is a nice indica to start with. Slightly sweet and highly aromatic, it mixes nicely with Goji and any other citrus-oriented strain including Star 51 and Critical Mass.

Not to be confused with Pineapple Express.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 1/28/17 at 12:00 PM Pacific

  • Reviewed 3/22/16

Blue Cheese

If it's mission critical, choose Blue Cheese!

Blue Cheese is a go-to strain if you're facing an enormous task. BC is energizing and helps you focus on the task at hand, whether it's chasing a bus or painting a room.

BC may be an indica but it's also got some of the antidepressive attributes of Goji OG or Kasimu and the Cowboy. A good strain for both mental and physical activity.

Creamsicle Skunk

Creamsicle Skunk

Creamsicle Skunk is similar to Fruity Thai in taste but with a bottom common to most CBD strains.

Good for body aches but may give you couch-lock. Keeps you relatively clear-headed.

It would go well with Berry-O or Sour Diesel #4.

EDIT. 09/02/96: DS is an easy smoking strain with nice notes of citrus. I was searching for a combination that might help out with some MS-related inflammation that I was dealing with. Mixed with Bubba Kush it hit the spot.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 2/7/17 at 7:43 AM Pacific

  • Reviewed 8/26/15

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud

Ed Rosenthal SB is a very nice antidepressant strain. It is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that is uplifting, similar to Kasimu & The Cowboy. This is a strain that will get you out of your rut and ease your spirits, if not a dose of inspiration. Highly recommended.

The Purps

The Purps

There are at least 2 strains of The Purps and I chose the strain with more THC. This was very good for winding down in the evening and getting some rest. As the color suggests, The Purps tend to be a heavy-indica, good for eliminating body aches and helping you get to sleep.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream

I've been visiting Metropolitan Wellness on Capitol Hill for a little over a year now and Blue Dream is always a good hybrid to pick up if they have it in stock. It is typically very soothing, without putting you to sleep. Good for pain and vision problems.

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier

Buffalo Soldier is a heavy indica that will iron out just about any anxiety or body ache that you might have, though you may want to mix it with a sativa (e.g. Sour Diesel, Lemon OG or Skywalker) to clear your head. Highly recommended.

Kasimu & The Cowboy

Kasimu & The Cowboy

Kasimu & The Cowboy is a very effective antidepressant strain. Like Ed Rosenthal Superbud, it turns things around within about 15 minutes of medication. Highly recommended if you are fighting depression. It seems to be YA strain special to District Growers because there doesn't seem to be much literature on it.

  • Reviewed 8/25/15

Dispensary Review:

Metropolitan Wellness Center

Excellent service!

Metropolitan Wellness is a very professional dispensary and the employees are all courteous, friendly and well-informed.

If you're looking for a dispensary close to Metro and easily accessible from downtown DC, it can't be beat.

MW's only shortcoming is that they are sometimes short of product and a variety of strains, but that will soon be addressed by the City's decision to allow growers to increase their yield.

Light of Jah

Star 51

Star 51 is one of District Growers' custom strains (along with Marion Berry, Magnificent Intentions and Big Medusa) and it's got nice citrus notes and the hybrid indica notes of Blue Dream, another DG favorite.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 8/25/15 at 4:43 PM Pacific

High Lyrical Content

High Lyrical Content

High Lyrical Content is a spectacular, rich hybrid with bergamot notes. It delivers a nice, clear headed buzz. Good for vision, relieves body ache. A definite go-to strains if it is available when you visit the dispensary.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel #4

Sour Diesel is a very nice sativa that has a slight citrus notes and gives your body a slightly anesthetic buzz. Yes, it's a sativa but it keeps you clear-headed. I've seen multiple strains at Metropolitan Wellness, but SD is a good strain to use if you want to soothe body-ache and remain clear-headed.

Last edited by Herbert Jones on 8/26/15 at 1:34 AM Pacific

  • Reviewed 8/25/15

Berry O


Berry O is a middle-weight Indica that will relieve body-aches and help you sleep if you choose to medicate with it that way. It will make you a little foggy-headed, so it's probably best for evening use or mixed with a citrus-noted strain (Star 51, Lemon Skunk) if you want to remain active.

Acapulco Gold (Trim)

S.A.G.E. is okay...

S.A.G.E. (hereafter SAGE) is great used as a base or filler when medicating a more potent strain. SAGE is psychotropically neutral, so its arguably safe to use if you need to keep your head on your shoulders in the middle of a busy workday. Some batches tend to be more aromatic than others. Regard SAGE as a medicinal strain that can be used to stretch either your Indicas or Sativas since it's typically a less expensive 50/50 strain.

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