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  • Reviewed 7/11/18

Dispensary Review:

Magnolia Wellness

Managment playing games with 'specials'

Since 2018 started everyone suffers with the outrageous 29% tax on whats already an expensive medicine. So,its at least some comfort to see Magnolia offering some discount on Monday,they give 20% to seniors. But Monday came, and I noticed they didn't offer ANY grams for sale on the menu. why is that? Then true to fakery form, Tuesday comes, and we see grams on the menu, so it looks like management decided to withhold grams on Monday, so seniors like me could'nt save a few dollars. Very cheap Magnolia. Your owners make a fortune in the business, and you play games with the customers. not nice.

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  • Reviewed 2/14/16

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

After a year of trying different dispensaries.....

I have to admit...CRAFT is better than the others. Its not hype, its not phony reviews youre reading. Ive tried many strains from several dispensaries and delivery .What I got from the others was inconsistency. What I get from Craft Collective has been very good to great quality every time. With subtle differences sometimes between indoor and outdoor,its all still very good. For a THC weakling like myself, some of these 26+ % THC strains are a bit too 'strong' for my delicate brain...but I temper it by mixing with the CBD OG .
Speaking of the CBD OG, as a high CBD strain it has proven to be a much better quality than the CBD offerings from other dispensaries. I just threw away some old tincture strains from other dispensaries,finally admitting the quality just wasnt that good. I bought cheap stuff,thinking I was getting a good deal. Its not a good deal,when you compare against the quality of Craft.and now it appears Craft has some sungrown offerings that are very reasonably priced.
After seeing how good Craft's top shelf medicine has been, I'm more than willing to try out their sun grown varieties...and on Sunday,theyre on sale. What could be better.
Have you ever tried to save a buck by buying the cheap stuff from other dispensaries? and how often were you disappointed? For me...about half the time. I'm finally done with that now. From now on, theres no place else I need to go but Craft. and Its a nice feeling to know that the quality will be there.

  • Reviewed 2/6/16

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Sour Scout strain review

From Craft/I.C.collective...this strain called Sour Scout,tested at 28% THC,I'm feeling that strength now, after 15 minutes.(one moderate toke)
One of my favorite strains is Sour Diesel. I love the sharp clear mind it gives.
So I'm interested in strains that have 'Sour' in their genetics. I'm looking for the perfect Sour Diesel.Thats my holy grail.

First impressions of this strain, a Combination of Girl scout cookies x Chemdawg X 7/8 Sour(a complex Sour Diesel hybrid) kicked in quickly with the onset of a fuzzy head starting up,(not a sharp clear Diesel mind) It showed itself from there as a strong head stone, and then body stone...which might be great for some, but I never cared for this kind of Head stone,and body stone, it reminds me of why I never liked the 'pot high' back in high school in the 70's...for one thing we all smoked a whole joint ,which I understand now is just way too much medicine dose. Its like drinking a whole bottle of wine. too f&ked up.

Stop after 1 single toke on this strain, just to see how strong it is.
The funny feeling for me, is that while as a hybrid - its doing what its designed to do, be a combination of the body stone Indica and the heady high mental force of the Sativa. and this strong strain is doing just that... but that for me translates into an obsessive/hyper aware feeling of every ache and bodily stress, (I'm 60 years old...and thats not what I want to feel for fun...) Its like that semi panicky feeling of hearing your racing heart kind of thing.

This is a nice high now, after 40 minutes. settled down now , I can type words easier, and I'm sure I wont have a heart attack now... so I'm ok. This must be considered a strong strain at 28 % THC. If you like a strong high ,get this one. and if you like the combination of a strong Head stone (wherever thats gonna take you...) AND a strong body stone...this is a good strain.
I might say its not for beginners.
and I wonder if the genetic background of this interesting strain might explain the idea that this strain's genetic history produces a "Complex" high. I'm not an expert about cannabis smoke,I prefer I cant compare the effects of one smoke to another. Its not all about bubblegum and blueberry chocolate flavors for me. Although as a tincture maker I do care about the Terpenoids medicinal value.
The genetic history behind this strain,is like the hall of fame of Cannabis strains. You'd have to go look at the genetic tree. A cross between Chemscout and 7/8 Sour ,that genetic tree lists Girl scout cookies,Chemdawg,Sour Diesel,Jack Herer,Northern lights, Haze, Shiva skunk, get the picture. and I suspect when you put all that genetics into one strain you just smoked the entire history of cannabis cultivation. Its a strong high. After 1 whole hour, the high has peaked and now the come down has been nice and easy, the body and head stone is lightening...and this nice feeling right now, is exactly what I would like the whole high to be. I just want to cruise along nice in 2nd gear with the top down. It was too strong and stoney for the first hour. ...on 1 single toke.
So it may not be best for beginners.
The buds were sticky ,with resin glue on the grinder gears.

Once again ,Craft,and the offering from IC Collective,makes a quality medicine.

But as I analyze whats developing in the Cannabis culture now with strains being bred like wild fire...youre seeing growers experiment with every combination they can think of. I am finding some work well together, and some dont. This combo ,of Chem dawg x GSC and 7/8 Sour, doesnt work for me personally because it gives a strong body stone alongside a strong head stone, its not a fun high for me. I like the clear sharp mind that Sour Diesel gives. but even though this Sour Scout has alot of Diesel genetics...the combination in this mix doesnt seem to produce any of that sharp clear Sour Diesel mind. This was a hazy,stoney very introspective mind. and after 15 minutes I was ready for it to be over. So that Sour Diesel aspect fails in this mix. If you like Sour Diesel, and that clear sharp mind, you might not like this Sour Scout.
Maybe you could say this one is like a Girl scout Cookies turbo charged with a hazy Sour Diesel jet fuel. Strong Head and Body Stone.
Get it if you like Girl scout cookies but want it to be stronger, and enjoy a head stone to go with the body stone.. but Sour Diesel fans....I dunno.

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  • Reviewed 1/2/16

GSC....from IC Collective

So its a Girl Scout Cookie. Ive tried a few from other places. Maybe Girl Scout Cookies just isnt the holy grail strain for me. I dunno. I bought an eight of Skywalker OG from Craft, and a 1 gram free sample of this GSC, which I agreed to review for Craft.
Maybe I'll start by comparing the two strains . The Skywalker OG in the jar smelled stronger and of course had that OG smell,the GSC didnt have. The Skywalker was alot stickier and moister. The GSC by comparison was a bit dry feeling, not very sticky at all, and crumbled easier like a drier bud.
Does that make the GSC less quality. I dont know. The smell of GSC was mild at best, it was dry and not sticky. The bud I got didnt look nearly as colorful as the photo, but maybe thats the camera lighting close up. I dunno. I can only say, comparing side by side, with SkywalkerOG, IF moisture,stickiness, and stronger scent are clues to quality then the Skywalker was superior in those ways. This GSC gram looked similar enough to the pic, one gram is not very much but a sample.
This is a nice feeling sedative effect from GSC. Reaching a peak after 45 minutes or so. Still functional, my sucky typing doesnt suck worse. Whats the difference between the Indica sedation of GSCookies, versus a Royal Kush or a SFV OG Kush, or an Ingrid, or a million others. We're all looking to find the holy grail for what feels the best. After all the Super Hype about Girl Scout Cookies in the past few years, theres this odd feeling to try it, only to find there are a few other strains that you just like better.... thats what Hype does to the game.
I beleve we all have the 'just right strain' that suits our unique endo cannabinoid system, with the right fit,and feeling.
My preference in consuming cannabis is via tincture, I made a professional quality tincture of this GSC... which included the necessary decarboxilation (baking in the oven ) , and mixing into everclear, some raw cannabis along with the baked, so that some terpenoids and THC-A are included in the finished tincture. It becomes a full spectrum tincture. Shaken for 7 days ,now trying it for the first time.
A normal dose of 15 drops, started to take effect after a few minutes. and it feels ok,like a moderate sedative Indica. Its not blowing me away with any special sensation that makes it stand out . I have made high quality tincture with SFV OG Kush and that strain produces in tincture, like the smoke, the oily gas flavor, that coats the mouth. the pine and lemon cleaner flavor that wont go away for the longest time. The interesting sensations ,SFV OG Kush, of immediate stress relief in the face and eyes, the relaxing of the mind, and then the flowing down the neck and calms the body.Thats what SFV OG Kush does for me. The GSC as well as some other cookies , doesnt have that assortment of effects on me.

This GSC, has a very nice indica relaxed sedation.In tincture form,it displays a slight sweetness on the tongue that other tincture strains dont ,which is nice for a few seconds. I can still function with a clear head, its not a heavy body knock out Indica. Hits me in a general relaxed way, not specific to any places in the body. A nice feeling and lasts about an hour from a 'one hit' dose of 15drops.
I dont know how to describe the effects from smoking it.I only made it into a tincture. The curious disctinction for this strain of GSC from Craft/IC Collective, is the sweetness on the tongue. Many tinctures,made with the bitter Everclear, have that alcohol bitterness as the dominant taste sensation. but with This GSC, the terpenoids come thru with a nice sweetness .Some other cheaper strains I've used in other tinctures, whose finished buds might not have been grown as clean,or cured so well,created a terpenoid flavor tasting very Grassy,like fresh cut hay.Other interesting strains leeched a buttery sensation into the alcohol tincture.
GSC by IC Collective offered a nice sweetness. and a comfortable relaxing ,balanced evening high.

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