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  • Reviewed 12/21/12

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The Farm

Well Done

Out of the dispensaries I've been to, the farm is easily the best. The atmosphere alone would put it up there with the best. There's a lot of dispensaries that look pretty drab and boring. The Farm is leaps and bounds above. It feels like a smartly done retail store. The staff are very friendly and I'm sure that's by design. The meds/buds are great too. They have numerous strains and their prices are fair. I've been impressed every time. It's one of the few dispensaries that has a very legitimate feel. It's not some pop up in a strip mall. It's a legitimate place with a legitimate feel. If this is going to grow and go to more communities, the farm is a perfect example of how it should be done. There might be a much better place out there, but I've never been.