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December 9
I can't live without:
my family
I'm an expert at:
karate sais and the staff (bo)
My fantasy hobby is:
being a artist and martial arts master
I go weak in the knees for:
all things Harley Quinn and Disney
My most prized possession is:
my 2 babies
Lately I've been recommending:
going all natural at all ways
I really need to cut back on:
worrying and panicking
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Jul 2018
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  • Reviewed 8/3/18

District Dream

Herbal Alternatives

Good high for Those who worry about going too far

As a newcomer to different strains and learning how they will affect my anxiety and paranoia, this strain had me a bit worried with its higher level of THC than I am used to doing. But after reading information on its benefits and how this special district wonder came to be, I decided to give it a try. It was a calming high that came with ease and went away with ease (Not feeling like a damn...I need to smoke feeling later on). Slight head rush at first after the first few hits ( I really just think its me) and then I felt it go through my body. It didn't leave me with a "stoned" feeling but more of a determined feeling. I felt like a super hero who didn't care about her worries and could get things done. My muscle pain seemed to disappear or I really just didn't care about it anymore. I could move and was on the move.
Also the taste was amazing. That last kick of berry at the end is soooooooo worth it and so potent. Overall I would say it definitely eased my anxiety and it gave me an appetite very soon after. A nice bud to start off with when going to higher THC levels and a good mid day early afternoon high.

  • Reviewed 7/28/18

Cookie Drizzle

Herbal Alternatives

Good Morning!

I am a person who is desperately trying to get off of benzos and other medications. I have been on them for years (every single one and type and every combo) for conditions that could of been managed in a better or less invasive way. I do have extreme anxiety and depression and suffer from a lot of stomach issues due to food intolerances. So that being said, I don't always wake up feeling the best. I am slowly tapering of the meds (xanax and valium) and am having withdrawal anxiety and sickness along with pain from exercising (karate, dance, and yoga). I took my one dose of valium (feeling nothing due to my body tolerance) and took a couple of hits (from my bong) of this immediately afterwards. I felt so calm and all my pain was instantly gone. It was weird though as I had a small head buzz (they say there is no THC in this ) and then it was all body. My body felt light and at ease. Almost numbing. My mind was clear and I felt so calm. I was able to get up easily and start my morning routine without any worry and an actual smile on my face. Good for immediate wake and bake to get you going or knowing your going into a stressful situation. Even good just to hit throughout the day. However you still need another hit of something stronger to fully ease the mind and body longer and throughout the day. Overall a good start to a good morning. I thank the people at Herbal alternatives for helping me choose this strand to add to my medicinal regime.

Last edited by HarleySnow on 8/2/18 at 9:17 PM Pacific