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  • Reviewed 12/21/10

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Vapor Room

Nice but needs a little work.

My friend and I both have medical cards and we had both heard about The Vapor Room. We were very excited to make a trip to the city and pay them a visit. A place were you could not only buy your meds but medicate on the the grounds? It sounds amazing, right? Well, sorry to say our experience was bitter-sweet. We arrived at The Vapor Room to find the Front Door personnel on their cell phone. He seemed to not be paying attention to anyone so we didn't even know he was part of the staff until we asked him if he was the person we had to show our cards and I.D.s to. Once we were inside the girl at the front desk by the door was cute and very polite. We told her that this was our first time in and she happily explained about the facility and how using we could use the on site equipment. We thanked her and proceeded to the medication counters. We were pleased to find that The Vapor Room had a good selection of medications and edibles, etc. The staff behind the counters, however, seemed impatient and sidetracked. They seemed to give us a short version of the protocols at the counter and when we tried to inquire about things they seemed try to act nice enough but we felt as though they were annoyed at times. After getting our meds we used one of the on site vaporizers and had a very nice time. We would very much like to visit The Vapor Room again sometime but to sum up this review: Give the front desk girl a raise, retrain the rest of the staff and we'll be back.