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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/12/11

Elegant, Delicious . . . And, Very Potent

These truffles are delicious with a hard chocolate shell and melt-in-your- mouth chocolate creme filling. You'll taste the cannabis in the background which blends nicely with the chocolate. Wait about 90 minutes and you'll feel enveloped in a deep, lasting body high that also relaxes the mind.

  • Reviewed 5/8/11

Lemon Skunk

Like Comfort Food . . .

Lemon Skunk is like comfort food for the soul. It starts with an indica rush to the base of the neck that slowly spread throughout my body. Then I realized that I was feeling really upbeat. Excellent overall for daytime use.

  • Reviewed 4/21/11

Dispensary Review:

Florin Wellness Center

Once again, FWC is simply the best!

What a 420 Celebration!!! I was there early and was apparently one of the people Bob Marley (below) thought was homeless and/or carless. I don't know where he was looking, but I'd never seen so many cars around the center. And, while I wasn't wearing my Versace and the guy next to me wasn't in Armani, everyone in line seemed in pretty good cheer, with the type of grumblings you'd hear about in any long line. If that isn't your scene, fine, go. That will leave more good stuff for the rest of us. The goody bag was unbeatable and given the sheer number of people, I'd call it well controlled chaos.

Special note: One of the budtenders, Paul, who in the middle of the 420 rush, took the time to go over to one of the sofas and give a disabled member his undivided attention. That is the kind of service that makes this place number 1!!

  • Reviewed 4/21/11

Dispensary Review:

Unity Non Profit Collective

I would review it, but they wouldn't let me in.

First, my mom said if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything. Fine, I'll say something nice: This dispensary has a great location off Bus 80.

Since I knew I'd be in the area, I filled out their website form and faxed my authorization to them ahead of time. However, when I arrived, the man who was at the front door would not let me in w/o seeing my authorization. As I fumbled in my purse to get it. He offered to let me use a ledge in the doorway as a brace for it, but then kept hassling me. I walked out. So, I have no idea what this place is really like. I only know that I'll not find out. (Guess I won't get a free joint.)

I completely agree with Smoker77.

  • Reviewed 4/18/11

Very Potent!

I started with 1/3 of this huge, tasty cookie. As is sometimes the case with me, it took awhile (about 2 hours) before I felt this med kicking in, but once it did -- Look Out! I munched on the remaining 2/3 throughout the day. The effects finally tapered off after about 8 hours. Great for mood enhancing and relaxation. This is some serious medicine. Thanks for the warning, Paul.

  • Reviewed 4/10/11

Tasty & Effective!

Lately, the Shiva Snax have been getting more potent, or so it seems to me. These bars have some serious medication hidden in a delicious creamy peanut butter nougat over a rich chocolate base. Each bar is a minimum of 2 doses.

  • Reviewed 3/27/11

Very, Very, Very . . . Everything!

Usually, I prefer a sativa over an indica especially during the day, but this variety is terrific anytime. It has all those wonderful indica traits: great for pain, relaxation, sore muscles, etc., but it also has a killer euphoric stoniness without the dreaded weariness.

  • Reviewed 3/23/11

Excellent for Daytime Use!

Nice, easy going medication. I think it's great to use as a background, i.e. I can still get whatever mundane task I need to do done, while still enjoying a very mellow hum of medication as an undercurrent.

  • Reviewed 3/21/11

Jedi Kush

Grab Your Lightsabers!

This is a great medication for a rainy (or any other) day. The indica makes itself known with a gentle relaxing effect, while the sativa overtones make it uplifting and fun. Grab your lightsabers, an old Star Wars movie, a bowl of Jedi Kush and enjoy. Your body won't melt and your mind will know what planet its on, but both will thank you for this med. :-)

  • Reviewed 3/15/11

Tasty & Therapeutic Treats

The Chocolate Chip Wolf Cookies are delicious. I ate one, waited 90 minutes, felt it working, then ate the other one. The two cookies kept me feeling good all afternoon! These cookies are terrific for several hours of continuous relief with the added benefit that nobody knows you're medicating.

  • Reviewed 3/5/11

Nice all purpose medication.

This hybrid is a bit too on the indica side to be a favorite of mine. Having said that, it has a very pleasant spicy, citrus taste. I didn't taste strawberries, but I wouldn't disagree about the Pez quality. It is, indeed, a nice all 'round medication, and one that is very relaxing. For me, I'll add some Chemsis or Maui Wowie to spice it up.

I Love This Stuff!

Mo 'Batti is a fantastic shea butter based balm. It is incredibly soothing, your skin and tight muscles will love you if you give them this wonderful product. The cream has a very light (non-canna) scent. The texture is a bit dense at first, but then becomes less so as it melts into your skin. I know I sound like an ad, but I really like this stuff so I want lots of people to buy it and keep the crafters of this product in business.

  • Reviewed 1/31/11

Feel the tension drain away . . .

While I was trying to figure out what the slightly acrid taste of this med reminded me of, I was interrupted by and incredible body rush that started in my head and quickly worked its way down. Wow – this is like i.v. valium! It’s a great tension reliever that doesn’t mess with your head (too much).


This is a delightful way to start the day. Strawberry Cream is not a medication that, at first, seemed to have much of an effect. Then, about 5 minutes later, I noticed that I was feeling great and had a big smile on my face (and yes, it was due to the medication). This is a great mood elevator and pick me up.

  • Reviewed 1/17/11

LA Con

Very Nice!

This Indica made me feel very upbeat and energetic -- most Indicas make me tired. The was a warm, gentle, initial physical rush then a pleasant feeling that was very relaxing. L.A. Con has an woodsy aroma, crossed with a slightly floral scent.

  • Reviewed 1/2/11

Excellent! Uplifting & Sweet!

FWC has a very nice batch of great Sativa in stock. This Maui Wowie is great for the blues. It has a very gentle smoke (I use a vaporizer) with a light, pleasant taste. The effects are almost immediate and start with a head rush which might be a bit disconcerting for new patients, but I enjoyed it. It quickly smooths into a relaxing, mood lifting, experience with surprisingly long lasting effects. Enjoy!

  • Reviewed 12/31/10

Dispensary Review:

Florin Wellness Center

Quality Meds! Great Service! Convenient Location!

FDubC has an often changing, but always varied and interesting, inventory. The volunteers are knowledgeable about the particulars of each item and if they are not personally familiar with it, they find out who does. Suffice it to say, I’ve never had a complaint. If you have budgetary constraints, they will work with you and if you’re lucky enough to have big $$ they have plenty of top shelf to go around.

There are always specials at the FDubC – the Christmas and New Years Specials included an 1/8 of a really good OD hybrid. The Daily Specials are always good, too. I like the “Gram of the Day.” It is a way I can try something new for a reduced price. Also, 4 gr. 1/8’s are excellent.

The reception area is attractive and relaxing. The Pharmacy area is very bright, clean, and well-laid out.,

The location is terrific if you live in the south area or Laguna. It is right off I-5 near the corner of Florin Road and S. Land Park Dr., behind Bel Air Market. The parking is free and convenient; and, there is almost always a friendly security guard to greet you.

Favorite Dispensaries

Florin Wellness Center
7047 S. Land Park Dr. Sacramento,