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  • Reviewed 4/19/11

Dispensary Review:

Broadway Wellness

Not bad, not bad

It's been a little while since I've been here, or at least in the back area. When I was there, the back felt a little unfinished and empty, but man they have a ton of bud! I only tried one kind, the Sativa OG, which honestly wasn't very strong. But if you want hash, kief, ear wax - this is the place to go. I still haven't tried any of those, but they showed me what they had, and I was really impressed just by the look of it all, so I will have to try some in the future. Everyone is friendly, which is important to me. Also, my friend works here, so I have to show them some love for that alone!

  • Reviewed 4/19/11

You guys rock!

This was the first dispensary I ever bought something from, and I am just impressed now as I was then. Keep doing what you're doing. Your atmosphere is great, your customer service and budtending is great. I always have my questions answered in detail. I kind of wish you had more edibles, because I'm not a big smoker, but you did turn me on to one of my favorite edibles by Tastee Yummees, so that's all good in my book!

  • Reviewed 4/15/11

Dispensary Review:

The Greenest Green

Not really impressed...

Went in to get one product in particular, the Apothecanna lotion for pain relief. The girl at the front desk was nice enough, but when I got to the back, it was kind of cramped and dark and didn't have a very welcoming feel. The guy at the bar was nice enough, too, but he wrote down my order and sent me to the window to pay, and the girl there said "Did you get your free edible for your first time in?" I said no, because he hadn't given it to me. Then she said, "And did he give you your cream?" And I said no, he hadn't given it to me, but I just thought I was getting it at the window. So, the guy at the bar was obviously not really paying attention to what I needed, and that made me feel a little...overlooked. Not exactly the feel I want to get from a dispensary, so I think I'll get the Apothecanna cream somewhere else...

  • Reviewed 4/15/11

Dispensary Review:

The Green Room

Love this place!

A friend of mine told me she was a member at this place, and she said she was really impressed, so I went to check it out. I walked in and was impressed RIGHT away. It is a gorgeous set up, looks professional and clean, they have a little coffee bar and snack station, and their set up for checking out the buds is awesome. I met with the owner recently, too, and he is really kind and grounded and down to earth, which I love. Anyway, on my first visit, I decided to sign up as a member - and give them all my plants! ;) They also have discounted rates for massage and acupuncture for members, and I had a session with Wendy, the acupuncturist, and she was amazing. I had stomach cramps that day and walked out without any.

In terms of bud, I haven't tried much yet, unfortunately. But I did try Shark's Breath, which I thought was awesome. It's a nice mellow hybrid, but you are still totally functional on it, and has a very unique taste. Their edible selection isn't huge, but there are things I definitely want to try on my next time in.

I highly, highly recommend this place!

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