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  • Reviewed 4/21/11

Dispensary Review:

The Farm

Nice place, buds just OK

I really like the setup and environment of the Farm. It's very inviting and chill yet contemporary and sleek. The staff was really nice, although their knowledge of marijuana was vague. The buds I checked out were mediocre at best. Having won 2nd place in the Cannabis Cup, I was excited to be blown away, but was not. They list OG Kush as a sativa and Skywalker OG as a hybrid. Now, I know that OG is a debatable strain as whether it is sativa or indica and different phenos give different smoking qualities, but in my experience it grows and looks like a sativa but smokes indica for sure. Especially that skywalker. There were other strains listed on their board inaccurately as well. They have a large selection, which is nice, but the quality just isn't there. I don't think pre-weighing is a problem as long as its not shitty, shaky, stemy grams and 8ths being put into the plastic, but it should be noted that those little plastic jars dry out medicine faster than glass. So, everything I got was pretty dry. I ended up getting the Cannabis Cup winner, Alpha Blue and was disappointed. I love diesels and I love blue dream, but the Alpha Blue just didn't do it for me. If anything, it totally melted and chilled me out, which made me mad bc as a 2nd place High Times' winner, I was expecting a super uppity, euphoric sativa. I was about to go to a concert and had to smoke another bowl of a Jack Flash I know I love in order to rally for the night! Overall, the Farm has environment and external qualities going for them, but the quality and knowledge of cannabis needs to be improved.

  • Reviewed 3/15/11

Dispensary Review:

The Greenest Green

Great feel, mediocre meds

When walking into The Greenest Green, one is immediately blown away by the ambiance. It's really urban and chill, much like a club or bar. They have really cool art, so it's kind of like a modern gallery, too. Walking to the back room, it is overwhelming to look at the menu and awesomely-decorated board. Definitely welcoming and inviting environment with couches, TV, and complimentary tea, etc. The staff is friendly but pretty young. Some are really knowledgeable about cannabis, but there are those that you wonder if they actually know what they're talking about. It definitely has a young, college feel to it (the vast majority of people you see there are in their early 20's or younger). As for the medicine... well, I'm not sure which strains are actually in-house because they stopped branding them as "GG private reserve." From what I've seen recently, though, the quality is mediocre. Many samples I checked out were extremely dry and crumbly and some lacked in density, odor, and trichrome development. They FINALLY lowered their prices.... but it's still pretty ridiculous. At least they cover tax and offer several discounts.

  • Reviewed 3/14/11

Dispensary Review:

High Grade Alternatives

Great Quality

High Grade is definitely one of the best dispensaries in Boulder. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They always have a large and amazing selection of medicine, and the top shelf strains are quality. They also have a great variety of edibles and other extractions, which is great for patients who don't want to smoke. The atmosphere is a little bland and boring, but I guess ambiance isn't the most important element when choosing a dispensary. At the same time, it's not really somewhere I would hangout, unlike other dispensaries that are just "chill" and welcoming. High Grade is an in-and-out kind of place, but has great quality and pricing that makes up for it.

  • Reviewed 3/14/11

Dispensary Review:

The Village Green Society

Friendly Atmosphere

The Village Green Society was the first dispensary I visited when I got my card. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. They had a good selection of edibles and medicine. I enjoyed every strain I purchased and revisited the shop several times. I really liked the ambiance and atmosphere. It was comfortable yet chic and I LOVE the use of Mucha-esque art nuveau posters. Worth checking out for sure!

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