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  • Reviewed 6/29/11

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7 Stars Holistic Healing Center

Bad customer service

This dispensary wasted over two hours of my time and treated me with no respect.

Moral of the story: there are many better places to acquire medicine.

As a patient able to gain access to every single dispensary I've attempted, numbering near two dozen at this point, the way this place refused to even let me through the door or speak to me was really surprising. I tried to explain that I had traveled a long distance specifically to visit them, and to please hear me out, but they refused. I was simply denied access. My CA ID is expired but my doctor verification and CA Medicial Marijuana ID card are both up-to-date. Apparently this isn't good enough for them, not even to SPEAK with me.

Unbelievable. Their store front looks sort of run-down and they are in a somewhat remote location, yet they act more up-tight and rude than even the most elite venues I've visited throughout the area. I won't bother again.

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