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  • Reviewed 11/17/11

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Abatin Wellness Center


I went here back in October. OK, so it's a WAY different environment than what my patient friends and I are used to. A friend mentioned to me that he heard it was "upscale" even though he meant that in a derogatory way, I have a thing for nice bars and restaurants and, so I went. It was hard to find. The security was a bit rude. Inside, everything is clean and spacious and they don't have meds sitting out, or even "bud tenders" Instead you speak to someone confidentially about your condition and preferences. Very comfortable and provided so much insight and advice. They seem to care about to lots of scientific research/infomation which is cool. The meds I got were amazing, I've had a few strains and they've all exceeded my high standards, they had strains I hadn't seen at other clubs. Good looking, great tasting, great effects and tested for everything, THC, mold, general ickiness. I've only returned a few times as it's far from my home, but, when you come back they ask for feedback about their meds which I think is really pretty awesome because it help me choose new meds. All in all it's a first class spot with really nice staff and great meds.

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Abatin Wellness Center
2100 29th St. Sacramento,