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  • Reviewed 10/12/14

CanniSoothe Cherry Menthol Lozenges

Uncertain how to dose

I purchased this for its CBD/Indica qualities. Pretty much, the right formula for me, I have much pain and can't sleep.
However, as I have mentioned in all my reviews, I am a serious "lightweight" when it comes to THC. As far as edibles are concerned, depending on the the type and maker, I can really only handle 8-12mg of THC.
I was hoping the package of this particular product would be more specific than its online description… is the quantity of THC/CBD total, or per square? Because I do not know, I have not tried it yet. And sadly, these rotate, untouched, from my purse to my nightstand frequently and remain unused.

If anyone has some insight, please share.

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Care By Design (CBD) 18:1 Plain

Yes and No

I am very sensitive to THC, but like using it small doses to help put me to sleep, keep me asleep, or help me make my brain shut up so I can enjoy myself.
That said, I chose the 18:1 spray because if I have too much THC I really feel terrible. I thought this would be a pretty safe route for me, and it absolutely is. However, I could use a touch more THC. I am now willing to try the 4:1 spray.
Aside from MMJ, I am a non-smoker. I recently bought a vape pen but will be returning it because it contains BPA. I am trying to move away from smoking and unnecessary toxins. Edibles are near impossible for me, because getting the dose right is… well, near impossible.
The taste of "plain" is delicious, in my opinion.

I hope this review can help someone.

  • Reviewed 9/27/14

Sun Grown AC/DC

Good for me

I often get so lost inside my own head with typical cannabis flowers, that it deters me from sleeping and sometimes even fuels my anxiety.
This is a great medicine that lets me stay on track with my own thoughts. No distractions. I am interested in trying some of the others meds mentioned in the other reviews, but for me, this is a win. I don't really like feeling "high", but I do want relief, and this works very well.

  • Reviewed 4/14/14

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

Helpful, friendly

First and foremost, the people who work here are great. Patient, friendly, and knowledgeable.
They also have a parking lot, which is awesome.
I would recommend this dispensary to anyone and everyone.

Original review was in April, it is now October and I would like to update my review.
I love using the website for pick up orders. I also love using the website to get an idea for new things I want to try. EVERY time I go in with questions, I am met with pure enthusiasm and great service. I have been to a few other dispensaries, but not for a long time. BPG has everything I need, and every time I go inside, regardless of how busy they are or how long the line is, I get my questions answered (to the best of their ability) and I am directed to great products. Still 5 stars. Thanks!

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Sun Grown Hawaiian Dream


Perfectly mild

I have a low THC tolerance, and some sativa strains can really make my mind race.
This low strength sativa dominant hybrid is just right for picking me up, without distracting me from whatever it is that I am doing.
I prefer low strength for day time consumption, this is a good one.

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Sun Grown NL5

Good Nights Rest

This Indica is perfect for helping me to sleep.
I have a low THC tolerance, and can become very anxious. This is perfect for me to have about 45 minutes before trying to sleep. It helps calm and relax me, without making my mind race or making me feel overwhelmed. I don't have much trouble getting to sleep afterwards, and I sleep through the night.

  • Reviewed 4/12/14

Best edible so far

The 15mg piece that came as a sample was my first experience with this one.
This is the perfect dose for me. I don't feel distracted or overwhelmed, and can easily go about my regular day.
The body sensation is refreshing - back muscles feel light and peaceful.
I will use this as my go-to edible.