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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 4/24/15

Dispensary Review:

The Apothecarium - Castro

Great Dispensary & Delivery Too!

I've been coming here for a couple of years and have always had a great experience.. the staff is super friendly (and that goes a long way in my book) and knowledgable too, but recently I had a procedure done on my back and was out of my favorite cbd-rich edible and decided to get it delivered since I was having trouble getting around. Their whole system was fantastic.. ordered online, got text updates on arrival time and it was all said in done in less than an hour. Bravo, guys!

CBD Extreme Gummi

First CBD product to actually address pain

I've had some issues with chronic (no pun intended) back pain for a long while and have tried several different edibles with high CBD in order to address this, and unfortunately none of them did much for me. However after some trial and error I realized I simply needed to try a higher (again, no pun intended) dose of CBD, but the problem I kept encountering with edibles was the CBD:THC ratio... and with a lot of edibles if I took a higher dose in order to up the CBD it would be too much for me on the THC front.

Enter Gummi CBD Extreme. This edible is almost entirely CBD (30:1) and I found that with half a gummi (15mg CBD) my ever-present pain completely disappeared. Hallelujah! And for times that I want more THC, a bite of any other edible is an easy addition.

For anyone who is looking for pure pain relief without the high, this product is IT.

  • Reviewed 2/15/14

Dispensary Review:

Green Leaf Express Delivery

Great delivery service!

I have a regular neighborhood dispensary I go to but was looking for a particular edible, which Green Leaf Express carries and I thought it would be nice to have a delivery service on hand as well. Their sign-up procedure was super easy and simple and I had my edibles in less than 2 hours from the time I enrolled. The delivery guy was cool and courteous and the entire process was quite delightful. $50 minimum orders, which seems quite fair, as there are no delivery fees. And a generous free gift for first-time clients as well!

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Day Dreamers Chocolate (High CBD)

Good product, not effective for pain relief.

This product was unique to me in that for it's high-cbd content it also has a high-thc content as well. I use high cbd to treat back pain, but unfortunately found this medicine did not address that issue at all. I will say that the high was very strong (I could have gotten away with 2/3 dose) and long lasting, and it was a very alert, chatty high. I would not recommend this for bedtime and as I mentioned, it did not help my pain, but it would be great for outdoor, daytime use. Otherwise, the chocolate tastes fine and I like how the doses are pre-sectioned and individually wrapped in foil for freshness.

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