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  • Reviewed 10/23/14

Great Collaboration

After spending some time with the LSD x Mindsweeper - I thought I'd try this rendition with my last order. While the creative, stimulating feeling from the LSD strain was still present - the Hashberry genetics really bring something a lot more relaxing to the table. I found that this was really great for unwinding after work and gives a sense of general "chillness" and well being. One of my favorite hybrids so far.

  • Reviewed 9/25/14

Sour Kush (Reduced)

Lushleaf Collective

Lightning in a bottle ( or bag )

Undoubtedly the most energetic of the strains I've tried here. Would make a great morning / afternoon choice to perk you up out of a funk, or recharge your batteries. Better suited for linear tasks like cleaning and organizing. Definitely steps up to the plate for that energetic sativa you've been looking for. Would definitely recommend to any serious diesel fan, or sativa lover.

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Cotton Candy (Standard)

Lushleaf Collective

Heavy hitter that goes down like candy

One of my favorite strains so far from these guys. Has all the charm of an organic / outdoor flower, but smokes like a top shelf indoor. The balance of I / S within the strains is very well done, as it neither sedates nor energizes you too much. This is my after work smoke - very relaxing for the body and mind while remaining functional into the twilight hours.

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Dept Charge (Standard)

Lushleaf Collective

Great well rounded hybrid

Apparently a house favorite, I was recommended this strain upon my last order. After spending quite a bit of time with the mindsweep, I've found it's name to be quite the contrary to it's effects. The buds came in quite nice and dense - a sweet, earthy aroma with piney notes. The high is just what I'd expect from a top shelf hybrid. Slight, "happy natured" cerebral stimulation with some good body relaxation. Works very well as a morning - evening strain depending on your specific needs. Would certainly recommend as a great all around hybrid!

  • Reviewed 9/11/14

OG Kush (Reduced)

Lushleaf Collective

Great "Wind Down" Strain

Again, very impressed with the OG I received from Lushleaf. Very good strain for after work / twilight for turning down the noise. I'll likely get this again. Really killer strain for the price as well. I'm guessing this will quickly become a classic here.

Blue Widow (Reduced)

Lushleaf Collective

Great Light Strain for Daytime

Really enjoyed this rendition of Blue Widow - perhaps a bit "lighter" than some of the other strains I received here. This, for me, is more suited for daytime situations where I may have to talk to people for extended periods of time. Still, a strong contender with a pleasant natural taste.

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New York Diesel (Reduced)

Lushleaf Collective

Very Solid Hybrid

This is everything I'd expect from great hybrid. It doesn't lean too hard in the Indica or Sativa direction for me, but seems to be nicely balanced between the two. Smokes and grinds up very nicely, with a great natural smell. Nice level headed high.