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  • Reviewed 1/18/16

Dispensary Review:

SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

The BEST of the Best

I have been using SBJ organics for well over a year now and couldn't be happier with the quality of customer care and the unique and impressive products they sell/make! SBJ continues to be my one and only dispensary that I buy all of my flowers from. I continue using SBJ as my #1 dispensary for two main reasons!

1.) I can ALWAYS be assured that I am getting the best quality flowers in the entire Bay Area and beyond and am never disappointed!

2.) The quality customer care is unlike any other. They really reach out and form a caring and personal relationship with you which really makes a difference. They get to know you and your likes/needs to ensure you the best quality products and know each and every one of their products inside and out. In addition, they have very few staff members and only have one incredible deliverer, so each delivery I know exactly who to expect which is nice.

If you haven't checked out SBJ Organics I highly recomened you to!

  • Reviewed 10/15/14

One of a Kind

The effects of Wonka's Bubbilicious are one of a kind! This strain calms the mind and relaxes the body while also being very euphoric!

I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is extremely stressed and/or anxious, and for anyone who wants to relax after a long day and ease their mind.

  • Reviewed 9/10/14

Orange Julius


A New Favorite

Aside from the awesome name....If you were to close your eyes and smell this spectacular strain, there is no doubt you would think you were smelling a bowl full of oranges! This is by far one of the best smelling strains!! Orange Julius will leave you feeling relaxed and in a calm euphoric state.

I would definitely recommend this strain for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress.

  • Reviewed 8/15/14

A Rare Find!

Dairy Queen Divine, is by far my favorite strain!! I highly recommend this strain for anxiety and stress. It gives a nice balanced, relaxed, and mellow high.

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  • Reviewed 7/9/14

Dispensary Review:

SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

Quality Care All Around

The very first thing that stuck out to me about SBJ, was their very well constructed and user-friendly website. As soon as I was verified as a member I felt instantly welcomed! The Menu selection is fabulous, with a wide variety of different goodies. The staff was very helpful in making recommendations for my specific needs and made me feel very comfortable in asking questions. I am very impressed with the level of knowledge and personalized care that SBJ Organics offers. They truly make me feel cared for! :)

I recently made my first order and it without a doubt won't be my last! I am very satisfied with the quality and potency of the strains as well as the great glass labeled jars that the flowers come in.

Keep up the good work SBJ Organics!!


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