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  • Reviewed 9/3/12

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I renewed my rec a couple of months back and I heard Shambhala was half a block away from my docs office. I live in Redwood City and I'm not to familiar with SF, so i was pretty excited that I was nearby a dispensary. Unfortunately, I couldn't find their store front. Frustrated, I finally called and found out that they were forced to shut down. HOWEVER, the sweet lady over the phone said they made deliveries out to my area!!! Their aren't many dispensaries that deliver to the peninsula and the ones that do aren't all that great. Anyways, I've been ordering from Shambhala for the past two months, and they've been excellent! their service is so friendly and discreet. This is the only place I'll be ordering from, not only is their whole staff great at what they do, but their product is amazing. CHAMPS!!

Strawberry Cough

Mission Cannabis Club

One of my fave's

I love Strawberry Cough. It always seems to do the job and more! Its such a great pick me upper. I can only really smoke Sativas, and I think this is one of my top Sativa choices. It's a pretty heavy high, but not to overwhelming. Flavor tastes just as good as it smells. And it doesnt really give you a coughing sensation after, I actually think its very smooth.

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