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  • Reviewed 1/21/13

OG Kush


The way OG should taste

Sour gasoline and earthy flavor, skunky slight lemon tinge, super dense and cured to perfection. Vaporizes excellently as it is dry as a bone, and of course smokes quite nice as well. This is the OG I know and love. Flavor lovers, make sure to pick this one up while they still have it as I'm sure it will move fast.

Dr. Erl Jones stamp of approval

  • Reviewed 7/14/12

My first time, absolutely loved it

As a fan and long time customer of the Oakland store, I have to say after my first stop down here I was less than disappointed! These guys had some of the best concentrates and the flowers stocked were incredibly top shelf. I don't know why there isn't more consistency of products between Oakland - San Jose stores, hopefully that will change in the near future. Either way, bravo harborside san jose, bravo. These guys are doing it by the book and supporting the community big time, we gotta stick by them!

Delta 559's Boggle Gum Super Melt


This bogglegum wax is absolutely delicious, with all the flavors of the flowers coming through. That Bubba Kush soil taste, that bogglegum flavor you've come to know and love is all here! In that gooey, extremely PURE state. Get it while you can!!!

  • Reviewed 7/8/12

Phenomenal treats on the go

Sadie's medibles are alway top notch, but I must say - check out the energy bars. Cranberries, currants and raw grains, these things are chewey and absolutely delicious. If you want some prepackaged in foil commercialized corn-syrup manufactured medibles then by all means go elsewhere, otherwise you need to peep Sadie O's energy bars made with pure love and guess what, they're always fresh (made in house) ! Perfect for a hike or on the go. The only reason I give it a 4/5 stars is bc I need a massive dose (these are your average dose equivalent of ~1g dried flowers, made with concentrates so you don't get any aftertaste). Where are the massive dose bars at? Heheh. Check these out, worth every penny.

Delicious chewey peanut butter goodness

Ok first off let me say, these things are practically worth $6 without the medicine! Just kidding, but honestly they are incredibly quality. Super chewey, super tastey, made with quality concentrates you don't get any aftertaste. Be careful with these bad-boys because you may end up just scarfing them down when you're not looking to medicate, they're that good!!

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  • Reviewed 7/8/12

Dutch Treat

Excellent buy for the money; fantastic flavor

Check it out, definitely an excellent buy over here!! Coming from a long time customer of the Apothecarium, I'm a strong believer in their products and you gotta let them know when they've got something good. The aroma is that of super silver or a gas-ey diesel, putty consistency, very close to full on purge (good enough in my book) and is just the bomb, so get after it!

  • Reviewed 6/8/12

Dispensary Review:

SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

Sweeet Baby Jane

SBJ Organics is one of my favorite dispensaries in San Francisco. The flowers that come out of this place are out of control, there is no way to describe it. Only the best. All organic, super amazing quality. Consistently better than any other dispensary I go to. You need to check out the peanut butter cups, mindblowing and gourmet chocolate (a step apart from the rest). Always make sure to ask what's new and you won't be pointed wrong. The first time I ordered from this place I realized they were a level ahead of the rest. Everything, and I mean everything from these folks comes in GLASS. That's what I'm talking about. The concentrates always with a sheet of parchment paper underneath them so they don't stick to the glass. If you're reading this and thinking about making the call, do it, seriously, do it right now.

  • Reviewed 6/8/12

Hands down the best

I love coming to Harborside. Clearly the best dispensary in the East Bay, and possibly the best in the state. Ridiculous unlimited selection of every possible strain indoors/outdoors, concentrates, edibles, and clones. Even a miniature accessories shop with all the accoutrements. Almost always friendly and knowledgeable staff there to help. Harborside gives back to the community offering community outreach programs in which you can offer to help teach people to read in exchange for credit (a wonderful idea in my opinion). There are also a number of available alternative health services such as Chiropracty, Naturopath, Reiki, Yoga, and the list goes on. This is clearly the place to go. Make sure to check out the top shelf flowers and of course all the concentrates!!! No need to go anywhere else, really.

The White Super Melt

Tasty and melty

Superb batch! Excellent and delicious fire melt, finishes with a slight hint of vanilla. If you're a fan of this make sure to check out 'The White' flowers on the top shelf. This is worth just as much every penny as the HPC melt imo. Bravo.

Space Bomb Pure HPC Wax

I'm a huge fan of the HPC, but...

This batch is not worth purchasing, I always buy as much of the HPC when I can (when its good). This will be the second time I purchased HPC and it was not fully cured, unfortunately. When the product is finished properly HPC emits an amazing bouquet of flavor and aroma, each one slightly different but equally funky. I really wish they could get the curing right, otherwise would be an amazing wax.

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  • Reviewed 3/25/12

Pink Sapphire

The all organic pink sapphire eho from SBJ is worth every penny. Don't be fooled by imitators you will not find this product anywhere as they make it in-house. Highly recommended you check these guys out, especially if you live in south SF, very convenient. On to the flowers, what can I say, you get what you pay for, and these guys are some of the best, very original and quality strains. They have a smaller selection than most places because everything is ORGANIC and AMAZING. I make sure to get in an order any time something new comes out, they're very on top of coming out with and updating products. My only complaint I suppose is price on the concentrates, a little steep but hey its quality.

  • Reviewed 3/24/12

Dispensary Review:

The Apothecarium - Castro

Dream dispensary!

One of my all-time favorites. Excellent medibles, excellent flowers, excellent concentrates. Amazing location (totally safe) and wicked digs. I really liked the staff when I came in, I was greeted and walked through the whole menu as a first time patient. Totally blown away when I saw the concentrates and trees. Check the concentrates, I found some of the most amazing stuff here, dissapointed once but hey 9/10 ain't bad. Check it out!