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  • Reviewed 4/4/12

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SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

Total Relief

This is my first delivery service-specific experience/review of an organic dispensary and it certainly was an interesting one, let's break it down, shall we?:

Medicine quality: 5 Stars - I have a back injury from skiing and recurring pain in my hands from skateboard accidents. I ordered a bunch of potent Peanut Butter cup brownies from them and my god are they delicious and boy do they do the trick. You will be feeling great (50/50 indica, sativa blend) and they are worth the money. I also got a couple of grams of their Plushberry and Baby Poo (indica dominant) bud and they threw in some concentrate (I've never tried any before!). I got so elevated, relaxed and became completely pain free. Great weekend spent in the sun spent day-dreaming and thinking life was perfect. Incredible bud. Maybe the best I've ever had since I lived in Denmark and smoked a lot more.

Accessibility: 4 Stars - They are based in Montara, CA and the driver, Sadie, drives all around Highway 1 and 92 usually within like a 20 mile radius and will meet you at certain landmarks, like New Leaf in Half Moon Bay, making the process convenient and chill. I am actually picking up today and they told me they would be headed over my way so I just literally have to leave my door and drive down the hill. Great service.

Staff/Atmosphere: 5 Stars - Christian, the main guy from what I can tell, at SBJ is a nice guy and was very accommodating for a growing order (I ordered $140 of bud and PB cups but changed it a couple of times). The driver, sadie, was super sweet and honest and I didn't feel awkwarded out or anything like you do with other services sometimes.

Overall, I had a great experience and I plan on being a returning customer. They seem like nice people (they are dog lovers and foster parents of a load of pooches! how gnarly can they be?) and the medicine is damn good. Recommended.

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