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  • Reviewed 7/25/11

Sour Diesel

Some Things Never Change

Like most of you, we love to try new strains but there is always that one favorite that you can always trust. For my wife and I, it is Sour Diesel.
This batch is excellent. It has a clean, almost floral background with decent trichromes and as you look at the bag, you can easily see the THC crystals sticking to the inside of the bag.
We medicated around 7:30am. The effect came on quick and then leveled off. After our morning dance, our day progressed as usual, but always with that energetic Sour Diesel background. This would be an excellent choice for anything that requires mental creativity, art, music, photography, etc. We waited until the effect was almost gone before we re-medicated. Amazingly, it was 12:30 that afternoon. That's right. Those two hits lasted us 5 full hours. Wonderful stuff!!
One thing to add is that, and I don't know why, but for my wife and I, Sour Diesel hits all of the sexual buttons. It is more than just being a 90/10 Sativa dominate, there is something else that is going on there that no other strain does. Maybe that is why it our long time favorite.

  • Reviewed 7/24/11

Ganja Ma Bubble

A High CBD Hash

Due to an operation gone bad, my wife suffers from severe neuropathic pain.
She is on heavy duty medication, Oxy, Morphein, Methadone, Endocet.
Even with all of these meds, she still suffers from the pain. So when I see a high CBD variety of anything, I tend to grab it.
Yesterday, when I saw that Ganga Ma had not only 47.88% THC but also 4.96% CBD, it was an instant "Gimme!!".
I brought it home and let my wife know what I had found. She immediately medicated and within a couple of minutes you could see the effects take hold and she relaxed out.
After about a half hour I asked her about the pain and she responded that it was much easier to take. Also, at this point, she was on her other meds.
The way she describes it is that it doesn't so much get rid of the pain as allows her to ignore it.
Thank You lord for CBD's!!!!!

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