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  • Reviewed 3/4/16

Berry Bomb Bubble Hash Powder

Just Like Kief

I didn't have this particular strain of Hash Powder, but I had the Blue Cheese, and I've had the Berry Bomb flower, which I found to be uplifting and enjoyable but ultimately sleep inducing.

It looks different than kief, I'm sure it's just a different process to collect the trichromes. In all other respects, my review on kief applies- the Hash Powder functions exactly the same:

If I put just a tiny bit on top of a bowl of flower (around half a dime in size, I guess), you'll notice a significantly stronger effect but it won't completely overtake the flower you put it on.

If I cover the entire top of the bowl, it doesn't really matter what the flower is underneath- I feel the Hash Powder.

If I load up half the bowl with Hash Powder, I invariably end up nauseous and with a headache, no matter the strain. So I don't do that.

But I DEFINITELY recommend you get some Hash Powder because it's a bit cheaper than the kief per gram.

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Kief: Master Kush (SALE)

Commander in Kief

I was recently asked about kief from a fellow patient so I figured a review of one up here couldn't hurt. The kief you get is going to be very much like the flower it came from, but stronger. I love the energizing effects of the Master Kush flower (Holistic Remedies version) so I got some of the kief.

If I put just a tiny bit on top of a bowl of flower (around half a dime in size, I guess), you'll notice a significantly stronger effect but it won't completely overtake the flower you put it on.

If I cover the entire top of the bowl, it doesn't really matter what the flower is underneath- I feel the kief. The greater purity and strength lends a clarity to the strain's effects you don't usually notice smoking flower, akin to vaporizing flower. Kief burns quickly so the bowl's going to go fast and whatever you do, keep it out of the wind when a kief cherry is going or Mother Nature will take that one to the head for you.

If I load up half the bowl with kief, I invariably end up nauseous and with a headache, no matter the strain. So I don't do that. But I DO heartily recommend you get some kief, especially if your favorite flower is out of stock but the kief is in.

  • Reviewed 3/2/16

Amnesia Haze Wax

Who's Crazy Enough to Spend $180 on Wax?

I am.

I know what you're thinking. Oooh, this is just like the cool gooey concentrates everyone's posting on their InstaFaces and MassLeafs these days, and not just the yellow-black dirty chalk crumbs we've had for the past year. It's expensive, but it'll be worth it. It's gotta be awesome to cost that much, right?

You all know this stuff goes for $45 a gram out on the West Coast, right?

No. NO. I don't even know that I can say this stuff is AS strong as their Crumbles, but it certainly isn't any better. I do think it may be a bit less effective, but hey, it will do the job- you just need a bit more. It's not like it's got crazy-awesome terpenes, either, I don't taste much different from the crumble. It does handle better, but I'm buying concentrate, not a sports car. Hey, at these prices, maybe that line isn't so clear-cut.

Buy the Live Rosin or buy the Crumble, you'd get twice as much for the money. Don't buy this. OH, and on top of that, they don't even know that you need to package Wax differently (parchment, boys, c'mon!), so you're going to end up with smears on the little plastic jars you'll never get off, which = MORE money wasted.

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Crumble: Cannatonic LR5


Welcome to Level 13.

It's great to see the price start to come down on the crumble. I understand the Medihaze Crumble has a better, more standard consistency, but I've yet to try that new stuff.

The Cannatonic's hybrid nature is really pronounced in concentrate form. I find the flower to be too indica-leaning for me, personally, to get stuff done, though I do enjoy it in the evening. The concentrate, however, has an excellent balance between its uplifting and calming mood enhancements. It doesn't step on the gas- the body invigoration level is low, but you feel good enough to get things done anyway, if you want. No problems with daytime use.

As with the Live Rosin, this is getting a third star based on price versus the $180 wax. I think the Crumble is a bit stronger than the wax, in fact. I expect it's more free of plant matter than the black rosin, but what we've been getting with the Crumble is this very powdery, brittle substance that is very difficult to handle - you can't use a dab tool, obviously, the powder gets stuck to whatever you use to transfer it to a pen, I lose a little bit just pulling from my wax pen (powder + suction, you get the idea), and again, this stuff needs to be in parchment paper. I have so many of these little plastic bins with concentrate in them I can't get out. It's not Takoma's fault, I know that's how they receive them from Holistic Remedies.

I don't really notice any difference in flavor between this Crumble and the others I've had in the past year- it all tastes like wax to me.

There's not a whole lot of concentrates to choose from yet, so despite the flaws, this is one that I recommend. Or try the new MediHaze one and let us know how it is!

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Rosin: Goji OG


Go Go Super-Goji!

With the number of concentrate options now available, I figure it's past time to get some reviews up. I freakin' love concentrates. Flowers help me with stress, anxiety, and depression- and they do a heckuva better job than anything else I've tried. But when I hit some good wax, all this low-grade mental noise you don't usually notice actually goes away and in the silence of their absence, I can, haha, CONCENTRATE. I really only find it useful for daytime or when I have to be up and on-the-go in the evenings. I've had a couple indica waxes and haven't found one that puts me to sleep yet- that burst of THC gets my synapses firing every time.

OK, but you wanna know about the Goji OG Live Rosin. I can't in good conscience give it more than 3 stars and I'm telling you right now, at least one is on price alone. I've had some XTRACTED Sour Diesel Live Rosin out in Seattle and that was amber- this stuff is straight up black. I think that's how you know there's still a bunch of plant matter in it. It tastes like it, too, the terps taste kinda burnt, maybe?

In terms of effect, this rosin is energizing and calm while keeping me clear-headed. It's not quite as uplifting as I like, personally, but it does the job OK and that's good for day-time use when I gotta get things done.

But I have to come back to price again- this is one of your best options to keep the price reasonable for the amount of concentrate you get around here. I definitely recommend it, wouldn't hesitate to buy more, and look forward to trying the Live Rosin of their other strains!

  • Reviewed 1/27/16

King Kong



So I finally got around to trying King Kong. It's certainly an interesting strain and not at all what I expected from something bred from the ERSB, as I've found that strain light and calming (good for anxiety, but not so much depression). King Kong steps right on the gas. First time up, I smoked a .5g joint and felt an overwhelming invigoration in my head- and quickly understood the other reviews I had seen that stated this strain can induce headaches. I didn't quite a headache, but it was close to that as it wore on.

After a few minutes, the strength of the head buzz turned into a body high. I felt up and ready to do stuff if I wanted, but it wasn't so strong that I couldn't chill and watch TV (like I can get with Master Kush). Next time up, I just smoked a bowl and the head buzz wasn't so overwhelming, didn't even get a little bit of a headache. So, moderate/mix this strain and you should be all good.

The smell is mostly sour/dairy with a hint of diesel. Smoke is smooth. Nugs are tight and lightly-colored.

  • Reviewed 1/17/16


No Whine with Cheese

When I tried a preroll of Big Buddha Cheese out in Seattle, it hit me in the head like a rocket. My thoughts were racing a mile a minute, but a blast of euphoria kept me from getting more paranoid than I can handle, and the mental invigoration was so strong my body was amped up, too.

Alternative Solutions' Cheese is considerably more mild which makes it better medicine. It is still mentally invigorating and good for fighting exhaustion but trades some of that gas for increased focus. It brings a light euphoria and decent body high. The mental effects are more solid than a Haze, closer to ChemDawg. When I needed to get some serious stuff done this weekend, I mixed it with Master Kush and Harlequin kief to crank it the body invigoration up to 10 and got to work (I call it Ha-Ha Master Cheese).

It does have that strong, sour dairy kind of smell but the smoke is pleasant. Like all the other Alternative Solutions stuff, the buds look amazing.

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Lemon Skunk

When Life Hands You Lemons, Smoke Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk is the best medicine I've found for dealing with anxiety and depression in the past year at Takoma Wellness. It provides a calm euphoria without impairing cognition, so you can still get things done. It's slightly invigorating at first but it lacks a strong body high- my only, tiny knock against it- and as a true hybrid, it does make you a bit tired as time goes on. This is my #1 strain to request Holistic Remedies make some concentrates with, please! :D

It's also delicious- the lemon flavor is great to smoke but really stands out when I vape it. I'm so glad to see it back in stock and in quantity!

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Critical Kush

Better than Ambien

Critical Kush is one of the mainstays of my medicine cabinet. I generally reserve it for late at night and within about 30 minutes, I'm overwhelmingly tired and consistently get a good night's sleep. I've also found it to reduce the frequency and severity of muscle spasms in my lower back- not eliminate, but certainly helpful. On those occasions that I've had to use it for that during the daytime (I was down to only Critical K last weekend), it doesn't knock me out, but I don't feel like doing much.

It's got a spicy, peppery aroma and taste. The buds are excellent, consistent with the quality of Holistic Remedies other strains.

  • Reviewed 9/22/15

Merry 'n Berry (Small Buds)

A Bright Muse

I really like Merry'n'Berry but it's not my go-to strain for day to day use. I find this sativa-leaning strain extremely useful but for two very specific purposes. First, it enhances my ability to visualize concepts greatly and thus, my creativity, as well. It is not uncommon that I have a comedy sketch concept play out in my mind from some comment or line. I can also attest to its assistance while reorganizing the furniture.

Its second strength, and where I find it's greatest medical use, is with social anxiety. This strain is loud, as the kids say, and euphoric- so long as positivity abounds with those you interact with. I find myself conversing, if not with ease, then at least gladly, but it comes with the mixed blessing of reducing the strength of my speech filter- in other words, I find myself saying weird stuff to people. A word of warning- I have also found that negativity from others is enhanced and extremely difficult to take in stride while under MNB's effects, so beware the company you keep at that time.

It tastes and smells great. Doesn't make me cough much.

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